Advenor Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike Review [October 2021]

Advenor Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike

Built For Users Who Want: an exercise bike with an excellent design, affordable price, amazing performance, and remarkable features for in-house use.

  • Sturdy construction.
  • Longer durability.
  • Safe and stable process.
  • It can withstand 300 pounds of weight.
  • Better comfortability.
  • Media device holder (such as Ipad).
  • Affordable price.

Advenor has been designing and producing exercise machines for 20 years. In the meantime, Advenor has served more than a million families with its indoor cycling bike offering great quality, reasonable prices, and top-tier services. This magnetic resistance equipment can be an excellent fit for you. 

Both men and women can do workout comfortably at their homes with this fitness bike cycle by adjusting the resistance levels. You will be able to use the exercise bike to perform regular workouts, reduce weight loss, and even train yourself for cycle events. Moreover, a fitness bike helps in physical therapy because of the low-impact, reliable, and effective cardiovascular workout. 

Nowadays, if you look into the market for an exercise bike, you will get a plethora of options containing various features. Based on our in-depth market research and reviews from the users, we have written an article about the Advenor Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike.  So let’s dive in and read the complete article to understand the detailed specifications of this magnetic resistance fitness equipment.

Advenor Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike Review: First Impressions​

Advenor Magnetic Bike / Fitness Bike Specifications
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Maximum Height47.24 Inches
Item Weight45.2 lbs
Resistance MechanismMagnetic
MaterialAlloy Steel
SeatAdjustable PU
Number of Resistance Levels8
Warranty12 months ( for parts)

Reasons To Buy

  • Digital LCD monitor tracks your time, speed, distance, calories burned, etc.
  • Heart rate pulse sensors let you check your heart rate.
  • Adjustable and extra large seat cushion.
  • Transportation wheels move the magnetic bike easily.
  • Easy foldability and effortless assembly. 
  • Belt drive system.
  • Lets you build muscles and reduce weight by burning fats.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Backrest is not adjustable. 
  • No Bluetooth connectivity.

Advenor Exercise Bike: Detailed Specifications​


  • Double Wide Handlebars – The folding exercise bike is equipped with foam handlebars on both the front and rear sides. It further allows the person who is working out to change his ride postures and ensure his safety. 
  • Resistance Bands – You will get two lengthy adjustable resistance bands to help with exercise your arm muscles and upper body while riding the fitness bike cycle. Additionally, resistance bands are used to improve the size, strength, and function of muscles for older persons and those undergoing a rehabilitation program. Also, the arm resistance band provides very light and heavy resistance that can target specific muscles offering to protect joints. 
  • Digital LCD Monitor – You will get a large digital LCD monitor that will keep track of your time, real-time speed, burned, odometer, distance and calories when you are riding. 
  • Heart Rate Pulse Sensors – Now, you can monitor your heart rate with the available handlebar-mounted pulse grips.
  • Flywheel – 15-pound flywheel helps keep you stable when you use the exercise bike for doing workouts. Besides, while you ride the flywheel faster, the resistance bar helps stop it so that you can imitate a road riding experience. 
  • Adjustable Seat – The adjustable seat and handlebars permit you to have the perfect and most comfortable riding experience while you use this exercise bike. 
  • Transportation Wheels – When you are not using the magnetic bike, you can easily move it somewhere else because of the availability of the transportation wheels. 
  • Space-Saving Design – You will be able to fold this fitness bike into half of the assembled size due to its compact feature. 
  • Adaptability – The substantial steel construction of this magnetic bike assists in withstanding a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Further, it fits users from 5’3″ to 6’1″.  


Advenor fitness bike is the most comfortable bike ever designed for performing workouts. This bike features a thick, extra large seat with a back support cushion and padded support handles on both sides of the seat. It makes you pedal away calories with relaxation at your home. Due to the stiffened commercial-grade steel pipe, the fitness bike gets a rock-solid construction. You can use this equipment for long-term use. 

This fitness equipment is built with an upgraded wear-resistant and rust-proof material. This material helps last the bike for a longer period of time. In addition to that, the workout bike is added with a strong upright stabilizer, and the triangular structures give you a reliable and stable process. The exercise equipment can hold up to a weight of 300 pounds. 

Ergonomic Large Seat Cushion

Ergonomics plays a tremendous role not just in our physical health but also in our mental health. The extra large seat cushion gives relief to the tailbone pressure as well as provides lumbar support and improves posture. The Poly-Urethane (PU) seat and backrest are completely padded with a thickened cushion. Further, the PU seat is entirely produced synthetically and is larger than the usual models. 

Digital Tracking Technology and Pulse Sensor

The digital tracking system and pulse sensor helps in tracking your various sports data, including real-time heart rate, speed, time, distance, scan, and calorie burn. Moreover, you will be able to watch numerous fitness training videos or your favorite shows while working out. Besides, the resistance level of this magnetic fitness bike can be effortlessly adjusted from level one to level eight by using the tension knob.

Magnetic Resistance

Magnetic resistance uses magnets to produce tension against the flywheel. Generally, direct contact resistance makes a connection with the flywheel. But in the case of magnetic resistance, the magnets do not make any contact with the flywheel. Rather, the magnetic force helps vary the resistance to bring the magnets closer or further away from the flywheel. 

The Advenor exercise bike comes with a smooth and quiet flywheel that can be controlled by using a large tension knob. You can adjust the resistance from level 1 to level 8 as per your requirements. These 8 levels of magnetic resistance provide excellent usability for all of your family members. 


You will get two major benefits at once while using this folding stationary bike. This exercise equipment lets you reduce weight as well as assists you to build muscles at the same time. Furthermore, this workout bike provides a cardio exercise combined with strength training to discard pounds and sculpt muscle. You will obtain great results within very little time. 


This folding exercise bike offers two positions, upright and reclined. You will feel like you have two workout bikes in one. Try to Pedal away in the upright position for an exceptional exercise, making sure to burn calories. On the other hand, cycle in the reclined position for a low-impact workout that gets the heart pumping and is quite easy for your knees. It is suitable for users with heights from 5’3” to 6’1”. 


When you are finished using the workout bike, you can keep it folded. This thing ultimately saves your space. Apart from that, it can be easily movable because of the built-in transportation wheels. Moreover, you can even put the fitness bike in your closet, any corner of your room, or under the bed. The Advenor folding stationary bike is an outstanding choice for all types of homes, whether you live in a bigger house with available space or in a small apartment with little space for use.

Assembly & Warranty

First of all, choose a space at your house where you want to do your workouts. Later on, you can assemble this folding stationary bike all by yourself. Just follow the detailed information on the instruction manuals. Besides, you will get a 12 months warranty for the parts.

Final Verdict

If you are really searching for a folding exercise bike to perform your everyday workouts, this bike is a superb choice. With the available arm resistance band, you can exercise your arm muscles and upper body. Plus, the LCD monitor helps you keep track of your time, speed, and many other crucial aspects. Aside from that, you will be able to move the bike effortlessly from one place to another with the help of its transportation wheels. 

Overall, its impressive features, reasonable price, excellent design makes this Advenor exercise bike fascinating and desirable among fitness lovers. Last but not least, it takes very little space because of its compact foldable feature and enables you to do the workouts comfortably with the adjustable PU seat. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. How to reset the digital monitor?

If you need to reset the digital tracking monitor, you have to click on the Control Button (the diamond shape button) and keep it pressed for more than three seconds. And all the previous data will be cleared.

2. Can the handlebars or monitor be adjusted into a more upright position to avoid leaning forward?

The position of the handlebars or monitor is fixed. So, you can not adjust it. 

3. What is the recommended minimum user height to use this Folding exercise bike?

The recommended minimum height for a user to use this bike is 5’3″.

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