Proform Pro 9.9 Elliptical Review [February 2023]

Proform Pro 9.9

Built For Users Who Want: a power-adjustable stride and incline with a calorie-burning workout in one efficient machine. 

  • Adjustable stride length.
  • Adjustable cushioned pedals provide comfort.  
  • It can bear a user weight of 350 pounds. 
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Front-drive design.
  • Water bottle holder.

Everyone knows how the construction is made for any Proform elliptical. It is one of the most popular brands in the world in terms of making an elliptical machine. So if you wish to get an elliptical that will provide lots of great features and magnificent performance, you have come to the right place. 

Based on users’ demand, we will be writing an article on Proform Pro 9.9 Elliptical. It is a good match for the average home gym and helps a wide range of users enjoy their physical fitness. They can boost their stamina and cardio capacity, burn a lot of calories, perform upper as well as lower body workouts, etc. 

You are advised to read the complete review of this Proform elliptical. It will assist you in deciding whether the exercise equipment is up to the mark for you or not. Let’s get started.

Proform Pro 9.9 Elliptical Review: First Impressions

Proform Pro 9.9 Exercise Machine Specifications
Length of Stride21″
InclineDigitally adjustable
MaterialCommercial-gauge solid steel
Display6″ backlit display
Heart RateEKG grip pulse
Weight Capacity350 lbs
Dimensions79.75″ x 25.75″ x 66.25″ (L x W x H)
Resistance Levels24
Flywheel Weight28 lbs
Leveling FeetYes
Transportation WheelsYes
WarrantyLifetime (Frame), 3-Year (Parts), 1-Year (Labor)

Reasons To Buy

  • You will get a variety of challenges with 32 preset workout programs. 
  • The cooling fan provides comfort while performing exercises for a long time. 
  • 28 lbs flywheel provides smooth performance.
  • High level of resistance helps do an intense workout. 
  • Transportation wheels help move the exercise machine from one place to another. 
  • Easy assembly.

Reasons To Avoid

  • It is not foldable.  

Proform 9.9 Pro: Detailed Specifications


  • Display – The equipment provides a backlit display with the elliptical trainer. It lets you check the important aspects of your exercises. 
  • Stride – This elliptical comes with 21 inches of stride. You can adjust it as per your requirement automatically with the power. 
  • Power Incline – With the quick digital incline, you will get a more intense cardio workout that will feel like you are walking up a hill. 
  • Flywheel – This workout equipment offers its users a 28 lbs effective and inertia-enhanced flywheel. It provides smooth performance while someone uses it.
  • Heart-Beat Rate Monitor – You can measure the rate of your heart with the built-in pulse sensor. 
  • Handlebars – This exercise equipment offers moving multi-grip handlebars that support different positions to tone the upper body. 
  • Adjustable Foot Pedals – Now, you can adjust the angle of your pedals to reduce the foot lift. 
  • Coolaire Workout Fan –  A two-speed fan is included with the elliptical trainer that keeps you cool and comfortable during a long workout session. 
  • Drink holder – The Pro 9.9 fitness machine lets you keep a bottle filled with water or other drinks.  
  • Transport Wheels – You can easily move the elliptical from one room to another with the wheels without lifting it or any muscle strain. 
  • iPod-compatible Audio – This equipment lets you listen to music through the built-in speakers via your iPod. 


Proform Pro 9.9

The construction of the elliptical is done with robust steel that can withstand a weight of 350 pounds. It is 79.75 inches long, 25.75 inches wide, and 66.25 inches high. Plus, this machine allows the users to torch calories and sculpt their whole bodies.

Stride Length

Mostly, users with a height of 5’3″ – 6′ are relatively comfortable with a 20 inches stride while they train their body with this Proform elliptical trainer. With this machine, you will be getting 21 inches of stride, which is quite satisfying for each family member. 


Flywheel with heavier weight provides quieter and smoother operation. Basically, there are many commercial machines that will go up to a weight of 30 pounds. In our case, the Pro 9.9 fitness equipment gives a flywheel weighing 28 pounds. It is sufficient to offer you comfortable and smooth efficiency at your home. 


With the sufficiently long stride, even users of 6 feet height can use the fitness machine conveniently. Besides, a cooling fan is built into the console that blows refreshing air onto your top half of the body to keep you more comfortable during strenuous exercises. 

You can also keep yourself hydrated by keeping a bottle near you in the holder. Fill it with water or other beverages like fruit juices to quench your thirst while performing exercises for a long time. Additionally, adjustable leveling feet help you make your elliptical balanced even on an uneven surface. 

Proform Pro 9.9

Console / Controls

  • Display – This elliptical is built with a display that is 6 inches in size. It has a backlight feature that helps the LCD to increase readability in low light conditions. As a result, you can precisely check your workout statistics, such as exercise time, distance, speed, calories burned, heartbeat rate, etc. 
  • Handlebars – Now, you can make changes to the resistance or the incline through the moving handlebar grips. At the same time, you will improve muscles in your top half of the body. 
  • Pedals – The Pro 9.9 workout machine features adjustable and oversized pedals that minimize the stress and strain to your leg. 
  • Speakers – Connect the iPod-compatible port from the speakers with your iPod and listen to music or other things you like. It will help engage you more actively while you perform workouts.

iFit Subscription

Proform Pro 9.9 Elliptical exercise equipment provides an iFit Ready program. You can access the workout programs with an internet connection and a smart device. Through the online account, you will be able to set your fitness goals, record your exercises, as well as track your progress. Furthermore, you will be able to trace real-life routes using Google maps. Above all, it will resemble the actual terrain by adjusting the levels of the resistance. You can even create customized exercise plans. This machine also features audio coaching to help you along the way. 


If you do not wish to purchase the iFit live programs, you will not have to worry about exercise programs. This workout equipment comes with pre-programmed 32 workout apps that you can use for performing exercises. In addition, you will get to perform smooth and comfortable workouts due to the heavier flywheel and incline. Plus, change your workout intensity as per your needs through the console easily. 

Proform Pro 9.9


The most intriguing feature of this Proform trainer is that it offers users the ability to adjust the incline. There are several advantages of having an adjustable power incline. If you are a person who loves hiking, you would love this elliptical. Doing exercises on an inclined elliptical will burn more calories and pump up the heartbeat rate. On the other hand, you can target various parts of your lower muscles, such as the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. 

Resistance Levels

Some want to do workouts with less intensity. At the same time, some wish to do more intensified exercises in the same family. That’s why this Proform elliptical is created with 24 levels of resistance. The higher the levels, the more intense the workouts will be. So, everyone in your family can perform their workouts as per their requirement. 

Heart Rate Monitoring

It is preferable to know the heartbeat ratio because it helps to recognize the heart condition. If you have a weak heart, then you should not perform intense exercises. Otherwise, it is fine to do that. So know your condition by checking it up from the display. EKG grip pulses assist in monitoring the heart. 

Setup Process

The assembly process is effortless. But it’s better to complete the setup with one of your friends, family members, or somebody else. Suppose you get stuck while assembling the elliptical, go through the assembly manual, where each step is explained efficiently. But my advice is that you should at least read the full instructions manual thoroughly before setting up the elliptical. 


Whatever you purchase, always have a look accurately at the warranty details. It is also like investing your money. Nobody knows when your item is going to be faulty. So, it’s better to have an after-buy service that will provide you with certainty to repair your product if it suddenly gets defective. Furthermore, every brand offers its service with few terms and conditions. The warranty timeline is given below. 

  • Frame – Lifetime.
  • Parts – 3 years.
  • Labor – 1 year. 

Final Verdict​

With the great fitness technology, commercial-gauge construction, and 32 professional trainer-created workout programs, the consumers will get to perform lower body, upper body, or full aerobic workouts with the Pro 9.9 workout equipment. Further, this elliptical lets the users set their resistance level for selecting workout intensity, adjust their incline, pedals, and many other things with just one touch of a button. 

The performance and comfort levels are just magnificent with this workout machine. On the whole, its remarkable features and backed with a great warranty make this elliptical a must-buy among the users. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is a front-drive elliptical?

Front-drive elliptical machines are among the most popular exercise machines for home-based workouts. These, in general, are longer, cheaper, and more compact than the rear-drive ellipticals. Further, the flywheel is located on the front side of the machine. It makes you lean forward a little, and the motion is kind of like a stair climber. 

2. Do I have to activate the iFit?

No. If you want to use the online workouts from various trainers, you have to activate it. But if you don’t wish to use any exercise, then do not activate it. In spite of that, your elliptical will run fine, and you can do the built-in exercises.

3. Does the machine run on battery or electrical power?

It runs on electrical power.  

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