Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Review

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

Built For Users Who Want: a smooth and gentle joint motion in their exercise cycle. It is a budget-friendly bike with a range of less than $500.

  • Best cardio sessions for beginners, as well as pro users.
  • Seat is highly comfortable and oversized.
  • Smooth and quiet drive.
  • Grip pulse sensors.
  • USB port for charging devices and transferring workout data.
  • 22 workout programs.

Schwinn is quite an elite name in the world of sports and exercise gears. Schwinn 230 Recumbent bike has maintained that legacy. It offers an affordable way to get low impact exercises in the comfort of your home.

It comes with a number of bells and whistles that can help to get a more effective low impact cardio workout. It has 20 levels of resistance and a quick start button located on the monitor that enables you to personalize your desired distance and speed.

With a comfy seating position, diverse preset programs, dual LCD screen, and more. This Schwinn 230 Recumbent bike is feature-packed that is going to several all your fitness requirements. Overall, it turns to be a smart choice for home-based users.

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Review: First Impressions​

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Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Specifications
ResistanceMagnetic, 20 levels
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Preset Program22
Display5.5″ segmented LCD
Dimension64″ x 27.7″ x 49.9″
SeatVentilated and contoured seat
Heart RateContact heart rate sensors
Drive SystemHigh inertia

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy to use the LCD screen.
  • Well-designed media shelf.
  • Supports 300 lbs user weight.
  • Inbuilt speakers and water bottle holder.
  • Comfort seat with adequate airflow.
  • Record Workout statistics using Schwinn Connect via USB.
  • High inertia drive with weighted flywheels for smooth performance.
  • Effective options for rehabilitation purposes.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not compatible with chest strap.
  • Monitor and track only 2 user profiles.

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike: Detailed Specifications​


  • Adjustable Resistance: It offers resistance through Eddy Current Brake Resistance. With such a diverse level, it will easily give you the perfect workout experience.
  • Seat: It comes with a seat that offers an excellent comfort chair like the bike seat experience. It is crafted with molded plastic that has holes in it to give adequate cooling during exercise sessions.
  • Handlebars: It is designed with two sets of handlebars. These handlebars are positioned at either side of the seat.
  • LCD Display: It has a large-sized console with the provision of an LCD. There is a ledge on the front side below the upper display that allows you to place your iPod, phones, or tablets in it.
  • Ergonomic Handles: It has a one-piece crank as the crank arm and spindle are designed in a single piece. It enables to hold up well to give smooth pedaling motion through all levels of intensity and resistance. 
  • Leg Stabilizers: It features three levelers on the bike to level the bike when the floor surface is not uneven. Its first two levelers are located on the back stabilizer bar, and the third one is positioned in the middle of the frame rail. It helps keep the bike stable and assures that the frame rail does not flex for the optimal safety of the users.
  • Charging Port: It plugs into the housing supply with the in-built 4ft power cord to use the resistance and motor.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: This recumbent exercise bike operates with pulse rate sensor. These sensors are built on the handlebars at the side of the seat. Therefore, you have to make a firm grip on the handlebars with moist and warm hands to derive the desired contact.
  • Transport Wheels: It weights 81.6 lbs and is front-mounted for easy usage and mobility. It enables the user to tip the bike to another place for use or shortage.


It sports a steel frame construction. If the frame is weak and wobbly, then you are going to notice immediately. The most effective way to determine a frame’s quality is by looking at the bike’s maximum weight capacity.

Schwinn Recumbent Bike Design

This Schwinn 230 has steel tubing with a one-piece chassis that makes it sturdy. The bike also integrates several PVC parts, such as the seat base cover, covers of the driving system, and caps of the base tubes. However, these fulfill a cosmetic and protective role without affecting the overall stability and sturdiness.

Moreover, the fully assembled bike weights double than the average recumbent exercise bike. It has a total assembled weight of 81.6 lbs. The front base integrates small wheels that facilitate the transport of the bike, while the rear base has a lifting handle.

There are three rubberized stabilizers, two adjustable on the rear base tube and one in the middle of the mainframe tube. Also, it measures 64″ long and 27.7″ wide. If space is an issue, then this is not the best choice for you.


It has a one-piece of a crank that can hold well to pedaling at all levels of resistance and intensity with its holding. It is not as strong as you get on Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike. The Q Factor on this bike is 8.75 inches.


Resistance And Drive

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike is extremely quiet. It features a heavy-duty V-belt designed for many years of use. The flywheel isn’t the heavier one, but it features a balanced structure. It provides consistent momentum and a steady feel.

It comes with a motorized, magnetic resistance system. It can adjust from the console. This system consists of a magnetic brake pad and a small servo motor. When you select a resistance, the command will be sent to a servo that adjusts the magnetic pads position to the metallic flywheel, reducing or adding drag.

There are 20 levels of resistance for users of all levels. The first settings promote light workouts that are suitable for elderly users or persons who undergo recovery training regimens.

The crank arms are steel-made and finished with weighted nylon pedals. Moreover, the pedals have adjustable straps with five adjustment positions. A comfortable Q-Factor is offering a natural positioning of the feet on the pedals. It eliminates lateral stress on the knees.


You can adjust the hand positions of the seat to fit a range of different heights. Usually, it fits comfortably in between 4 ft 11 inches and 6 ft 3 inches. To make the seat adjustment, there is a lever at the side of a seat.

Just press down while off the bike. Lock it into place, you need to lift the lever. Your legs are slightly bent at the forward position of the pedal. It is one of the quickest adjustment methods available in this price tag.


Schwinn Recumbent Bike Comfort

With its ergonomic seat design, pressure on the lower back area is reduced compared to typical exercise bikes. It allows for longer sustained workouts without fear of developing aches while on the Schwinn 230.

It features vented seat bottom, and the seatback has a contoured leg area for maximum comfort. Also, the seat has lumbar support that guarantees maximum comfort as well as cooling. This Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike is the perfect choice for home gym or even if you are a pregnant woman or trying to recover from back injuries or some chronic pains.


It features a large size console with a dual display. The large upper display shows user information, course profile, the level of work from 1 to 10, and the user’s current heart rate zone. Also, the goal display showing the current goal selected with how much to go and percentage completed. There is an achievement of goal display, and when a goal is achieved, the user got a celebratory beep. It can offer you a bit of boost of motivation when you hear it.

Schwinn Recumbent Bike Console Control

The 2nd smaller display is divided into three columns. The second display distance mile, kilometers, RPM, and the third column shows calories burned and pulse rate.

Below the second display, there are five buttons on either side of the console. Its quick level resistance buttons providing you the ability to jump to a level of resistance. The level you can jump to is 1, 3, 5, 7, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20.

There is a quick start button, program button, pause, goal, and arrow buttons to set up the console to choose programs.

You can transfer workout data to other online apps as well rather than MyFitnessPal and Schwinn Connect. It gives you the possibility to track workout data on apps such as Google fit, Endomondo, Apple Health, MapMyRun, or UA. The data has to transfer via USB as it is not Bluetooth enabled.

The control unit integrates a sound system, a fan, and a media holder.

  • Play music: It comes with two speakers that allow a user to play music on their tablet or iPod. You can also attach them, in-built speakers, via media cable.
  • Cooking fan: It features a three-speed fan in the console that helps you remain cool throughout sessions.
  • Water Bottle Holder: You can access the large bottle that is side-mounted by the seat. It is close at hand and easy to reach.
  • Media Holder: The media shelf is situated between the two displays. If you do place a phone or tablet in there, it will cover up the display, though you can still see the measure in the lower display.

Preset Workout Programs

It comes with 22 in-built programs for providing total body fitness. You can access the fitness tests and preset program on the screen.

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Review

Quick Start (Manual Mode): It allows you to determine your workout session and modify the resistance level as per your convenience.

Goal Tracking: This Schwinn exercise bikes are designed with a goal settings feature. The LCD displays the goal data field. Therefore, you can track your performance using distance, time, and other workout objectives.

User Profiles: You can save the settings for two separate users and making it faster, easier to get your workouts started. There are two built-in tests for beginner, advanced, and recovery modes. The purpose of each program is to measure the overall improvement of the user accurately. It features two user-defined programs for great workout sessions. There is eight heart rate control program, including four beginner programs and four advanced programs. You can set a target pulse rate that helps to achieve a fitness goal like fat burning.

The nine profile programs are given below:

  1. Rolling Hills
  2. Ride in the park.
  3. Easy tour.
  4. Pike’s peak
  5. Mount Hood
  6. Pyramids
  7. Uphill finish
  8. Cross-Training
  9. Interval

Setup Process

This Schwinn 230 recumbent bike comes partially assembled. The components that require assembly are the base tube of the frame, the seat with its backrest and handlebars, the front handlebars, the console mast, pedals, and the console. This whole process takes up to two hours.

It includes manual step-by-step instructions for assembly. All of the required tools are included.

What’s covered by the warranty?

  • Frame: 10 years
  • Mechanical: 2 Years
  • Electronics: 1 year
  • Labor: 90 days

Final Verdict

This is a mid-range recumbent exercise bike with an overall sturdiness similar to commercial-grade exercise bikes. It is an impressive bike in this range to come with many workout programs and resistance levels. Furthermore, its ability to transport workouts via USB to Schwinn Connect makes it perfect fitness equipment for home use.

It is recommended for ease of use, cost-effectiveness, high-end results, and user-friendly features. Overall, it is the best recumbent bike for users of all levels, excellent for recovery training, intervals, stamina, and weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is the difference between Schwinn 230 and 270?

The built quality of both models is the same, but 270 is a bit advanced model. It comes with more impressive features. It features a three-piece crank that allows for more variety of resistance when the user is pedaling.

2. Which is the best exercise bike, an upright or recumbent bike?

A recumbent exercise bike offers a better spinal posture as compared to a hunched position in an upright bike. The upright exercise bike has a smaller seat that is a bit inconvenient for many users.

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