Nautilus E616 Elliptical Review [February 2023]

Nautilus E616 Elliptical

Built For Users Who Want: mid-range elliptical trainer with some great elements and quality performance.

  • Blue backlit Dual Track LCD display.
  • 20” elliptical stride length.
  • 29 programs, 4 user settings and goal tracking.
  • Higher levels of magnetic resistance.
  • Bluetooth LE connectivity.
  • 300 lbs Weight Capacity.
  • In console speakers with an MP3 input port.

This Nautilus E616 has an innovative fitness club design with dozens of workout programs and levels of resistance. It creates limitless training options. Furthermore, it delivers the best results and comfortable training experience for home users. The console is loaded with more number of workout programs than the E614 model.

It is considered one of the top-performing elliptical trainers under $1000 price range. It offers you solid construction with a few perks you don’t usually find in a budget-friendly trainer.

It has static handlebars & pedals that can be moved to different hand positions. This Nautilus E616 Elliptical provides extremely challenging workout sessions, making every fitness enthusiast consider it while choosing an elliptical for the home gym.

Nautilus E616 Elliptical Review: First Impressions​

Nautilus E616 Elliptical Specifications
Stride Length20″
Resistance TypeEddy Current Magnetic
Incline Type10° manual ramp range with 6 positions
DisplayDual backlit LCD
Heart RateContact and Telemetry
Weight Limit300 lbs
Footprints72″ x 28″ x 71″
Warranty10 yrs (Frame), 1 year (Electronics), 90 days (labor), 2 yrs ( other parts)
Preset programs50

Reasons To Buy

  • Power incline for better cross-training.
  • Dual Roller Track Design For Better Stability.
  • Double-Track LCD Console is Bright and Easy-to-Read.
  • Bluetooth and chest strap Compatibility.
  • Straightforward assembly.
  •  10° of motorized incline.
  • 29 workout programs.
  • USB charging port.
  • Tablet Holder.
  • Build-in Speakers.

Reasons To Avoid

  • No Adjustable Foot pedals.
  • No Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring.

Nautilus E616 Elliptical: Detailed Specifications

It is a mid-priced elliptical trainer offering a nice amount of workout options. It comes with different features and has the ability to track your workouts.


  • Screen: It features two blue, backlit screen that allows you to view all your workout data and training progress in one of the displays. You can see the workout profile on the large screen. This trainer is one of the best elliptical trainers for multitasking users.
  • Resistance: It comes with magnetic resistance up to 25 levels. The higher resistance levels offer wider options for an intense workout.
  • Incline: The E616 has a motorized incline from 0 to 11%, providing more challenging workouts to you to reach your target fitness level comfortably.
  • Handlebars: There are ergonomic handlebars that are adjustable and padded, allowing the user to have the most comfortable hand position.
  • Chest Strap Compatible: This Nautilus Elliptical is compatible with strap monitors and even includes one for user convenience. Moreover, you can grab the handles and monitor your heart through the grip monitors.
  • Console: It has a capable console with great elements such as built-in speakers, media shelf, water bottle holder, 3-speed cooling fan, and USB port.
  • Run Social app: You can also sync with Run Social app using Bluetooth. It allows you to run through different routes around the world virtually.
  • Programs: With dozen of workout programs, it creates limitless training options. These include 12 standard programs (hills, fat burn, etc.), nine heart rate options, four custom tests, 2-fitness trial, and a quick start (manual).


Nautilus E616 design

This Elliptical Trainer is designed with an oversized crossbar tubing frame that gives you added stability and durability. It offers frictionless rides and can support the users with a max weight limit of 300 lbs.

It boasts some impressive features, elements, and transport wheels to enhance the comfort and convenience of usage and storage.


Its frame construction is similar to the top-rated Nautilus E614 model. Most components are made of steel tubing, including frame pieces, arms, cranks, console mast, rail assembly, and bases. On the other hand, flywheel and pulley enclosure is made of heavy-duty plastic.

Furthermore, all metallic parts are double coated with scratch-resistant and rust-resistant paint.


It features three bases that come with decorative plastic covers. And the rear and middle bases are provided with adjustable stabilizing feet.

Also, the front base rests on two rubber pads and doesn’t feature stabilizers. It is equipped with caster wheels that ease the transportation of the machine.

Size and Weight

This Elliptical trainer is heavy as it weighs around approx 174 lbs, so relocating it once it was assembled is difficult. It features a large footprint and takes 71.5″ x 26.7″ of floor space. Therefore, you should add at least 2 feet on each side, at the rear and the front of the machine.

Stride Rails

The 20″ dual stride rails on this best elliptical are amazing. With dual rollers on this trainer, you have a lower risk that the rollers will come off the track and break. These rails give you a more stable feel, balance, and smoothness of the ride.

At 20″ it makes this elliptical viable for users between 5’3″ – 6’0″. A user up to 6’5″ should feel comfortable on it. However, shorter users 5’3″, may feel the stride as a bit too much.


It features two sets of handlebars on this machine, both mobile and fixed. These have a rubberized grip for comfort and can support a variety of workout postures. There are sensors located at the handlebars that relay the pulse rate information back to the display.

Also, it features two accessory holders that offer space for a water bottle holder. It is compatible with a remote, phone, or small accessories.

Preset Workouts Programs​

This E616 is one of the ellipticals with more workout programs. It comes with 29 Preset Workouts. You can choose from a wide range of programs offered by a professional trainer that suits your need and profile to the best. ProForm 6.0 ET has only one more program than the E616 and costs an additional $100.

Nautilus Elliptical Programs

Profile Programs: These programs are divided into three categories – Fun rides, Mountains, and challenges. Each of them is split into several segments, where the resistance is preset. You can select from one of three goals to target during a Profile Program, i.e., distance, time, and calories burned.

Fitness Test: It measures improvements to the user’s physical fitness level. It is available in two different categories – Beginners and Advanced. This test is based on your pulse rate. Therefore you’ll either need to be holding the touch sensors or wearing a telemetry strap.

When your heart reaches 75% of maximum, you require to maintain this level for 3 minutes after that time console measures your pulse rate and power output. Then it is combined with your age and weight in a calculation that produces your test.

Heart Rate Programs: These programs let you set a range and a goal that can be either 60%-60%, 60%-70%, 70%-80%, 80%-90%. Your heart is monitored via touch sensors or strap. And, this elliptical automatically adjusts the resistance to keep you within your target range.

Recovery Test: This test is simple than the fitness tests, and it is still based around your pulse. It measures how quickly your pulse rate recovers after exercise. So, you can activate this test at the end of a standard workout.

Manual: If you want to start a workout without setting any goals or following a preset resistance profile, this program is for you. It lets you make changes to the resistance level during a workout and doesn’t need to transmit your pulse rate.

User Profiles

The console includes 4 profiles where you can store personal information about height, weight, age, and preferred workout values. This information is used to improve the accuracy of feedback calculations.

It also allows you to sync workout data from console to an online profile with Nautilus Connect or MyFitnessPal.


Nautilus console

It features two LCD displays, backlit with a blue light that offers easy readability. The top, the wider display shows the current program data, workout intensity, and resistance level, user profile, and keeps track of your fitness goals.

Its smaller display track distance, speed, time, calories, RPM, the current level of resistance, and pulse.

  • The console features USB connectivity. You can use a USB to save your workout data or export it online.
  • It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which enables it to sync automatically with other Bluetooth devices that have the Nautilus Trainer 2 app.
  • Its USB port also acts as a charging port for compatible devices.
  • It has in-console sealed acoustic speakers with an MP3 port for your MP3 player or iPod.
  • It also has a media rack for your tablet or book.
  • It has various buttons for navigating the workout apps and setting up different profiles.
  • The fan is located at the bottom of the console, flanked by the speakers. It isn’t a powerful fan, but it does offer some cooling.
  • The tablet shelf is located under the large monitor of the console in a position to host a tablet in a landscape position.

Last but not least, the console unit is telemetry enabled. This means you can communicate with a wireless strap transmitter for reading your pulse rate. The strap isn’t included, though.


This elliptical is Bluetooth as well as chest strap compatible. You can sync up with the free Nautilus Trainer app and track all your workout data . The nautilus app is compatible with our popular fitness apps, makes it easier to consolidate all your data.


This Elliptical machine gives you 29 different workout programs for better performance. It includes 12 profile, 9 heart rate, 2 fitness, 1 recovery, 1 quick start and 4 custom programs which will help you reach your fitness goals that much quicker.

Nautilus Performance


At maximum setting, it provides approx 10° of incline. The incline is motorized and is controlled from the unit’s console. The user can adjust it, or it will self-adjusting if you’re using one of the onboard programs.

The maximum level gives you quite an elevation that adds approx 27″ to 29″ to your height, depending on how you position your feet on the footrest.


The drive of this top-rated Nautilus E616 exercise machine is smooth and quiet. Since the transmission between the flywheel and pulley is done via a belt. It has a perimeter-weighted, balanced flywheel that adds smoothness to the pedaling motion.

Also, the footrests are large enough to accommodate feet of all sizes. They integrate the Precision Path foot motion technology for comfortable contact and pedaling motion.


It comes with 25 levels of magnetic resistance, providing you complete control over that flywheel. It gives you a lot of room for adjusting your intensity to select from these many levels.

You can adjust the resistance freely when you workout, with the manual mode, or select one of the onboard workout apps that automatically adjust resistance. The lowest resistance levels provide a light exercise that is great for users who must undergo a rehab training regimen.

Setup Process

Assembly of Nautilus E616 isn’t too difficult. The assembly manual features large, easy-to-read images with clearly written instructions. Nautilus also includes a to-scale image of each hardware piece at the beginning of the instructions, making it easy to go back to identify any piece. It also includes all the necessary tools and requires 1-2 hours to fully assembled.

Final Verdict​

Nautilus E616 elliptical trainer provides impressive features that are quite similar to many commercial-grade ellipticals. It is for the mid-level users searching for an affordable elliptical trainer with a good performance. It focuses more on user convenient features like a large number of workout programs, accessories, and higher entertainment features.

It is great for muscle toning, cardio training, weight loss, stamina building with minimal impact on the joints. Overall, it is a robust, top rated model with heavier flywheels.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is the difference between E616 and E618 trainer?

The Nautilus E618 elliptical adds control to the handlebars, has a longer stride, heavier flywheel, and a tiltable console. It has a 15 years frame warranty whereas E616 has ten years warranty on frame.

2. What type of heart rate monitor does E616 Elliptical have?

It features a Grip heart rate. You can monitor on the LCD monitors and can control several programs with your heart rates.

3. Are Nautilus ellipticals good?

Nautilus is a pretty well-respected home fitness brand that’s been around for over 4 decades. The Nautilus brand focuses on budget to moderately priced fitness equipment. Even though the E616 is the mid-range model in their elliptical lineup, it’s still priced as a budget machine.

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