ProForm Endurance 520E Elliptical Review [February 2023]

ProForm Endurance 520E Elliptical Trainer

Built For Users Who Want: an elliptical for performing whole-body workouts with better durability, sturdy construction, and adjustable inclines. 

  • 5 inches backlit display.
  • Lets you monitor your heart.
  • 300-pound user capacity.
  • Total of 18 resistance levels.
  • Good warranty service.
  • 30-day iFIT trial membership.
  • 19 inches of stride. 
  • Built-in dual speakers (2 inches size).

An elliptical trainer is an ideal way to get into shape without leaving the comfort and privacy of your own home. It lets the users boost their stamina and cardio capacity, put less stress on the joints, help burn more calories, body fat, etc. Basically, you will achieve a perfectly healthy body. 

This Proform elliptical is compatible with the iFIT application that integrates your equipment into your personalized and professionally guided workout experience. Moreover, a five inches back-light display keeps track of all your essential exercise statistics like the total distance covered, cadence, burned calories, heartbeat rate, and the time elapsed, allowing you to visualize your process efficiently. 

Today, we are going to analyze the ProForm Endurance 520E Elliptical trainer. Here, in our article, you will get much in-depth information. It lets you decide whether this elliptical machine is perfect for you or not. Let’s dive in and start reading the article. 

ProForm 520E Elliptical Review: First Impressions​

Endurance 520E Elliptical Trainer Specifications
Length of Stride19″
ResistanceSilent Magnetic Resistance
Incline0-20 degrees
MaterialCommercial-Gauge Solid Steel
Display5” Backlit Display
Heart-Beat RateEKG Heart Rate Monitor
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Dimensions68.25 x 34.40 x 69.30 Inches (L x W x H)
Resistance Levels18
Flywheel Weight15 lbs
Product Weight207 lbs
Oversized Leveling FeetYes
Transport WheelsYes
Warranty10-Year (Frame), 2-Year (Parts), 1-Year (Labor)

Reasons To Buy

  • 20 degrees of adjustable incline ramp.
  • Offers full-body exercise.
  • Commercial-Gauge Solid Steel Construction.
  • Bigger-sized pedals provide better stability. 
  • Tablet / Mobile holder.
  • Leveling feet keep the elliptical stable on an uneven surface.
  • Transportation wheels help relocate the machine easily.
  • Keep you hydrated with a water bottle holder near you.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The flywheel weight is lower.
  • Smaller display size.

ProForm 520E Elliptical: Detailed Specifications


  • Display – The ProForm Endurance elliptical is made with a 5 inches display. It helps track your mileage, speed, burned calorie, heart-beat rate, and time. It also features a backlight that increases readability in low light conditions. Due to it, you can effortlessly check out the required details. 
  • Incline – You will be getting a 0 to 20 degrees adjustable incline. 
  • Leveling Feet – The 520E equipment offers oversized leveling feet to keep your elliptical stable even on an unstable surface. 
  • Heart Rate Monitor – You can check your heart-beat rate with this machine. 
  • Resistance Levels – The workout equipment features 18 levels of trainer-controlled digital quick resistance. 
  • Pedals – You will be able to perform a comfortable workout with the oversized cushioned pedals. 
  • Flywheel – You will receive 15 pounds of an inertia-enhanced flywheel.
  • Integrated Tablet Holder – You will be getting an integrated tablet holder with this workout machine. 
  • Dual 2″ Speakers – This elliptical features dual 2 inches speakers. 
  • Front-Mounted Transport Wheels – With the ergonomically front-mounted transportation wheels, you can easily move your exercise equipment from one place to another. 
  • Bottle Holder – You can stay hydrated throughout your workout by keeping a water flask near you.  

ProForm Endurance 520E


The 520E elliptical trainer is constructed with commercial-gauge solid steel. Because of the robust construction, this elliptical gives good durability. If you constantly do workouts, you will obviously reach your fitness goals and will be able to transform your body into a fit and healthy shape. 

The exercise equipment comes with a 68.25 inches length, 34.40 inches width, and 69.30 inches height. When fully assembled, it weighs up to 207 pounds. Moreover, the maximum weight capacity the 520E fitness machine can bear is up to 300 pounds. 

ProForm always designs its products as per the needs of its consumers. That’s why you will get oversized pedals with the 520E fitness equipment that further allows you with several foot positions and provide better stability as you perform your workouts. 

Length of Stride

While considering an elliptical, stride length is one of the most important things. You can pretty easily understand the performance of an elliptical trainer just by checking some features. One of them is the length of a stride. The experience may be a hectic one for you when you use a stride less than 16 inches. The standard design is between 18-20 inches. On the other hand, you will get more than 20 inches of stride from the advanced level of the elliptical. 

The 520E offers a stride of 19 inches. It has an adjustable stride. Due to the adjustable incline angle, your stride can technically change up to a little. But it is not changeable like a power-adjustable stride (e.g., Sole E95S Elliptical). 


The higher the weight of a flywheel, the better it is for giving a good experience. Additionally, flywheels are responsible for the resistance you get as you pedal. A heavier flywheel builds more momentum as it spins and provides a smoother feel. But in the case of the 520E fitness equipment, the flywheel is relatively lighter. It will not affect this machine much due to the adjustable high incline and resistance. Plus, many users agree with the fact that with the available 18 levels of SMR, they can enjoy a smooth, frictionless, and silent ride. Besides, a faster gear ratio and effective weight placement provide a more consistent striding experience. 


The standard length of the stride (19″) is enough for people less than 5’10”. It gives them good comfortability. But the people who are taller than 5’10” will face difficulty in using the machine. Besides, the large pedals offer plenty of foot positions to add to your comfort. You will be getting a lot of workout programs to perform.

Console / Controls

ProForm Endurance 520E

A console is generally a bunch of control buttons to see your necessary details while doing exercises. Like every elliptical, the 520E features a lot of control buttons. These are listed below. 

  • LCD Monitor – The machine comes with a 5 inches display. It tracks all of your crucial exercise statistics, such as distance traveled, cadence, estimated calorie burn, heartbeat rate, and time elapsed, enabling you to visualize your progress effortlessly. 
  • Smart Device Holder – The ProForm 520E equipment consists of a tablet or phone holder. You can watch your favorite TV shows or other things from your mobile while performing workouts. In this way, you will not get bored. 
  • Audio Auxiliary Port with Dual 2” Speakers – You can now listen to your favorite iFIT trainer coaches with a better quality sound because of the built-in audio system with the dual 2 inches speakers. These workout videos will motivate you through every exercise. On the other hand, you can even listen to music as well to keep you engaged while doing exercise. 
  • EKG Heart-Beat Rate Monitor – The hand-grip pulse sensors are integrated into the fixed handlebars. After a couple of seconds, you can see your heartbeat rate at the time of performing your exercise. The accuracy may vary and not as the same as the wireless heart rate monitoring. 

iFIT Membership

The ProForm 520E equipment offers a full-access 30 days trial of the iFIT membership. This application allows connecting a tablet or mobile to your elliptical trainer to engage in interactive personal training at your own home. Besides, with this application, your trainers will automatically adjust your resistance to enhance your exercises. You will get to choose from thousands of interactive workouts. Suppose you want to discontinue the service, then you have to cancel the membership in advance before your membership ends. Otherwise, you will be charged because it is auto-renewal. 


ProForm Endurance 520E

ProForm is a pretty familiar brand in the world in terms of making a fitness trainer. With this machine, you will get to perform exercises for your whole body. You can even do low-impact workouts with the upper-body workout arms. Besides, elliptical training engages your entire body with every step. Apart from these, you can perform intense workouts because of the adjustable incline and silent resistance. 


This Endurance exercise machine is built with a 0-20 degrees power-adjustable incline ramp. Moreover, it has incline training available on your elliptical. You will be able to make a quick adjustment for setting up your incline as per your needs to focus on specific muscle groups. You can target your glutes, quads, and calves for realistic trail training. Besides, you can burn more calories as well with your cardio routine. Overall, you will be prepared for the next family hike because of having a fantastic incline system. 


The fitness machine offers 18 levels of digital resistance. Every level is smooth, frictionless, and quiet because of the Silent Magnetic Resistance technology. You can start doing workouts efficiently and achieve progress with intensity.  

Setup Process

Even though there are many nuts and bolts with this exercise equipment, the setup process is not complicated. Usually, it will take about 2-4 hours to do the assembly. It can even take less time if you are an expert at assembling. It will be better if you once go through the manual and complete the elliptical step by step. Tighten the bolts carefully to avoid any mishaps. 


Suppose you notice a faulty part in your fitness machine, or even some other problems occur. Do not be worried because you are insured for an extended period. This Endurance elliptical is protected with the following warranty. 

  • Frame: 10 years.
  • Parts: 2 years.
  • Labor: 1 year.

Many people get confused with the labor warranty. Well, it is the cost of the technician who comes to your home to repair your elliptical. For the first year, you do not have to pay a single penny from your pocket. The warranty can be claimed by the original owner only.  

Final Verdict​

This Endurance elliptical is a popular model because of its design, features, and performance. With the quick touch buttons, it is effortless to set your incline and resistance spontaneously. It sounds excellent, especially when you like to do interval training. Further, you can step up to a maximum stride length and an additional smooth ride with the front-drive design. 

Overall, if you are searching for a low-impact cardio machine to burn calories, improve fitness levels, and tone muscles, then the 520E equipment is ideal for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Do I have to register this equipment with any app or website?

It is optional. You will get a 30 days free trial of the iFIT app, where you can watch many workouts videos of your favorite trainers. Besides, you can even join a live exercise session with the best fitness trainers throughout the world. But do remember to cancel the membership before it ends if you do not want to continue this service. Otherwise, you will be charged money in the following month from your credit card because you have to fill in your credit card details at the time of availing of the subscription. 

2. What is the maximum weight limit?

The maximum weight limit is up to 300 pounds.

3. Does this machine have speakers?

Yes, this machine has dual 2 inches speakers. 

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