Sole Fitness E55 Review [December 2022]

Sole Fitness E55

Built For Users Who Want: an elliptical for performing whole-body workouts with better durability, sturdy construction, and adjustable inclines. 

  • Incline levels.
  • Ergonomics pedals.
  • Multi-grip Handgrip.
  • Wireless Chest Strap.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring.
  • 20 Level of Resistance.
  • Bluetooth audio speakers.
  • Two Heart Rate programs.

The Sole Fitness E55 Elliptical has many adjustable features. Sole is known for its after-purchase service and has an adjustable stride that can go up to 20 inches. It comes with an adjustable pedal for a more comfortable workout, and the power to incline goes from zero to 20 degrees. Pedals move in both forward and reverse motions. The console has a nine-inch LCD display screen with a resistance of twenty levels that are presented on the machine.

It has multi-grip handlebars with a built-in pulse sensor for heart rate monitoring, and a wireless chest strap for accurate heart monitoring. This device includes an integrated tablet holder where you can use your smart device to watch videos while performing a workout, has a bluetooth audio speaker and a USB port for charging.

It comes with four rear wheels that ride on heavy-duty that provide smoothness, more stability, and reduced side-to-side pedal motion. It has a well-structured mechanism and silent magnetic resistance.

Sole Fitness E55 Review : First Impressions​

Sole Fitness E55 Elliptical Trainer Specifications
Length of Stride20″
ResistanceSilent Magnetic Resistance
Incline0-20 degrees
Item Weight214 pounds.
Heart-Rate program2
Weight Capacity375 lbs.
Dimensions66″ L. x 23″ W. x 34″ H.
Warrantylifetime (Frame), 5-Year (Parts), 2-Year (Labor)

Reasons To Buy

  • Compact In Size.
  • Heavy Duty Frame.
  • 20 Pound Flywheel.
  • USB Charging Port.
  • Integrated Table Holder.
  • 375 lbs Max Weight Capacity.
  • Transport Wheel For Mobility.
  • Smooth and quiet workout system.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Limited tech.
  • Higher In Price.

Detailed Specifications


20″ Strides:  The stride’s length is 20 inches, which is the longest distance between the pedals and measured from the toe of the front pedal to the heel of the back pedal that brings natural running motion.

Power Incline: This sole has incline power to adjust from zero to twenty degrees. It goes forward and reverses the motion. This incline makes the workout harder and helps you target the different muscles of the body.

Resistance: It allows you to adjust the 20 levels of resistance that you can change easily as per your preference. Increasing the level of resistance of the machine makes your muscles work harder, burn calories, and use calories as fuel. 

Heart Rate Sensor: You can easily monitor the heart rate with this elliptical. The heart rate sensor present on the handlebar makes it easy to track your pulse and heart rate while doing the workout.

Chest Strap: This device comes with a wireless chest strap. You can put this on your chest; your heart rate will show on the console, which helps the user ensure you get an accurate heart rate while exercising.

Adjustable Pedal: Foot pedals are designed with a two-degree inward slope, which reduces ankle and knee stress. You can easily adjust the pedal to your liking. This device offers safety and comfort and allows you to target the different muscles of your body.

Multi-Grip Handlebars: Sole has a multi-grip handlebar. You can easily adjust the resistance and incline levels by changing the grip. You can find a comfortable position with this, which will allow you to target the upper body muscles.

Bluetooth Speakers: The console has built-in bluetooth audio speakers that allow you to listen to music by connecting your smartphone to this device.

Extra Features: It has an integrated table holder, water bottle holder, USB charging port, and is Bluetooth compatible.



The Sole Fitness  E55 is constructed with high-grade steel. Because of its robust construction, this elliptical gives more durability,y and the dimension is  66″ L. x 23″ W x 34″ H. Its weight is 214 pounds and supports the user with a max weight of 375 lbs.


It is a mechanical device that is attached to a rotating shaft that uses the conservation of angular momentum to store rotational energy. The rotating shaft opposes and moderates its own inertia momentum and provides stability. The sole has a 20-pound flywheel and a 20-inch stride length with a flywheel that provides smooth dual forward and reverse motion.


E55 trainers come with multi-grip handlebars that give many grip options. According to your comfort level, you can adjust the resistance and incline level to build different body muscles. It is designed to support you while exercising and also ensure comfortable posture, balance, and position. 


This device comes with an adjustable pedal, because the way everyone walks is not the same, so the user can easily accommodate the pedal to the way they walk. The length of the string is 20 inches and allows you to fix the pedal, which provides comfort during training. The pedal is designed on a two-degree inward slope that reduces knee and ankle stress.

Another amazing function is that it has a multi-grip handlebar, you can easily change the incline and resistance by changing the grip of the handlebar and setting that position which gives you comfort.

Console / Controls

The console has various control buttons to see your workout details during the workout. 

E55 Elliptical has a 9″ LCD screen, and 10 program options that help take each workout more effectively. It also provides relevant information and helpful feedback to the user, according to the selected program. While exercising, you grasp the handlebar and chest strap that monitors the pulse and heart rate which display on the console.

There are three rows of buttons and a jack for headphones, a USB charging port, and one for audio. Time, pace, distance, calories, and program name are shown on the screen. The incline is controlled by buttons on the console.


This sole machine has all the features that you look for in an elliptical trainer. It is made of solid steel. Moreover, the sole is one of the best trustworthy industries and is known for making top-notch trainers. 

The machine has four rear wheels that ride on heavy-duty rails that increase comfort and stability. It has 10 preset workout programs that help the users achieve different goals like fat burn, cardio, strength, and high-intensity interval training. It also provides bluetooth connectivity so you can connect phones or computers with the sole fitness app. This comes with an integrated sound system, so you can listen to music while doing a workout on this elliptical.

It comes with an adjustable pedal because not everyone walks the same way, so with this feature, you can easily adjust the pedal according to your comfort. This device has seamless integration technology, so whatever changes are being applied to a system happen without any negative impact.


Suppose you notice a faulty part in your fitness machine, or even some other problems occur. Do not be worried because you are insured for an extended period. This E55 elliptical is protected with the following warranty. 

  • Frame: lifetime.
  • Parts: 5 years.
  • Labor: 2 year.

Final Verdict​

This Sole device is the best trainer and has a sleek look, You can easily place it in a small area. It comes with various quality features like cooling fans, a tablet holder, and USB charging ports.

This is an amazing elliptical machine that has everything that fitness enthusiasts will ever need. Moreover, you can adjust the 20 levels of resistance as per your needs.

Overall it is a great fitness machine for all the users who search for a low-impact cardio machine for burning calories and strengthening their muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Is Sole E55’s stride adjustable? 

Yes, it has a 20-inch adjustable stride, which is the longest distance between the two pedals and measured from the toe of the pedal to the heel of the back pedal and provides a stress-free workout.

2. Does this elliptical come with wheels?

Yes, the Sole E55 comes with wheels, so you can easily move. You can transport this from one place to another, making it easy to lift it from behind while pulling or pushing the elliptical.

3. What is its dimension and weight?

This fitness trainer machine’s length is 66″, its height is 34″, and its width is 23″. 214 pounds is its weight, and the user weight capacity is 375 lbs. It is compatible in size, and you can easily place it in a small area.

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