Proform Studio Bike Pro Review [December 2022]

Proform Studio Bike Pro

Built For Users Who Want: an exercise bike with noiseless performance and high workout intensity.

  • 22 resistance level.
  • Magnetic resistance system.
  • Supports 250 pounds of user weight.
  • It includes dual 3 pounds dumbbells.
  • Strong steel frame.
  • Adjustable Leveling Feet.
  • Ergonomic padded seat.

Today we are analyzing the Proform Studio Bike Pro Review. This indoor exercise bike has been built with many great specs at an affordable price. You can do full-body exercises with this machine. Moreover, two 3 lbs dumbbells will help users exercise in the upper portion of their body and tone their legs by pedaling. 

Proform has taken one step ahead for fitness lovers who want to imitate the outdoor road bike experience at their homes. Not only this, they even thought about different shapes and sizes of consumers to provide its features accordingly. Whatever the user height is, they will fit by adjusting the seat up, down, forward, or backward and the handlebars upward or downward to find the right position for them. 

So, let’s dig deeper into the article to know about every essential specification, pros, cons, and performance to decide whether the bike matches your needs or not.

Proform Studio Bike Pro Review: First Impressions​

Studio Bike Pro Specifications
Weight Capacity250 lbs
Dimensions56.5″ x 21.9″ x 52″ (L x W x H)
Item Weight140 lbs
Display10″ LCD
Resistance MechanismSMR
Water Bottle HolderYes
Transport WheelYes
Number of Resistance Levels22
Warranty10 Years (Frame), 2 Years (Parts), and 1 Year (Labor)

Reasons To Buy

  • Smooth and noise-free exercise session.
  • Adjustable handlebars.
  • Built-in toe cages offer better stability.
  • Listen to your favorite tunes clearly through the speakers.
  • Be always hydrated by keeping water handy on the holder.
  • Front-mounted transport wheels.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Advanced users may not like the 250 pounds weight capacity.
  • No heart rate strap or EKG grips. 
  • No cooling fan. 

Detailed Specifications​


  • Display – Users can easily view their fitness progress on the large 10 inches LCD monitor. At the same time, they can also use the screen to connect with several famous trainers around the world and perform their workouts as per the instructors’ guidance.
  • Speakers – Plug your smartphone into a better sound system with the built-in 2-inch dual speakers on the bike’s console. 
  • Water Bottle Holder – Proform has built a drink holder into the bike frame for easy access so that users can quench their thirst by keeping water on the holder. 
  • Levels of Resistance – Take complete control of your ride and increase your workout intensity with the available 22 digitally controlled resistance levels. 
  • Transportation Wheels – You do not need to lift the equipment to move it somewhere else. Just use the wheels and roll with ease.
  • Weight Limit – If you are an average person, you can easily work out with this bike because this machine can withstand a total of 250 pounds weight. 
  • Dumbbells – This bike is not only about toning your legs. You will get two 3-pound dumbbells with this Proform fitness machine that ultimately helps you to bring upper-body exercises to your workout objective. Moreover, after you are done working out with these dumbbells, you can put these back into the conveniently attached dumbbell holders. 
  • Seat – When you set the seat over the pedals, it will give you the feeling of a traditional road bike, allowing you to move freely whenever you pedal. 
  • Toe Cages – It helps the users to keep their feet in place while riding the bike. 


This equipment doesn’t take much space, letting you keep it in the corner of your living room. But measure the dimensions of this bike properly in order to avoid any future hassles. You can also embellish your home gym by putting it there for performing workouts. This indoor cycling equipment is made with a 56.5 inches length, 21.9 inches width, and 52 inches height. 

Studio Bike Pro


The frame is manufactured with commercial-grade solid steel construction that provides longer durability to the users. Additionally, this bike can bear 250 pounds of weight. So, if you are a little heavyweight, it will not be sufficient for you. 

Leveling Feet

You need to adjust the feet under the rear stabilizer by tightening or loosening them as per your floor design – this way, you can keep the Studio Bike Pro stable even though the floor has an uneven design.


While riding an exercise bike, if the seat starts bothering you, your workout session will be in vain, resulting in an uncomfortable experience. Because of that, this Studio Bike Pro lets you adjust its seat both vertically and horizontally to find the perfect fit. Moreover, you can even install your own personal seat on the bike. So, do your exercises with a relaxed mind from now on. 


Proform has designed its handlebars ergonomically to provide comfort and cut down tiredness so that users can ride for a longer time. Aside from that, they can vertically adjust the handlebars as per their requirement. 


You will not need to go to the kitchen or hall to stay hydrated during a long workout session. This indoor cycling bike comes with a bottle holder where you can place your bottle filled with water or any other beverages like a protein shake, fruit juices, etc. 

This workout machine is constructed with transport wheels on the front side. So, if you want to relocate it to other rooms or even your garage, you can do so without lifting it or your muscle strain. 

Studio Bike Pro

Console / Controls

  • LCD – This workout machine comes with a 10″ smart HD touchscreen display. It helps you track down every workout stat conveniently. You can even stay intrigued when you follow along with your favorite instructors guiding your exercise through gorgeous scenery worldwide or in the studio for a class. So watch your improvement for instant motivation.
  • Audio Auxiliary Port – Music has been considered to minimize perceived exertion (how intense you are feeling during playing any sports or being engaged in an exercise session). That’s why Proform has provided dual 2-inch speakers that will let you enjoy your entertainment stuff in a higher and clear voice. According to experts, people generally increase or decrease their speed to match the rhythm to their loved tunes. So from now on, listen to music or watch any TV show at a high volume comfortably. 

iFIT Membership

This membership allows the users to engage in a whole new workout experience as various certified fitness instructors will take their exercise sessions throughout the world. They further control the bike’s resistance for them along the way. Overall, the iFit-enabled programs motivate fitness enthusiasts with limitless access to streaming global and studio workouts, all led by a trainer. 

You will get a 30-day iFit family membership free of cost when you purchase this bike, worth 39 USD. Plus, you can add a total of five user profiles with this subscription. 

iFit Features

  • Various Cycling Classes led by Personal Trainers – After subscribing to iFit, you will have access to iFit’s expanded library of more than 16,000 demanding exercises. All these workouts, starting from the low-intensity to the high-intensity interval training with incredible global experiences – all guided by selected eminent fitness trainers will let the users do their exercises comfortably at their home. 
  • Spectacular Worldwide Locations – You can take your fitness training all over the world and experience everything from cycling in Alaska (US) to Havana (Viñales National Park, Cuba) or whatever route you prefer. An instructor will ride a bike ahead of you, and another person will ride behind with a camera. You just have to follow what the instructor is doing and enjoy your ride at home with a mesmerizing view. Furthermore, the incline matching technology will automatically adjust your speed and incline to make the terrain a completely appealing adventure. 
  • Virtual Studio Classes – You can now make your living room into a studio. Besides, follow your favorite trainer as they will lead you through calorie-torching HIIT, speed and endurance sessions, and others. You do not even have to change your bike’s resistance level because it will be controlled digitally to meet your workout goals. 


Studio Bike Pro

You can experience a smooth and stable pedal stroke due to the flywheel. At the same time, a faster gear ratio and weight placement provide a more natural striding performance.

The magnets adjacent to the flywheel produce frictionless resistance, resulting in no wear on the flywheel. Furthermore, even if the resistance increases, the flywheel rotation stays quiet. As a result, you can do your workouts without disturbing anyone around you during any time of the day or night. 

Resistance Level

This Studio Bike Pro offers the users a max of 22 levels of resistance. In case you want to do easy workouts, then keep the level at a low rating, and upgrade it as per your needs. You should enhance it when you are capable of bearing the intensity to avoid any kind of muscle pain and mishaps. 

Setup Process

Firstly, your job will be to select the place where you want to keep the bike for performing your workouts. Further, after getting the exercise machine delivered to your home, you will need to read the manufacturer’s manual with the utmost attention. Nevertheless, this Proform spin bike is a little bit heavy. So, take help from one of your family members, friends, or neighbors while setting up. At last, when the bike is fully assembled, tighten all the required nuts with an adjustable wrench and use it as per your convenient time. 


This Proform fitness bike is protected with a 10-year free service on the frame, 2-year on parts, and 1-year on labor charges. So within this period, if your equipment gets defective on the above-mentioned aspects, you will be provided repairing service from the brand. Moreover, there are some other facts that need to be remembered while purchasing the bike. Some of these are – 

  1. The warranty extends only to the original purchaser.
  2. It applies to manufacturing defects and on the artistry.  

Final Verdict

Meet your goals with the Studio Bike Pro for a cross-training experience. You can do the upper body exercises with the included dumbbells as well as tone leg muscles via the high resistance levels. 

The large 10″ LCD monitor helps users track all the necessary workout data, i.e., time, speed, distance, and other details. Besides the magnetic digitally controlled resistance, subscription-based eminent instructor-led classes, padded and adjustable seat makes this exercise equipment similar to the more-priced Peloton bike. 

Overall, the sturdy frame, good warranty, great comfortability, digital buttons, and inertia-enhanced flywheel attract consumers to buy the bike. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. How to monitor the heart rate in this bike?

As there is no heart rate monitoring on this indoor cycling bike, you have to purchase the SmartBeat Forearm Heart Rate Monitor from Proform to measure your heartbeat wirelessly. 

2. Does the iFit subscription run all the time?

No, you will be provided a total of 30 days of free iFit membership. After that, you will be charged to continue using it. 

3. What is the weight of this workout machine?

It is 140 pounds when completely assembled.

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