Bowflex Max Trainer M3 Review [February 2023]

Bowflex Max Trainer M3

Built For Users Who Want: High-intensity workout sessions but without any jarring impact on their joints and knees.

  • Up to two individual profiles.
  • Full color backlit display.
  • Compact size-will fit in most spaces.
  • Max Intelligence Platform enabled.
  • 300 lbs Weight Capacity.
  • Less Time, Max Results with classic 14-minute workout or Max’s dynamic coaching.
  • 2 Preset workout programs.
  • Target zone and burn rate indicators.

Bowflex M3 is an entry-level model of the MAX Trainer series. It is gentle on your joints and supports speedy calorie burn. Exercising on this trainer can burn calories at up 2.5 times your treadmill rate because it engages not only your lower body but also your upper body.

It comes with various fantastic features that’ll please both beginners and intermediate fitness enthusiasts. This trainer is also great for building and toning lean muscle along the way. It has eight resistance levels that can be changed easily using a twist grip on the right handlebars. Another great perk of Bowflex Max Trainer M3 is that it comes with a wireless chest strap for monitoring heart condition. The straps generate better data and are ideal for the fitness enthusiast who likes to keep on top of their metrics and progress.

It is the best elliptical Trainer for those who prefer to have intense workout sessions without having an impact on knees and joints. With M3 Max, get a gym-quality elliptical style workout without going to the gym and without losing space in your home gym.

In this M3 Trainer write up, we’ll take a close look at all the specifications and features this trainer has to offer.

Bowflex Max Trainer M3 Review: First Impressions​

Bowflex Max Trainer M3 Specifications
Resistance8 Levels
Heart RateChest Strap
User Profiles2
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Programs2 Pre-Set
Dimensions46″ L x 25″ W x 63″ H

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy to read display.
  • Adjust resistance easily.
  • Burn calories and tone muscles all over the body.
  • Innovative design.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Small footprints cover less space.
  • Robust and solid frame.
  • Wireless heart rate monitoring.

Reasons To Avoid

  • No in-built sound systems or speakers.
  • Only two preset workouts.

Bowflex Max Trainer M3: Detailed Specifications

There are various reasons why you want to purchase this trainer. Because it comes with eight different resistance levels. It changes easily using a twist-grip on the handlebars. It has only interval training and manual mode; you can use this resistance control to get the most out of your workouts.


  • Resistance: It comes with eight resistance levels that allow you to engage in the workout with a preferred intensity level. You can alter the resistance as you move from amateur to a more advanced workout level with greater intensity.
  • Pedals: It is easy to use and most affordable pedals. It enables you to go on with your training session for a longer duration without exerting yourself.
  • Grab Handles: It has firm grip handles that provide strong support to the user during the fierce exercise sessions.
  • Built-in Workout Programs: It is perfect for couples, roommates or for home gyms. With two user profiles, each user can set up their workout metrics and pick up their workouts right where they let off.
  • Extras: It has an in-built water bottle holder and a reading rack. The ledget of the shelf is wide enough to hold a book or tablet.
  • Heartbeat Rate: Keeps tabs on your pulse rate by using a wireless strap. It helps ensure that you work out in your target heartbeat zone.
  • Fitness Meter: It features a dial-style calorie burn rate indicator and backlit LCD. It shows calories, resistance level, and speed. You can control the speed and levels of resistance with a simple click on the dial. It keeps you engaged in the work.
  • Various Intensity Abilities: You can exercise at higher intensity levels than those who exercise on treadmills or do other high-impact forms of exercise.
  • Space Saver: This elliptical demand takes little space as compared to a treadmill. The measurement is 46″ x 25,” and its weight is 143 lbs.


Bowflex Max Trainer Design

This is an original hybrid trainer. The Max Trainer M3 is the best when it comes to calories, as your upper body is equally involved. It beats running, walking, cycling, or even a traditional trainer. It fits all the places and owning to its compact size and can be used anywhere. It has small footprints that make it highly useful for optimal results. Besides, it provides no impact training sessions. Thus, it is a perfect option for intense training sessions without worrying about injuries.

It has sturdy steel built with commercial-grade parts. This makes it long-lasting and performs exceptionally well for a long time.

Transport Wheels

It comes with built-in wheels that make it compact and usable in space-constrained areas. Its ultra-small footprints make the machine is fit for small areas owing to its sleek and compact size. Furthermore, it weight 143 lbs that makes it easy to handle and transport for optimal results.


Max Trainer M3


It comes with eight different resistance levels. You can change it easily using s twist grip on one of the right handlebars. Since the trainer has interval training and a manual option, you can control the tension level at a reasonable amount to get the most out of your exercises.

Lightweight Cardio Machine

It has smaller footprints than a standard home treadmill. This compact exercise machine is limited in its function still provides more uses with a good workout. Moreover, M3 has a manageable size and can move around in your home when needed.

Full Body Workout

It gives more opportunities to join in the workout. It depends on your efforts, and you can engage all parts or none of the upper body. Besides, it blurs the lines between a Stairmaster and an Elliptical.


The noise level will depend on user preference, and some may not care if one elliptical or treadmill sounds louder than others. Moreover, for households with more people, sleeping babies, smaller spaces, or shared walls, noise can quickly become a problem.


Heartbeat Rate Monitor

Max Trainer M3 Comfort

The Max Trainer M3 comes with a wireless strap for monitoring the heart. Its wireless strap yields much better data and helps the user to achieve the desired goal with accurate results. These Max Trainers are perfect for fitness enthusiasts who like to keep on top of their progress and workout metrics.

No Impact

Even on some cushioned treadmills that put up some degree of impact on your joints and knees. After a workout to feel better about yourself and your body.

Moreover, yet some forms o[f exercise can leave you injured and in pain. Therefore investing in fitness equipment that offers low-impact workouts is an excellent option. This M3 trainer keeps your joints protected, and you will feel better when you go about your training sessions.

Max Trainer Subscription Service

This machine has a medium-sized library of instructor-led exercise classes and pre-recorded workouts. It gives a two-month free trial with the purchase of a Bowflex Max Trainer M6 or M8 and converts to a paid subscription after the trial period ends ($14.99 per month).


This trainer does not have an HD touchscreen display or any other entertainment features. It has a combination of dial-style calories burn rate indicator, LCD, and simple controls for interval instruction, user selection, and other features.

Max Trainer M3 Console

This basic console is just what you need to focus on the workout rather than being distracted by video or information that does not matter when you are looking to get your exercise.

  • Calories Counts are never precise, but this seems like fun. It is a different way to get immediate feedback and keep the pulses on track.
  • It also tracks total workout time, pulse rate, hard/easy HIIT intervals times.
  • You can make and save user profiles with weight, height, and total workout time for each person who uses this M3 trainer.

Preset Workouts Programs

This trainer is designed to offer a complete workout for the upper and lower body as well. There are two preprogrammed workouts in this trainer for optimal results.

Bowflex M3

Max Trainer: It is a 14-min workout program that allows you to burn off excess calories in 14 minutes workout trainer compared to traditional ellipticals, treadmills, or stair climbers.

Manual: It allows you to choose the workout and level of intensity as per your convenience. Therefore, the M3 Max offers complete full-body training sessions with cardiovascular programs. It transforms the body and allows you to shed off excess calories in less time.

Setup Process

This Trainer comes with a compact design and can utilize it with ease and precision. Assembling this machine is not a challenging task. If you assemble it own, it should not take more than 1.5 hours to set the whole thing up, as the instruction is very clear. The frame, including flywheels, inner pedal assemblies, and a cooling fan, is already assembled. You have to wire the LCD monitor in that it is a simple process with a connector.

Keep in mind that its weight close to 150 lbs, so working with someone else while assembling is recommended. If you do not want to install it yourself, you can pay the extra $170 free from Bowflex for the in-home expert assembly.

What’s covered by the warranty?

Bowflex backed this trainer with a valid warranty that makes it value for money. It comes with a one-year coverage warranty.

Return Policy: If you are not 100%satisfied with your purchase, contact the Bowflex Customer Service department at (800) 605-3369 within six weeks of delivery. You get your money back, ship it back for a refund of the buying price.

Final Verdict

This Max Trainer is a popular compact machine, and it can fit into your home gym settings. With this M3 machine, you can get a quick, effective, safe cardio workout with muscle toning in your legs, arms, and trunk.

This exercise machine comes with eight different resistance levels that are enough to keep you challenged as you progress. Overall this is excellent that allows smooth and natural movements of the body resulting in power-packed cardiovascular workout sessions.

This M3 is the perfect choice if you prefer to have portable and convenient use of the max trainer at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What Is The Difference Between M3 And M5?

Bowflex Max Trainers series is designed to help you burn 2.5 times more calories. These two trainers look a bit similar to each other. Bowflex M5 provides 16 resistance levels and eight built-in workout programs. On the other side, M3 is a much more simplified version of the Max Trainer.

2. Is The M3 Max Trainer Is Hard On Your Kness?

It is built to reduce the impact on your joints. Also, those with knee injuries will be able to work out effectively using this TreadClimber.

3. How Often Should I Use The Bowflex Trainer?

They recommend that you can use this trainer at least three times a week for 14-minute intervals. By following a simple usage guide, you should be able to see results from using it in a short amount of time.

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