Afully Indoor Exercise Bike Review [February 2023]

Afully Exercise Bike

Built For Users Who Want: a stationary bike with lots of exercises option, effortless to carry, non-slip pedal, and adjustable seat.

  • Adjustable seat.
  • Belt drive mechanism.
  • Ipad holder.
  • Low price.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • It helps in tracking the time, speed, distance, etc.
  • Offers user weight capacity up to 220 pounds. 

Whenever we talk about exercising at our home comfortably, the first thing that comes to our mind is the space used for the fitness equipment and its budget. That’s why we have gone through plenty of exercise bikes with a cost-effective price and compact size. 

This workout equipment will improve your health & fitness physically. Besides, you will be more than happy to know that the Afully cycling equipment does the job for your complete family to do exercise. Like every exercise cycling bike, you will get to perform a wide variety of workouts. This indoor equipment lets you burn fat faster, do exercise in the core muscles as well as helps you strengthen your heart. 

Today we are going to discuss the Afully Indoor Exercise Bike. In this article, we will explain all the features, design, performance, benefits, drawbacks, budget, and other aspects. Go through the entire content to decide whether the workout equipment is suitable for you or not. 

Afully Indoor Exercise Bike Review: First Impressions​

Afully Indoor exercise Bike Specifications
Weight Capacity220 lbs
Item Weight‎59.5 Pounds
Resistance MechanismFriction
MaterialAlloy Steel
Drive SystemBelt
Cage PedalsYes

Reasons To Buy

  • Alterable resistance knob.
  • Enjoyable outdoor experience at your home.
  • No need for heavy lifting or muscle strain. 
  • Better durability.
  • Higher stability.
  • Non-slipping pedals.
  • Faster assembly.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Some may dislike this indoor cycling bike due to the less weight capacity. 
  • This stationary bike is not foldable.

Afully Indoor Exercise Bike: Detailed Specifications​


  • Seat – This bike comes with an adjustable seat as well as a handlebar. 
  • Heavier Flywheel – This stationary exercise bike consists of a heavier flywheel. It assists the spin bike in retaining a steady position and provides a secure riding experience. 
  • Belt Drive system – This mechanism gives a smoother and pleasant ride compared to chain transport. 
  • Steel tube – The Afully fitness equipment has an enhanced steel tube that makes it more stable. Additionally, you can perform an exceptional aerobic exercise in a firm position. 
  • Transportation Wheels – Two transportation wheels help move the exercise machine efficiently. 
  • Double Triangular Structure – The indoor cycle bike has a double triangular stabilization system. It offers higher stability as well as gives gym enthusiasts a smoother and stabler experience for improving their health & fitness while they ride the stationary exercise bike. 
  • Water Bottle Holder – Generally, people get dehydrated while performing long cardio exercises. Because of that, Afully has built a water bottle holder with this fitness equipment. Here you can keep water as well as your other favorite beverages such as fruit juices. The bottle holder is placed at your arm’s length so that you can easily pick it up to drink whenever you feel thirsty. 
  • Cage Pedals – The indoor bike consists of cage pedals that are constructed of aluminum alloy. These pedals provide significant safety and comfort. Moreover, the adjustable covers of the pedals block your feet from slipping and offer more support while pedaling. 
  • Pure Wool Pad – Afully cycle uses pure wool. Wool helps reduce noise and does not make flavor. Plus, it gives more durability. 


Afully stationary exercise bike is built with a sturdy frame and heavy-duty flywheel. It ensures the fitness lover a good road riding feeling. Besides, with the belt-driven mechanism, you will be able to do exercise peacefully. Plus, this bike can bear a maximum user weight of 220 pounds. 

The soft and ergonomic polyurethane seat gives high comfort during training with the workout equipment. The adjustability allows several users to use this indoor cycling bike with a customized fit. Besides, you can move your seat upwards / downwards and forward / backward to fit your body quite simply. 

Now, if we talk about the safety purpose, you will get it right down to the pedals. No matter at what speed you are cycling, your feet are protected by the adjustable cage pedals. Apart from this, if there is a requirement to stop the stationary workout equipment immediately, just press the resistance bar. Also, with the water bottle within your quick reach, you can pleasantly engage in your exercise and stay hydrated. 

Resistance Mechanism

This bike offers a friction resistance system that further applies direct contact on the flywheel. Due to the contact on the flywheel, you will get your desired intensity of resistance by changing the levels. You will need to turn the tension knob to the right if you want to increase the resistance. But if you’re going to decrease the resistance for reducing the workout intensity, turn the knob to your left. Moreover, it is pretty easy to adjust your cardio exercise level with this fitness equipment. 


The Afully stationary exercise equipment consists of a soft and ergonomic polyurethane leather seat and a heavy-duty flywheel that make sure to provide sufficient safety. This fitness bike is constructed with a belt drive system that offers a smoother and quieter ride experience than the chain drive mechanism. One of the crucial benefits of using a good belt drive technology is that you can perform your exercise peacefully. Even at night or at dawn, you will not need to worry about waking your kids or your neighbors. Besides, the bike comes with a double triangular structure to offer stable performance.

Apart from these, this workout bike lets you perform exercises in your muscles, reduce your weight by burning your excess body fat, improve your heart rate and the functionality of your lungs. 

Pedal Straps

You will be getting adjustable pedal straps with this fitness bike. These pedals fit different size feet and further prevent your leg from slipping off. Suddenly, if you find the pedal straps getting loose, you can pretty easily tighten them. Suppose you get the left pedal loose, then tighten it counterclockwise. On the other hand, if you find the right pedal loose, you need to tighten it in a clockwise direction. 

LCD Monitor and Ipad Holder 

This bike provides an LCD monitor that assists in tracking your riding time, the speed at which you do cycling, the distance covered, the total amount of calories burned, and riding odometers. These parameters are prominently beneficial for keeping track of your progress. 

The exercise bike is constructed with an Ipad holder. The benefit of having this is that you can do your workouts and, at the same time, can enjoy watching your favorite web shows or movies on your Ipad or phone. Besides, you will not feel bored and can take pleasure in your privacy while doing exercises. 

Warranty and Assembly

The bike comes under a 12 months warranty. On the other hand, you can assemble the bike efficiently. But if you face difficulty in organizing the equipment, just follow the instructions given in the manual. The assembly will be done within a lesser time than you think.  

Final Verdict

With the built-in solid frame and heavy-duty flywheel, you will enjoy a magnificent riding experience. Its two transportation wheels let you relocate this fitness equipment effortlessly. In addition to that, the belt drive system provides outstanding exercise performance without making any noise. As a result, no one will be disturbed at your home and surroundings. 

The adjustable resistance lets you adjust the workout difficulty level as per your needs by turning the tension knob in the right and left positions. Two pulse sensors help you find your best pulse level to burn more calories.

All in all, the exercise bike comes at a reasonable price and will be an excellent choice to add in your home gym. Aside from this, your bike’s parts are insured with a one year warranty. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Is the Afully Indoor cycling Bike foldable?

No, this cycling bike is not foldable. You have to keep it as a whole. Well, try to put it in a place that you do not use frequently. Moreover, it fits within a small area. 

2. How do I adjust the resistance?

Turn the red “Stop” tension knob clockwise to your right for increasing the resistance. And turn it to your left in a counter-clockwise direction for decreasing the resistance. 

3. How to assemble the seat on this indoor cycling bike?

First of all, you have to place the seat cushion horizontally. Then make sure the nuts are tightened enough. After that, you have to turn the two screws under the seat in opposite directions and adjust the black patch angle to the right side. Finally, tighten the nuts at both ends, and the seat is ready to use. 

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