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Thanks for visiting the website Fierce Running (fiercerunning.com). Our goal is to give you better resources and fierce running gears.

Fierce Running (fiercerunning.com) is a review website for fierce running enthusiasts. We can be the ultimate guide for fierce running buyers. It has been created especially for fierce running lovers. We provide guides, shoes, running apparel, fierce running reviews, safety tips, etc. What we offer is comprehensive information to the best of our knowledge.

We also write different product reviews that help you make better decisions for buying equipment and running accessories. Our guides and tips will help you to select the perfect product and related equipment for you.

Our motive is to help you make better and informed decisions about the equipment and products that you should buy. Our Editorial team helps you get the right information and decide which product is best and ideal for you.

We always make extra efforts to provide you step-by-step instructions on how to install and use such type of equipment.

What We Do?

We provide you with all the information about the fierce running, brief details about the product, pros, and cons of each model, etc. We try to save your precious time and provide you with all the information in just one place. Our guides, articles, and reviews are written by our experts after extensive research and trying hands with experience on products.

We hope that our consistent efforts are helpful for you and you enjoy going through this fierce running Website. We will always try to find the best fierce running product for your needs. We are always happy to serve you with better quality sources and well-researched information.

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Fierce Running Review Website

We have engaged ourselves to become the best source of product review and comparison site.

We spend hours picking the product and obtaining the details from reputed sources.

Then we filter down the products based on customer ratings and reviews. We gather detailed information and carefully consider the specifications.

We examine the pros, cons, features, usability and other important benchmarks of the product, rank them accordingly, and then only those products which cross all these hurdles get a place in our list.

How Do We Earn?

Every time you click on any product on this website and make a purchase, we earn a small commission out of it. Don’t worry!! Without any extra cost, you will get the product to the final purchase price. We do not introduce sponsored products in our articles and promote any specific product that is not worth your money; just add.

The products which are delivered to you are based on our research, which is completely genuine.

Our reviews and advice are based on research and study. Our intention is to remain unbiased and provide our users with the best recommendations to become our lifelong and repeat visitors. The goal is to earn trust, not a one-time affiliate sale.

Editorial Guidelines

Our goal and process are crystal clear since the very beginning. We provide quality content to the people in need. We write articles on various topics with in-depth research & make sure our editor must approve it for every category of products with a considerable amount of knowledge and experience in that niche. Without misleading content or providing any false information, we provide content written by experts.

Our opinions and reviews are reasonable and honest. We cover both positive and negative aspects of a product while reviewing to make the right choices.

Meet Our Editorial Team

Fierce Running writes for people who believe in staying fit. Here is the writer that makes it all achievable and works hard to help users make better buying choices.

Varun Sharma Founder And Chief Content Strategist

Varun Sharma

Founder & Chief Content Strategist

An Award-Winning Tech-Savvy Serial Entrepreneur, Content Marketer, with 14+ years of experience in the Internet Industry.

A noteworthy leader in the Technology space, he can also be credited with contributions at various International Forums and Conferences as a keynote speaker, writer and even moderated debates. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Technology from Chitkara University.

His visionary perspective has earned him opportunities to work on global, prominent campaigns with Fortune 500 clients, including Xerox Gmbh, Germany.

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Akshita Sharma

Akshita Sharma

Senior Staff Writer

Akshita is a Senior Staff Writer reporting on Health and Fitness. She is very passionate about her work. She enjoys learning new things and exploring the world. She has a deep interest in writing blogs and always looks for new writing challenges. She believes in sharing ideas with other people to enrich everyone with more knowledge.

Akshita believes that life can be hectic and often tough, but taking care of health should be the first step in life. Her passion for life makes her explore different things, you will find her at the gym lifting weight, doing treks, and traveling to different places. Coffee and communication keep her going.  Although she is very foody, she loves to try various food, and cooking is one of the hidden talents. 

When she is not writing, you can find her exploring nature and different places with her friends. All her excitement, knowledge, and travel stories inspire her to start writing blogs so she can share her experience with her viewers. 

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Prayagani Sharma

Prayagani Sharma

Staff Writer

Prayagani Sharma is a content writer at Fierce Running. She is very fond of fitness and is interested in exploring and collecting information about various equipment being used in a fitness center. She has worked in one of the centers before and knows how to use exercise bikes and more. Although she has written many articles on different exercise bikes for runners and explained their amazing features, which helps them to work on their fitness goals.

She is curious to learn new things. She is very helpful and always ready to share her thoughts. She uses her curiosity with her experience to work closely with the clients and understand their requirements to meet their needs. She has a passion for reading and exploring new things. She loves to listen to music and spend her free time maintaining her fitness.

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Nisha Batel

Nisha Batel

Senior Staff Writer

Nisha Batel is a senior staff writer at Fierce Running, where she covers various types of fitness equipment. Nisha believes that every runner is different and needs a program designed around their life and their goals. That’s why she is sharing expert reviews and running tips, all of which are geared to help. She is always ready to try new things and share them here.

After her first race (a half marathon in 2009), she found a new deep sense of pride within herself and wanted to feel that every day. So she started giving her time to keep herself healthy. She believes that staying fit is the key to a happy and fruitful life.

Along with this, she loves to do healthy cooking, swimming, and meditation. Exploring various platforms for blog writing is one of her passion. She also loves to design indoor and outdoor spaces. In her free time, when she’s not writing, she enjoys watching movies, exploring different places with her beloved husband.

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Sharanpreet kaur Maan

Sharanpreet Kaur Maan

Staff Writer

Sharanpreet Kaur is Senior Staff Writer reporting on Fierce Running. She believes in writing, learning, and acquiring knowledge. Writing fascinates her, and she develops and delivers content effectively and creatively.

Meditation, Yoga, Dancing are parts of her interest, and she is pretty health-conscious. She believes humans can save the environment and our health by avoiding the commutation amenities and walking to nearby places.

She works with passion and helps to teach people about making the right decision. When she’s not writing, she enjoys watching movies, hanging out with friends. As per her vision, daily acts of self-love and cares we all must apply in our life.

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