Keiser M3i Indoor Cycling Bike Review [February 2023]

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle​

Built For Users Who Want: Durable and sturdy fitness equipment that can be adjusted to different user height.

  • Industry’s First V-Shape Frame.
  • Bluetooth-enabled Interactive Cycling.
  • Greater Comfort, Easier To Use.
  • Polar Heart Rate Monitor.
  • 300 lbs Weight Limit.
  • Less Maintenance, Longer Bike Life.
  • Designed To Fit Any Rider.

If you are looking for the quietest and the most feature packaged indoor cycle, look no further. This M3i is for you. This exercise cycle was the first to feature a Bluetooth wireless computer to allow the riders to connect to the online platforms.

It is worth considering for commercial use or gym use. You can also download workout statistics via an app from the computer to either their smartphone or tablet. Moreover, it is very innovative, especially in the testing of the accuracy of its power. It is the first exercise bike to clear the EN ISO 20957-1 certification.

This certification assures that you’ll get the right feedback related to the workout in + 10%. It is suitable for Gym owners, Elite cyclists, and Indoor cycling instructors. It is one of the best commercial-quality spin bikes.

Although it comes with a hefty price tag, you can take advantage of Amazon’s great Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle deal and get this cycle together with many accessories.

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycling Bike Review: First Impressions​

Keiser M3i Spin Bike Specifications
ResistanceMagnetic, 24-levels
Drive SystemBelt
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Q-Factor197 mm
FootprintH 45″ x W 26″ x L 49″
Foot Levelers4 Points
BluetoothStandard 4.0
Heart RatePolar chest strap
FlyWheel8 lbs
User HeightMin 4.10″ / Max 6.7″
PedalsCage integrated into pedal

Reasons To Buy

  • Adjustable seat is comfortable and adjustable Pull Pin.
  • Handlebars can be adjusted in 4 ways.
  • Assembly process is easy.
  • Transport wheels for easy relocation.
  • Excellent warranty is offered on this fitness equipment.
  •  Magnetic resistance for smooth & quiet operations.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Expensive.
  • No preset workout programs.

Keiser M3i Indoor Bike: Detailed Specifications

The M3i is the world’s most widely used fleet of indoor bikes. It includes multi-position handlebars, industrial grade pedals with integrated cages and a data monitor. This indoor bike is a favorite choice for exercising with spin like instruction at top gyms.


  • Resistance: The bike comes with 24 magnetic level resistance, which is perfect for any range of cycling – intense, medium, or easy training. It ensures no parts touch the flywheel, and the transition between gears is quiet
  • Caged Pedals: It has re-designed pedals that are very comfortable. You can workout using normal athletic shoes or cycling shoes as the pedal comes with both the SPD and the cage.
  • Touchscreen: It comes with an LED that has a light sensor at its top. This turns on in dark areas and if the room is well lit, it will stay off and ensures the battery lasts longer.
  • Flywheel: It comes with a Flywheel of 8 pounds and is made of steel. Keiser ensures that the rider gets the most natural ride in their M3i fitness equipment.
  • Adjustable Saddle: Its seat can be replaced easily and comfortably compared to other indoor bikes. It can be adjusted as per the height of the user. Just adjust the levelers which are behind the seat. The rider can adjust in different ways – forward/aft, up and down.
  • Water Bottle Holder: This cycle has a bottle rack that has been conveniently fixed to the frame that makes it relatively easy for the rider to get hydrated while working out.
  • Handlebars: It has ergonomic shape handlebars that don’t place a lot of strain on the back. Moreover, it gives a good view of the tablet/phone screen when kept on the tray. You can adjust it in four different ways to suit your distinct heights.
  • Bluetooth: It is the first spin bike that features Bluetooth technology. You can create your profile on compatible applications and save all your workout statistics on it.

Accessories Included

  • One set of AA batteries for LCD.
  • Wireless Polar Strap.
  • Assembly and maintenance tools.
  • Floor protection indoor cycling mat.


keiser M3i bike design

The spin bike is used by gyms for indoor cyclic classes. It is designed to work with different sized users from 4-foot, 10 to 7-foot and up to 350 pounds. They are quite popular for the quality and durability.


This exercise cycle has a sleek and modern design. Its V-Shape design and the rear flywheel are the most eye-catching. The perfectly designed footprints of the bike help to keep the bike and rider steady even during the intense exercise.

The material used in the frame is heavy-duty steel and aluminum. It has dark black and shiny red color and strength design that can attract even those who don’t do the spinning workout. Moreover, its V-pattern frame helps to get on and off the cycle easily.

You can adjust the frame in a few seconds, lose the knobs and raise or lower both the handlebars and seat. It is a real deal-breaker with its 4-way adjustable handlebars, especially for cyclists taller or shorter than average.

It sports a rust-resistant design due to stainless steel hardware and a rear-mounted flywheel, which keeps its important parts out of the sweat zone.


The heavier flywheels are smoother because the extra weight builds momentum and reduces the chances of your pedal strokes. It uses a belt drive – this means that a belt is used rather than a chain to connect the pedals to the flywheel. Belts are favored by chains since they are quieter and need less maintenance. Belts are generally found on higher-end indoor bikes as they cost a little more.


It has the ability to monitor and upload your performance and display everything riders need to know when working out.


Both saddles and handlebars are adjustable to deliver comfortable positioning. It gives you the freedom to adjust the height and fore/aft positions. The handlebars are also multi-grip that makes it easier for you to find a comfortable position. It stimulates the on-road riding experience that will also be smooth and quiet.


It has 24 levels of magnetic resistance system for all cycling ranges, while most indoor cycle has less than 20 levels. The M series bikes feature Eddy Current Magnetic, which means nothing comes in contact with the flywheel.

It is quiet and smooth since no parts touch each other. The more tension you give the cycle, the more surface of the flywheel gets covered by the magnets. The gear level is displayed at the bottom left corner of the LCD that is a unique and useful feature.


This indoor cycle is one of the technologically advanced spin cycles. Its comfort ratio makes M3i a worthy choice for those who want to maintain their activity level and keeping up the day’s work.


M3i Comfort

It boasts the latest revolutionary re-designed pedals for a better and more comfortable experience. Keiser introduces curved crank arms for a better fit and extra-durable Shimano pedals in their M3i indoor cycling bike. They offer ample space for any type of rider footwear, including wide gym shoes, and maintains proper distance for wider hips.

  • The curvature of the pedals matches shoe design and eliminates pressure points on the user’s foot.
  • It supports easily accessible SPD tension adjustment.
  • Features flexible and strong axle design, which evenly distributes stress load.
  • Its Re-angled SPD clip position provides good clearance between the cage and the ground when using the SPD clips.
  • It has stronger bearings tested for dynamic and static loads experienced when the user gets on, off, and rides the bike.
  • Ramped barbs enable secure foot placement without insertion difficulty.

Handles and Seat

Some exercise bikes can be uncomfortable, but with the completely adjustable handles and seat, you didn’t have any problem. Infact the seat has a four-way adjustment and can be raised or lowered and moved forward or back to help you find the perfect position. The handles do the same and are comfortable to use whether you are sitting or standing. 


The big advantage of this indoor bike is the ability to monitor and upload your performance. Simple computer display – thus, zero need for you to fiddle with them. It displays everything riders need to know when working out.

keiser M3i Console

The display comes with a light sensor at the top of the console. It turns ‘ON’ only when low-ambiance light is detected. If the room light is enough to read the numbers without the backlit, then it stays off. It is a great feature for long battery life.

It Displays accurate and immediate numbers, as proven by its TUV certification of power accuracy and safety EN957-1. Furthermore, it is simple to read and deliver all the required data as follows:

  • RPM (Revolutions Per Minute): It amounts to how many times you pedal a complete circle within a minute. It represents the speed at which the user is cycling and is also known as cadence.
  • Heart Rate: When the heart rate monitor is detected, the heart symbol will begin to blink, and a pulse rate value will be displayed. The pulse rate strap should be Gym Link Compatible and preferably H1 or H7.
  • Watts and KCAL: It tells riders how much power they are generating. The display alternates between watts and calories burned every few seconds.
  • Elapsed Time: It displays the total time spent cycling and rests to zero if there are more than 60 seconds of inactivity.
  • Odometer: This is for maintenance purposes. When you start pedaling, it shows the trip distance the bike has ever been ridden. After 8 secs have passed, the computer will indicate the distance the user has ridden during the workout.
  • Current Gear: The gear bike is set on and shown at all times, ranging from 1 to 24. It makes it easier to adjust resistance after an interval.
  • Calculations: Average power, cadence, and RPM are shown on the computer after every interval is finished.
  • 60 Seconds: When you stop pedaling for 60sec, the workout data automatically resets to zero.

There are four latest features on this M3i console-

  • Bike ID# set up
  • Interval exercise set up
  • Bluetooth for data storage
  • Mile and kilometer set up

Interval Training

To begin an interval, starting from high gear, drop the shifter handle to gear 1 for one-fourth of a second and lift it to high speed immediately. “inL #” will display that confirms the interval has started.

To end the interval, repeat the above steps. When the interval ends, it displays “inL End.”

Setup Process

Before you begin, take a look at the manual to make sure you have all to tools to setup, once you get all the tools. Manage to put it together on your own.


This fitness equipment arrives partially assembled. The main portion you have to assemble is the flywheel, crank arms, frame, console, and the pedals. The entire process requires around 2 hours. Make sure to follow the manual step by step and put it together. If you fail to follow the instructions, the warranty doesn’t cover the future damages.


  • 3 year all-inclusive (except labor and wearable parts)
  • 90 Days wearable parts (cage, pedal strap, seat upholstery)


The monitor is compatible with chest strap and Bluetooth. It can sync with your favorite fitness apps for data tracking. Keiser has their own free fitness app you can use as well.

The handlebars don’t have pulse sensors. To see the heart rate, you need to wear a polar strap that is not included with the bike. You have to fit it externally.

According to Keiser, some of the apps that supports this bike:

  • Keiser M3 Series Pro apps (iOS and Android)
  • Empowered BeTested (Android)
  • Ride Buddy Buckets (iOS)
  • GOInd (iOS)
  • Empowered BeTrained (Android)

Final Verdict​

After taking a close look at Keiser M3i spin bike, it’s clear that why this bike seems at the top of everyone’s “best of” list. The design and appeal of the M3i are worth $2000. It weighs 85 lb and has two silicon wheels that make it easy to move around in the gym or house.

Overall, if it is in your budget, this exercise bike is a high-end machine that can take your fitness to the next level. Its dimensions are compact and allow the user to store it without the need for a lot of space.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is the difference between M3 and M3i?

M3 is the standard model of magnetic resistance indoor bike. It features a 4-way seat adjustment and a vertical handlebar adjustment. On the other side, M3i includes Bluetooth wireless technology and 4-way adjustment handlebar.

2. Does the M3i spin bike include a media shelf?

Yes, it includes a standard media tray and stretch-pads for pre & post-ride stretching.

3. What are the maintenance tips for the M3i indoor cycle?

  • Wipe off the sweat after each session
  • Check and re-torque crank arms and pedals, weekly for the 1st month
  • Clean with warm water and a soft towel, weekly
  • Check the console for low battery life, weekly (pedal until the computer “wakes up”. If the battery is low, a “LO-BA” will be displayed)
  • Wax those areas most in contact with sweat, monthly
  • Lubricate adjustment handle threads, monthly

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