ProForm 235 CSX Recumbent Exercise Bike Review – [January 2021]

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Built For Users Who Want: a smooth belt drive and motorized magnetic resistance system for good workout experience.

ProForm Recumbent Bike

ProForm 235 CSX Recumbent Exercise Bike​

  • Oversized adjustable cushioned seat and backrest
  • Three panel LCD console with blue LED backlit
  • Smooth and Silent Belt Drive.
  • Adjustable stabilizers on the rear base
  • 18 digital resistance levels
  • Pulse hear rate sensors integrated into the front handlebars
  • Ipod compatible audio system.

ProForm is a leading brand for home treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, and other fitness equipment. This recumbent bike from ProForm looks good in grey with white and red bits. It is easy to use and lower impact on joints. Also, it offers lumbar back support during a low or high impact workout.

It has an SMR silent automatic resistance system with 18 levels and 14 lbs flywheel for comfort and smooth riding. This may help you challenge and motivate yourself while you’re on the exact training workout. Furthermore, its seat features smooth glide adjustment, and the pedals are ergonomically positioned for ideal body placement.

The 235-CSX has a step-thru design that makes it safer and ideal for recovery training. It provides you with various health benefits. You can work out on this exercise bike without being fatigued and risking injury or stress on your knees, muscles, and bones. It is the best choice at an affordable price for seniors and beginners.

ProForm 235 CSX Recumbent Exercise Bike Review: First Impressions​

ProForm 235 CSX Recumbent Exercise Bike

Technical Specifications
Weight Capacity275 lbs
DisplayLarge LCD Window
HandlebarsRecumbent (with pulse sensors)
Footprint56″ x 24″ x 44″
ResistanceEddy Current, 18 levels
PedalsWith Strap
Heart RateGrip Monitor
Warranty7 years frame and 90 days parts
Flywheel14 lbs

The Good

  • Three panel LCD console window that is easy to read.
  • 2″ layer of foam in seat and backrest gives extra comfort.
  • StepThru design makes getting on and off the bike easier.
  • Weighted pedals with adjustable straps.
  • Silent eddy current resistance system with 18 tension levels.
  • 18 workout apps designed by a personal trainer to reach your fitness goals.
  • Front-mounted transport wheels make moving the bike easier.
  • A built-in dual grip monitor keeps you in your target zone.

The Bad

  • The front handlebar is too low for user height above 5’8.

Detailed Features​

  • Flywheel: It is inertia enhanced flywheel, which means most of its weight is placed in its perimeter to give a more consistent momentum and a steadier motion. It weighs 14 lbs that is a mid-range weight for a recumbent bike.
  • Recumbent Frame: It sports a comfortable recumbent frame that places you in an inclined position during your workout.
  • Watts Power Meter: You can track your training intensity like the pros with a power meter for the purest indication of cycling performance.
  • EKG Grip Pulse Sensor: Maximize your cardio workout with heart rate training. With an in-built grip pulse sensor, it keeps you in the heart rate zone.
  • Adjustable Seat: Its oversized seat with better cushioning gives you a comfortable riding experience. You can easily alter it to find the perfect fit.
  • Water Bottle Holder: Stay hydrated during your workout by keeping your water bottle close with a convenient holder.
  • Seat and Handlebars: It features ergonomic seat with a 2″ layer of foam padding. The handlebars have a rubberized grip for more comfort.
  • Max User Weight: This exercise CSX bike accommodates up to 275 lbs user weight.
  • Sound system: It comes with an auxiliary audio port that allows you to listen to your entertainment at a higher volume.
  • Warranty: ProForm provides 7 years frame warranty and 90 days Parts and Labor warranty.
  • Display: Its large LCD window display for your workout stats, such as speed, distance, calorie burn, heart rate, time, and watts.

In-Depth Review​


The 235 CSX Recumbent bike comes with a sturdy steel frame, and it can uphold user weight up to 275 pounds. The frame’s base, along with frame seat and console mast, features a corrosion-resistant black paint finish. Some parts have plastic construction, such as covering of resistance system and the console’s casing.

The weight of the bike is 100 lbs, which adds quiet stability. Moreover, its rear base bar has a set of adjustable levelers, and its front base has rotating caps. It works like transport wheels and makes transportation easy.

Step-Thru Design

This feature is quite useful for users with disabilities. The design makes it easy for the recovery patients or older people to have easy access to the seat.


It has an eddy current resistance system that consists of a small servo motor and a magnetic brake. Its console requires a 4 D type batteries to function that aren’t included. You can adjust the resistance with +/- buttons on the console. When you adjust the resistance, the servo motor changes the magnetic brake position with the flywheel. It increases or decreases the intensity of the internal magnetic field.

From 1-3, lower tension levels give little pedal tension meant for users with disabilities or users who need recovery training. And 17-18 resistance levels, simulate a steep climb and allows to perform the more intense cardio workout and leg muscle burn.

Drive System

This recumbent bike has a heavy-duty poly-v belt drive system in its internal transmission. It is stretch resistant and durable enough to last for a long time. Furthermore, it has three main advantages:

  • It needs no lubrication
  • Generate less vibration than a chain
  • It provides almost completely silent drive

Also, the crankset boasts a solid steel crank arms. Since this is a recumbent bike, it isn’t built for standing up on the pedals. Its pedals are weighted and feature a non-slip surface. There are adjustable straps that help to secure your feet during cycling.

Seat and Handlebars

It comes with an ergonomic seat and backrest. They are well padded with a 2″ layer of foam padding and durable vinyl upholstery.

With its adjusting seat, you can move it forward or backwards on its rail and lock it in the desired position with the lever on the right side.

There are two sets of handlebars one attached to the seat and one attached to the console mast. These are non-adjustable and have rubberized grips for extra comfort and a firm grip. Its front handlebars also have an integrated pulse sensor.

The only drawback is the placement of front handlebars. This bike isn’t suitable for 5’8″ or taller users.

Preset Workout Programs

There are 18 preset programs in its console’s memory, divided into categories – Watts workouts and Calorie workouts.

It focuses on resistance and watts and has its own button on the console. On the other hand, calorie workouts aim at tension and speed. When you select a preset workout, this exercise bike will auto-adjust the resistance depending on each program segment.


Proform 235 CSX

The ProForm recumbent bike features an impressive console with an LCD screen that has an LED backlight. The display screen is divided into three main sections:

  • Its top section tracks speed (RPM), power in watts, and the heart rate when you touch the handlebar sensors. It also shows a tension level for a while when you alter it. Then the screen again indicates each one of these workout metrics for a few seconds.
  • The center section indicates the distance and time. It can be set either in kilometers or meters. If a goal value set for a is set for time, the screen will show the remaining time for reaching that target rather than the elapsed time. It alternatively shows these workout data, each for a few seconds.
  • Its bottom section shows cycle pedaling speed and calories burned. You can tune the console to show up the speed in km or mph.

It doesn’t have any online connection capabilities. The console integrates sound system and table holder.


Built with dual 2-inch speakers, you’ll hear your music or videos while working out. You can enjoy music and increase or decrease your pace to match the tempo of tunes. Moreover, there is an audio jack input on the console and controls for sound volume. It is compatible with most smartphones, tablets, or MP3 players.

Tablet holder

A media shelf is placed at the top of the console that can accommodate most phones or tablets. However, it may cover up your console screen partially.

Assembly and Maintenance

The 235 CSX internal parts, including flywheel, the belt, pulley, and the crank arms are already assembled and attached to the frame. You only have to attach the seat, base bars, the backrest, the console mast, the base bars, and the pedals. This whole process takes up to an hour.

Its manual provides all required information and diagrams for this exercise bike assembly. It also includes a basic toolkit in the package. The plus point of this machine is that it doesn’t require lubrication. Just check the point for any loose bolts and parts from time to time and remove the dust.

Final Verdict​

This 235 CSX recumbent bike is a budget-friendly option that helps you reach the quickest and most comfortable fitness goals. With its advanced features, you can enjoy the best exercise programs in the most convenient way.

It is great for providing you medium-intensity cardio workouts, muscle toning, weight loss, stamina boost, and many more. It gives proper weight placement, and quicker gear ratio, for more natural cycling. Overall, this bike is the best recumbent bike under $500 with all the basic functions.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Do ProForm 235 requires iFit subscription?

No, you don’t need an iFit subscription to use ProForm treadmill. It’ll work fine with 18 onboard programs. It offers a lot of training options to workout. You can see workout metrics on your console.

2. Is ProForm Recumbent Bike good for knees?

This exercise bike is gentle on your knees. Its bucket seat gives support to the lower back. It also protects knees and ankles from potential injurious impact.

3. How Long Should I Exercise On a Recumbent Exercise Bike?

To get good results, you need to exercise long enough and often enough. 30 mins of cardio for health benefits and 60-90 mins of cardio for weight loss in five days a week is recommended.

4. What Are The Benefits of ProForm Recumbent Exercise Bike?

  • Less stress on joints
  • The large seat is comfortable and reduces post workouts
  • Reclined position easier on the lower back and ideal for
  • Users with low back injuries
  • Safer than an upright bike
  • Offers stability and balance

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