NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle Review [February 2023]

NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle

Built For Users Who Want: High-end machine with innovative features.

  • 22″ High Definition touchscreen with clear graphics.
  • Choose any outdoor route via Google Maps.
  • One-year free subscription to iFit.
  • High strength fan.
  • Built-in water bottle holder.
  • 350 lbs Weight Limit.

S22i is one of the best exercise bikes with innovative technologies. It has a motor that will tilt the bike up to reach a +20% incline and angle it down to a -10% decline.

This fitness machine can stream LiveCast videos filmed at the iCoach spin studio. NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle lets you cycling in virtual outdoor environments; Pedal with Google Maps Terrain views and synchronized incline changes.

Throughout iFit workouts, your trainer automatically adjusts your bike to match their instructions and fully immersing you in the class. Below are the details about iFit Coach workouts, functionality, and the free warranty.

NordicTrack S22i Exercise Bike Review: First Impressions​

NordicTrack S22i Exercise Bike Specifications
Weight Capacity350 lbs
Decline / Incline-10% to + 20%
Display22″ Smart HD Touchscreen
Number of Programs35
Dimension55.0″ x 21.9″ x 56.9″
SeatPadded Saddle
Resistance Levels24
Heart RateWireless
FlyWheels32 lbs

Reasons To Buy

  • 22″ high definition touchscreen.
  • Quite magnetic flywheel system.
  • Adjustable padded saddle.
  • Set of 3lbs dumbbell for upper body exercise.
  • 32 pounds flywheels.
  • Two water bottle holders.
  • iPod compatible sound system.
  • Two fans are placed under the screen with four power settings.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Difficult to assemble.
  • Requires iFit Coach memberships for 12 months.

Detailed Specifications​


  • +20% Incline to -10% Decline: The bike tilts up and down to match the grade of your ride. It increases training variables as you can combine resistance, incline, and speed to more significant climbing challenges. The best thing is the combination of incline feature and 24 resistance levels.
  • 32lbs FlyWheel: It regulates flywheel motion, so the pedal stroke is smooth throughout the rotation. It helps to avoid any jerky, downward momentum in the flywheel and pull your feet forward.
  • Adjustable Handlebars: Its handlebars can adjust up and down on the handlebar post knob. It should be the same height as your saddle. Experienced cyclists can set the handlebars lower, decreasing torso angle. 
  • Touchscreen Controls: It features QuickTouch Controls on the extension grips so that you can easily manipulate resistance, incline, and decline on the touch screen. It has +/- and <> buttons, so the screen display is excellent for instant readouts.
  • 3 Adjustment points to fit most size riders: Its seat can adjust forward or after with a carriage knob. Moreover, the saddle steam can move up and down.
  • Silent Magnetic Resistance: The magnet is situated adjacent to the flywheel to create frictionless resistance. It has 24 levels of resistance. When using an onboard program or iFit, the resistance will automatically adjust for you.
  • One iFit free year subscriptions: NordicTrack consists of a family plan package of iFit free for the first year. After that, iFit costs $15 per month for one user and $33 per month for upto five users. You require a WiFi connection to run iFit.
  • Compact design: It is a fantastic machine that is 55.0″ long by 21.9″ wide.
  • Dual fans: There are two fans attached at the bottom of the screen. It produces good airflow and is situated at just-right height.


The fans are attached below the screen and produce great airflow. You can adjust the direction of a fan by tilting the screen.

  • Two 3lbs weights are included with the bike. These rest on a tray in between the screen and handlebars.
  • There are two storage cups positioned underneath the handlebars and screen. You can place a medium-sized bottle or other accessories.


This S22i Studio Bike design resembles a spin bike. Its handlebars are designed to be in line with the saddle. Handlebars on these stationary bikes are forward parallel to the floor, so the riders lean forward while riding.

NordicTrack S22i Design

It features a 25″ span between the seat tube and the head tube. Its spam will decrease if you pull the seat forward, while it will increase when you raise the seat.

There are 19 inches from the center of the pedal crank to the center of the flywheel. It’s 14″ from the center of the pedal crank to the floor.

Frame: Its base, stabilizers, and posts are all steel. The handlebars are coated with a soft grip material. It has black plastic molding that protects intersecting joints and post shafts.

Drives train is quiet, and the wire and cables are internal. Moreover, the frame is solid for a bike that pivots up and down.

There are three adjustment points that are well designed. It helps different size riders find a proper bike fit.

  • Its forward/aft adjustment on the seat carriage moves the saddle forward and back.
  • It has an up/down adjustment in the handlebar post that lifts the handlebars to the proper height. Do not set handlebars so low that your diaphragm is restricted.
  • It’s Up/Down adjustment via stem post lifts and lowers the seat carriage.

32 Pounds FlyWheel

The flywheel on this bike is 32 pounds that is a good weight for a home-use indoor studio cycle. Usually, a heavy FlyWheel creates a smoother movement and better resistance on a stationary bike.

The best thing is that it has an inertia improved flywheel and magnetic resistance. It can create fluid motion with minimal noise and ample resistance.



This resistance is usually found on high-end models because of the materials and mechanics involved. The benefits are:

NordicTrack S22i Performance
  • This indoor cycle is practically silent since there is no friction. The flywheel does not make noise while braking or spinning.
  • There is no need to replace parts because there are no brake pads or friction points on the flywheel or belt.
  • The resistance can calibrate and be measured. This allows the S22i to offer a 24 resistance level that is always the same. 

It comes with 22 resistance levels that provide enough range on this bike. Its resistance creates a heavy pushback on the pedals. Moreover, the resistance can adjust on the QuickTouch control on the bar grip or the touchscreen.

Incline/Decline Range

The motor on the rear stabilizer lifts and lowers the bike frame to simulate real hills and descents. It enhances calories burned rate when combined with resistance as it makes the Workout more challenging.

Noise Level

When pedaling, it is remarkably silent. Its resistance does not create much noise at all while pedaling or braking.

However, its motor is noisy when the bike adjusts incline and decline, but that is not constant or too loud.



S22I Comfort

In an indoor bike, you need a narrow, slightly padded seat with a smooth surface to prevent moisture build-up. Its narrow design allows the legs to move freely with each pedal rotation without too much thigh friction from the saddle itself.

The plus point is that its saddle can replace with any compatible bike seat. It includes pedals that have a flat surface with cages for a secure foothold. Pedals can swap out of clipless pedals if you want. Further it is compatible with road bike pedals and seat.


They have a horizontal grip bar, tri-position resting loop, and grip bar extensions that angle on either side. It is coated with a spongy grip material that is soft on hands and arms. The design and comfort of handlebars offer good positioning while riding.



It features a 22″ touchscreen that is large and impressive. It sits 12″ behind the handlebars. This makes you feel like you are in the class or on the road with a trainer.

S22i Console

It rotates side to side and pivots up/down so that you can find the right height and angle. This feature makes it so you can see the screen regardless of height. You can do iFit exercise off the bike and rotate the screen for easy view.

Its display is crisp, and you can adjust the settings to get a better resolution. Select the main menu icon and go down to equipment settings. From these settings, you can increase or decrease brightness and choose your resolution level.

It comes with settings for a moderate speed and internet connection. If you find the video buffering or lagging, turn the resolution down.


The touchscreen capabilities on the commercial S22i making navigating the bike and onboard program easy and intuitive. The screen is easy to reach while seated in the saddle.

Moreover, you can use the touchscreen to change the incline and resistance or toggle through display options.

  • It enhances the functionality by ringing the touch controls within easy reach.
  • You can adjust resistance, incline, volume, screen settings, salt readout, etc.
  • The speakers are present on the back of the screen.

Preset Workouts Programs 

It offers s35 preset workouts that include manual workouts, Intervals, Strength, Training, Speed, Global Cycling, Cross Training, etc.

NordicTrack Console
  • Manual Workouts: You can manually adjust the resistance and incline to create your Workout.
  • Maps: Choose from a wide range of full-colour map images from anywhere from lake Como or Italy to the beach of Cambodia. It displays a street view, a map view, satellite, and rotate. The bike adjusts settings to match the geography of each location.
  • Interval, Speed, Calories Burn: These pre-programmed workouts display a graph of the overall routine.
  • Featured Workout of the day: It displays google Maps locations featured for that day.

iFit Studio

NordicTrack includes iFit free for one year with up to five profiles. It offers over 16,000 impressive options, and the graphics on outdoor rides are unmatched. It provides world-class services.

Personal Trainer LED Cycling Classes

These classes are filmed in a studio with a trainer on a bike in front of you. It includes class options like HIIT, Intervals, hill climb, sprint sessions, etc.

Final Verdict

This S22i is the best indoor exercise bike engineered by the group to provide extensive training on an indoor bike. It offers great customer service.

Its 22″ HD monitor along with uphill/downhill slope to make the most of iFit cycling workouts. It is an amazing option for alternating between gym-style training and scenic outdoor tours. It gives 1-year labor and a 3-year part warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Can you use this bike without an iFit Subscription?

You can use this S22i without an iFit membership. Best in all, it includes 1-year NordicTrack iFit coach membership.

2. Is there Heart Rate Monitoring on this S22i bike?

Yes, there is a heart rate monitor feature. It allows you to train in your target heart zone and monitor your pulse readouts on the display.

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