LifeSpan R5i Recumbent Bike Review [February 2023]

LifeSpan R5i Recumbent Bike

Built For Users Who Want: a recumbent exercise bike with a self-generating power system, easy mobility, quickset buttons, flexible armrests and seat.

  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • 40 exercise programs, including weight loss, active living, etc.
  • Compatibility with the LifeSpan Club app.
  • Supports a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds.
  • Convenient usability with several quickset buttons. 
  • Great warranty service.

LifeSpan is not a new name when it comes to exercise bikes. They make pretty high-quality recumbent bikes with lots of features and specifications. Today we will write an article on the LifeSpan R5i Recumbent Bike. 

The R5i stationary recumbent exercise bike is a unique combination of comfort and durability, with the quality to support home and commercial use. As various people are getting attracted to working out at their home, we will discuss that. You will get to perform your exercises with an ultimately comfortable oversized molded seat bottom, ventilated seat back, and extra lumbar support. The seat also contains full armrests with heart rate sensors that help you check your heart rate regularly. 

This LifeSpan self-generating exercise bike generates its own power, making it environment-friendly and convenient. It results in letting you move the bike around without any concern of wiring or locating it near a power outlet. 

Let’s get started to move towards a healthier version of you with the R5i stationary exercise bike from LifeSpan. But before purchasing the fitness equipment, go through our full review. It will help you decide whether this bike is worth buying or not.

LifeSpan R5i Recumbent Bike Review: First Impressions​

LifeSpan R5i Recumbent Bike Specifications
Weight Capacity400 lbs
Dimensions70″ x 27.5″ x 44.5″ (L x W x H)
DisplayMulti-color LCD
Resistance MechanismMagnetic
Resistance Levels16
Heart Rate MonitorContact grips
Workout Programs40
Power SourceSelf Powering
Bluetooth ConnectionYes
Flywheel Weight18
WarrantyLifetime (Frame), 5 Years (Parts), 2 Years (Labor)

Reasons To Buy

  • Oversized and molded-foam seat cushion.
  • Adjustable and breathable backrest.
  • Molded armrests with integrated heart rate sensors.
  • The recumbent exercise bike produces its own power, saving electricity.
  • The transportation wheels assist the bike in relocating easily.
  • Magnetic eddy current resistance system provides noiseless operation.
  • Requires low maintenance.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Chest strap is not included. You have to purchase it separately.
  • When you use the tablet holder, it can block your console.

R5i Exercise Bike: Detailed Specifications


  • Display Area – With the multi-colored LCD, users will be able to monitor simultaneous readouts, such as exercise program name and profile, other personal data, etc. 
  • 40 onboard programs – You will get a total of 34 preset programs, among which there are 10 for weight management, 10 for healthy living, and 14 for sports training. Besides, you are provided with 4 heart rate programs and 2 custom user programs. Getting a variety of programs, performing workouts becomes enjoyable, and you won’t have to repeat the same workout routine in a month. 
  • Heart Rate Monitor – You can monitor your heart condition with the Contact grip sensors. 
  • Easy Usability – This LifeSpan exercise bike is effortless to use. You will be provided with large and soft-touch keys with options like start, enter, up/down arrow keys, and QuickSet button. 
  • User Weight – Even if you are a heavyweight person, this bike can hold your weight. It can bear a weight of up to 400 pounds (181.4 kg). 
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – You can easily transfer your exercise results via Bluetooth to LifeSpan’s active Trac app that supports Google fit and Apple health. On the other hand, you can even share the data in the Club fitness app. 
  • Transport Wheel – Two front-mounted wheels assist in the effortless mobility of the bike and storage. 
  • Bottle Holding Place – There is a small bottle holder under the console. You can conveniently put the bottle in the holder to stay hydrated during workouts. 
  • Tablet Holder – With this option, you can keep your tablet on the console and watch whatever you like while performing exercises. 
  • Self-operating Power Mechanism – The R5i bike creates its own power that helps run all the electronic parts, resulting in having no power cords or batteries. 

LifeSpan R5i Bike


The R5i bike is designed with a sturdy steel material to accommodate users up to 400 pounds. Plus, this recumbent bike is 70 inches long, 27.5 inches wide, and 44.5 inches high. You will get the recumbent exercise bike in black color, and it also has two front-mounted transport wheels for easy mobility and storage. Further, as the workout bike generates power without any electrical cord or battery, you can place it even in an area without any electrical plugs. 


Flywheels are essential in a workout bike as these are responsible for offering resistance during working out. At the same time, heavier flywheels are preferred for getting a smoother performance. The additional weight provides more momentum and bars hiccups or turbulence between strokes. In general, recumbent bikes contain a flywheel from 13 to 20 pounds. Nevertheless, the R5i fitness machine operates on an 18 pounds flywheel that is sufficient for low-impact workouts. But if you aim to perform high-intensity exercises, you should go for the spin bikes, having 40-50 pounds weight. 


Once you’re ready to ride, this stationary exercise cycle delivers a smooth and quiet pedaling even when you’re pushing yourself during a hill climb or interval program. Moreover, the bike is relatively lightweight and can be moved whenever required. It is a good option for those who want the benefits of cardio exercises as well as strength training on a low-impact recumbent bike. Users get great performance with more features like a device holder, bottle holder, easy-to-navigate buttons, etc. 


One of the main benefits of having magnetic resistance is that it is pretty quiet. You will not disturb anyone at your home while exercising. Plus, this sort of bike requires low maintenance as it does not use any friction pads. 

Resistance Levels

You will get 16 levels of resistance with the R5i fitness machine that is enough to match your body’s training needs. It helps in toning the muscles or increasing your metabolism. With the digital quick console button, you can adjust the levels as per your needs. 

Self-Generating Power System 

Unlike most exercise bikes, the R5i has an integrated self-generating power technology that provides power to all the electronic parts of the equipment. As a result, you will not require any power cord or battery. Plus, you are free from the tension of replacing the battery every couple of months if it gets defective. You can easily keep the bike anywhere at your home, even if there is no electrical socket. 

Heart Rate Monitoring 

It is always the best thing to check your heart condition. If you get a weak heart, you may collapse while doing workouts. So you should regularly monitor it. With the Contact heart rate sensors located on the armrests, you can check your heartbeat rate. Moreover, this exercise equipment lets you check your heart condition wirelessly through a chest strap receiver. But you have to buy it separately because it is not included with the bike. 


An exercise bike will be able to provide the best possible workouts if it fits every rider properly. Moreover, it needs to allow for a good range of motion in the seat, whether your height is short or tall. In order to achieve this feat, LifeSpan has designed the R5i workout equipment with a flexible backrest for suitable ergonomic positioning. The users also will be able to keep their arms on the office-chair style armrests, eliminating any stress on the neck and shoulders. Apart from that, this equipment provides good comfortability if you experience low-back pain. No matter your size or sitting preference, the R5i fitness machine can be adjusted to your perfect fit. 

LifeSpan R5i Bike

Console / Controls

  • LCD – The console includes an LCD screen. It lets you check the program name, date and time, workout time, calories burned, RPM, distance traveled, heartbeat rate, resistance level, and watts. By viewing these workout metrics, you can understand your fitness progress. So if you are lacking, you can increase the time to achieve your goal. 
  • Tablet / Phone Holder – You will be able to watch your favorite shows from Netflix or Amazon Prime, as well as can watch exercise videos on your tablet or mobile while doing workouts. 

Exercise Programs

This LifeSpan bike is a remarkable choice for all fitness levels and aged persons. It includes plenty of easily navigated workout programs explicitly designed to help you meet your health and fitness goals. The programs are grouped under Weight Loss, Sports Training, and Active Living. Aside from that, users will be getting 4 heart rate training programs, such as Interval Heart Rate and Constant Heart Rate, two for each. Suppose you happen to want a program that doesn’t come standard, and you can set up your own custom program from one of the two Customer User Program options. In total, there will be forty workout programs.

LifeSpan Club App Compatibility 

It is a newly made fitness application from LifeSpan. It has been created to help consumers reach their fitness goals. They just have to connect the app via Bluetooth from their R5i bike to get the whole exercise data. This app allows tracking the total time spent, burned calories, rpm, or distance traveled so that you can see your progress after each workout session. 

Setup Process

You will get this recumbent bike with an assembly manual like every fitness machine. Before setting up your equipment, make sure to at least go through the whole manual. It will help you understand how you should assemble your bike. Take one person with you to assist, and you will complete the setup process conveniently. 


Everyone looks for the warranty details if they have made up their mind about purchasing something. It’s like saving plenty of bucks. Suppose you have bought an exercise machine, and within a few months, one or more parts start giving problems, then generally either you have to repair the parts or buy. It will cost you either low or lumpsum, depending on the accessories. But if you have your product under warranty, the brand will cover all the expenses. In this case, the workout equipment comes with the following warranties.

  • Frame – Lifetime.
  • Parts – 5 years.
  • Labor – 2 years. 

Final Verdict

The LCD monitor helps you check all the workout statistics precisely, resulting in monitoring your daily progress. Besides, the 18 pounds flywheel is sufficient for performing low-impact training. With the 16 levels of resistance and 40 remarkable built-in programs, users can perform different exercises every day and challenge themselves with the higher workout intensity. The adjustable molded-seat and backrest offer excellent comfortability. 

Whether you are looking to reduce weight, improve your cardio fitness level, or simply want to add some activity to your day, this LifeSpan recumbent exercise machine is capable of accomplishing your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What are the benefits of recumbent bikes?

A recumbent bike allows you to exercise your thighs, calves, and glute muscles with less strain. Furthermore, this bike puts less stress on your joints as well. As a result, people with arthritis get many advantages. In addition, it is easier to balance on and sit with comfort. This type of bike also features a broader and lower seat than upright bikes. 

2. Does this fitness equipment generate its own power?

Yes, this equipment generates its power when you pedal. So, you will not need any electrical socket near it. The power created by this bike is used to run the electronic parts. 

3. Is the back seat adjustable?

Yes, the entire seat is adjustable, from the front to the back. Additionally, the backrest adjustment allows it to recline the back approximately 45-60 degrees. 

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