NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 Elliptical Review [December 2022]

NordicTrack 14.9 Elliptical

Built For Users Who Want: an elliptical to engage in high-powered cross-training exercises designed to tone and move their whole body. 

  • Commercial solid steel construction.
  • Max 20% incline levels. 
  • 26 digital resistance levels.
  • 17.5″-18.7″ auto adjustable stride. 
  • Front-drive mechanism. 
  • 32-pound effective inertia-enhanced flywheel.
  • 35 preset workout programs. 
  • 350 pounds user capacity. 
  • Offers 30-day iFit family membership free of cost.

Today, we will explore the NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 Elliptical. In case you are worried about seeing plenty of ellipticals in the market, just analyze the features and performance of this one, and you could pretty quickly decide whether it suits your fitness objective or not. 

Experience a mesmerizing exercise session with the 14 inches HD display. You can even follow your iFit instructor for intense exercises and track down every workout data, including time, speed, calories burned, distance covered, etc., through just one swipe. While working out visiting breathtaking places throughout the world, your incline ranges from 0-20, and 26 levels of resistance are auto-adjusted by your trainer. 

The presence of the cooling fan, soft-touch hand grips, and easy portability allows anyone to do their exercises comfortably. Anyway, read the full article to understand every aspect of this elliptical in detail. 

NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 Elliptical Review: First Impressions​

NordicTrack 14.9 Elliptical Specifications
Length of Stride17.5″-18.7″ (adjustable)
Incline1-20 levels
Drive MechanismFront
Display14″ LCD
Heart Rate MonitorChest Strap
Fan AutoBreeze
Weight Capacity350 lbs
Dimensions67″ x 29″ x 69″ (L x W x H)
Bluetooth CompatibilityYes
Flywheel Weight32 lbs
Product Weight210 lbs.
Warranty10-Year (Frame), 2-Year (Parts), and 1-Year (Labor)

Reasons To Buy

  • 14 inches high-definition touch-screen.
  • Silent magnetic resistance.
  • Effortless assembly.
  • Oversized cushion pedals.
  • Easy portability.
  • Water bottle holder.
  • Allows users to do total body training.
  • Trainers can automatically control incline and resistance during using iFit. 

Reasons To Avoid

  • No foldability. 
  • The warranty should be better.

NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 Elliptical: Detailed Specifications


  • Display: Go farther from your traditional exercise statistics and use your heart rate, distance, speed, time, calories burned, intensity, and many other things to discover more about your fitness journey in the large 14” display. 
  • Speakers – Users can hear music from two 2″ digitally amplified speakers after connecting their mobiles via Bluetooth. Also, they can watch any exercise videos of several fitness coaches throughout the world. 
  • Fan – Unlike many ellipticals, this Commercial 14.9 workout machine provides users with a fan that lets them do their exercises comfortably.
  • Soft Touch Upper-Body Grips – These grips let the users stay balanced and comfortable during exercising on the upper and lower body muscles. 
  • Mobility – Move your fitness machine with ease from one room to another with the help of the wheels. 
  • Drink Holder – Keep water nearby on the holder to relieve yourself from excessive thirst.
  • Weight Limit – This NordicTrack Commercial exercise equipment can withstand 350 pounds. 
  • Stride – This elliptical offers its users a 17.5 inches stride that can be automatically adjusted to 18.7 inches, allowing them to target specific muscle groups.
  • Front Drive System – The flywheel on this 14.9 elliptical is placed on the front side, providing the consumers a feel more like walking uphill or climbing a hill. Some fitness lovers can even get a feel of climbing stairs or both uphill and stairs. 
  • Oversized Levelers – The levelers are typically used to keep the elliptical stable on the floor, even if it is unstable. 
  • Google Maps – Do exercise worldwide with NordicTrack’s outstanding Google Maps workout technology. You will find it under the iFit program.


NordicTrack 14.9 Elliptical

The length of this elliptical is 67 inches, width is 29 inches, and height is 69 inches when completely assembled. So, correctly measure the place you think is the best for working out, and leave space at least a few inches more from the measured dimensions in order to move freely. 

The sturdy steel frame makes the elliptical strong enough to support 350 pounds. So, even if you are a little bit heavyweight, you can efficiently perform exercises on it. 

Stride Length

Stride length is very important while exercising. The longer it is, the better it will be for users. The Commercial 14.9 exercise equipment offers 17.5″ to 18.7″ stride. When performing your workouts, it will be automatically increased from the previous 17.5 inches length to 18.7 inches. As a result, you can complete your exercises with great relaxation. 


The more weight a flywheel contains, the smoother and quieter the performance will be. This NordicTrack elliptical consists of a 32 pounds flywheel that helps produce better resistance. As a result, users will be able to do more intense workouts without disturbing anyone’s peace during the night. 

Cushioned Pedals

Pedals require three things to make any exercise journey comfortable: size, cushioning, and design. This exercise equipment provides these all with a good proportion so that the tall users can exercise with relaxation. 


Cooling Fan

In most cases, ellipticals are made without a fan. But this elliptical includes an AutoBreeze workout fan that keeps you chilled while working out for a long time. 

Drink Holder

Keep water or juice on the holder. This option helps the fitness freaks continue their workout session and still quench their thirst while exercising for a long time. 


You will not need to lift the elliptical to relocate it to another place. NordicTrack has built front-mounted transport wheels that assist you in moving the elliptical from one place to another without your muscles getting strained. 

NordicTrack 14.9 Elliptical

Console / Controls

  • 14″ HD Touchscreen – Whether you want to connect with various iFit trainers around the world or even check your workout data in real-time, you can effortlessly do that through the 14 inches LCD. As a result, exercising becomes easier because you are able to view every aspect and take actions accordingly towards meeting your fitness goals. 
  • Speakers – This Commercial series elliptical has two in-console speakers that allow users to hear the sound with much clarity. They can even watch the iFit trainers’ videos with an excellent audible sound.
  • One-Touch Controls – With this setting, you can jump to your previously used resistance and incline levels with just a touch of a button. 

Preset Workout Programs

Like almost every high-end elliptical available on the market, this one comes with 35 pre-programmed workouts. So, you will not have to do the same exercises every day. Furthermore, users will get access to a vast library of workouts in the iFit program with a subscription fee. Now the choice is yours; if you do not want to pay any money, you can simply stick with the preset exercises or choose the iFit. 

iFit Membership

This NordicTrack elliptical provides its customers with a complimentary subscription to the iFit application for the initial 30 days. Before going to explain the features of the iFit app, I want to tell you some facts:

  1. You will require an internet connection to use it.
  2. You have to enter your credit card details to activate it. Once it is activated, you can use the free membership for up to 30 days.
  3. It gets auto-renewed after your trial period ends. So, if you are no longer interested in using it, you have to cancel it in advance at least 48 hours before its renewal. Otherwise, it will be automatically renewed. In case you want to use it after the free subscription ends, you have to pay a minimal fee of $39, plus taxes every month. 

You will find many diversified elite trainers worldwide who precisely coach you. The best job is to choose your preferred instructor among them and do whatever they instruct you or simply follow. While doing exercises, your fitness trainer will adjust your resistance and incline to intensify your workouts. As a result, you will end up performing a wide range of workouts with scenic global sights.


The flywheel weighs 32 pounds and helps provide 26 levels of resistance. So, choose the rating as per your capability. If you want to burn calories and tone your muscles faster, prefer doing workouts on a higher incline rating. In addition, you can control the incline as well as the resistance with just a one-touch button placed on the console. 

NordicTrack 14.9 Elliptical


Try to work out in an inclined position. It will help you burn more calories and let you reach your goals faster. In general, exercising on an inclined surface is 3-5 times better than on a flat area. So, if you are not habituated, then make a habit and if you are, try to increase it over time. But remember, do not overburden yourself to avoid mishaps. The most interesting thing about this elliptical trainer is its high incline rating of 20 levels and power adjustability. 

Resistance Level

This 14.9 elliptical offers users 26 levels of resistance to strengthen their heart, muscles, and lungs. Increase the rating to upgrade your exercise intensity. But if you are performing normal workouts, set it to a lower level for getting better benefits. 

Setup Process

Like every other elliptical, NordicTrack includes a user manual with this one. You will get it in the package when the equipment is finally delivered to your apartment. Read every instruction keenly about how to set up the elliptical trainer, and the procedure will be much easier. As this machine requires two people, you should call one of your folks or relatives to come over and assist you during the assembly. 

NordicTrack has marked “L” or “Left” for left parts and marked “R” or “Right” for the right-sided parts for an effortless set-up process. Moreover, you should have one Phillips screwdriver, two adjustable wrenches, one rubber mallet, and one pair of scissors to complete the process. If you carefully do all the steps, you will not find any difficulty setting up the elliptical trainer. 


Users are ensured with a timespan to repair or replace any of the following elements. But before claiming the warranty, make sure to follow every term and condition of NordicTrack. The warranty is applicable to the original customer or purchaser and also is non-transferrable. Besides, do not use the exercise machine for commercial or rental purposes; otherwise, the warranty will be nullified. Nevertheless, NordicTrack provides ten years of free repairing service on its frame, two years on any parts, and one year on labor expenses. Last but not least, you will get to claim the warranty if the elliptical gets defects on manufacturing and artistry only. 

  • Frame: 10-Year.
  • Parts: 2-Year.
  • Labor: 1-Year.

Final Verdict​

This NordicTrack elliptical focuses on not only its design but also its comfortability and performance. The robust steel-made frame lets users exercise up to a maximum weight limit of 350 pounds. At the same time, its heavyweight 32-pound flywheel offers a quiet or noise-free fitness journey without bothering the sleep or peace of anyone, no matter the timing. 

Increase your difficulty level with the high resistance rating and burn more calories with the higher incline. Plus, the power-adjustable incline lets users change it quickly. 

After you are done with your workouts, you can move it to another room with the help of transportation wheels without any muscle strain. Apart from that, you can use the drink holder and Bluetooth-compatible audio speakers to make your journey more convenient. All in all, this Commercial series 14.9 model will be a great fit in your home gym. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Does this NordicTrack elliptical connect to my home WiFi network?

Yes, it connects with your home WiFi network. 

2. Can the screen be used to access other streaming services or watch DVDs?

The touchscreen on this NordicTrack model is only compatible with the iFit programming, and no other streaming services or watching DVDs  are available with this one. 

3. What kind of batteries are needed to run this elliptical?

This elliptical does not require any battery to run but includes a plug-in power cord. In addition, you will need a minimum of 120 volts circuit to use this machine. More details are found in the manufacturer instruction manual. 

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