Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym Review [February 2023]

Bodycraft Galena Pro

Built For Users Who Want: to save space in their room for exercises. Further, you’ll get to strengthen every major muscle group with minimal time.

  • 50+ exercises to choose from. 
  • Versatile for different size users.
  • Two seating capacity.
  • Dual power pec dec.
  • Better build quality.
  • Availability of bench press.

The Galena Pro machine is the highest-selling gym equipment produced by Bodycraft. The users of this exercise equipment get much help in strengthening their every muscle group in a minimum amount of time. The majority of the home gyms come with a single seat, meaning only one person at a time can do exercise. But the interesting part about this fitness machine is that it offers two seats with a patented dual power pec dec. 

This gym equipment strives to give a lifter with a reasonably versatile material that is specifically constructed to save space. Unlike most exercise equipment, this machine fits in the corner of your room. You will be able to perform chest press, dual-function pec dec, leg curl, lat pull, low pulley station, leg extension, abdominal crunch, and various other major muscle groups. Further, BodyCraft claims that no other brand provides better quality and value for money fitness equipment than its Galena Pro model. 

If you really want to stay in shape and have an athletic body, then read the complete Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym. Here, we have discussed all the key points, price, level of usability, etc. This well-written article will help you decide whether you can count on this machine or not. Let’s not waste time and start reading.

Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym Review: First Impressions​

Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym Review

Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym Specifications
Resistance200 lbs
Seating Capacity2 users
Dimensions58″ L X 72″ W X 82″ H
Bench PressYes
No. of Exercises50+
FinishPlatinum gray multi-stage electrostatic powder coat paint
Leg ExtensionYes

Reasons To Buy

  • Adjustable and comfortable seat.
  • Sturdy and durable. 
  • Saves much space. 
  • Lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects for in-home use.
  • Easy to assemble. 
  • Offers you to pull low pulley station.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The price is somewhat high.
  • If you want the leg press (optional), you have to purchase it separately. 

Detailed Specifications

You will be able to do a lot of exercises with this machine. Moreover, if you want to have lower body exercises, you can do so by adding an optional leg press instrument. Besides, you will get to develop the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and gluteus maximus. Let’s find the other features this fitness machine offers.


  • Dual-Function Pec Dec – It combines two of the famous steps within a single unit. The gym persons can target the pectoral muscles of the chest and the trapezius of the shoulder. This pec dec instrument allows executing the traditional flys and dumbbell-style flys. The traditional flys are performed by pressing elbows against the pads. On the other hand, dumbbell-style flys are performed by simply grabbing the handles and swinging outward to chest height and then pressing forward simultaneously. In addition to that, a user can use the rear delt flys to exercise in the upper back muscles and shoulder muscles.
  • Leg Press – The leg press is a mixed weight-training workout where the gym enthusiasts advance a weight or resistance away to evaluate their entire lower body strength. You will achieve an ultimate level of comfort with the optional leg press attachment. Furthermore, you will get up to 300 lbs of resistance, and the foot plate adjusts to fit any size user. It is also used for doing exercises such as leg development and calf workout.
  • Low Pulley Station – As the growth and strength of muscles improve directly based on how much pressure you are applying on the muscles while working out, the cable machines help you gain more power. The pulley stations help target a specific part of the body and are excellent for injury recovery. Aside from that, it is easy to access and gives you plenty of room for performing a variety of exercises including leg kicks, arm curls, low rows, deltoid raises, and more.
  • Weight Stack Shrouds – This fitness machine comes with appealing and noise-dampening perforated steel shrouds constructed with a black powder coat finish. These weight stack shrouds cover the precision-milled 150 lbs weight stack that is upgradable up to a weight of 200 lbs. 
  • Press Station – The press or pull station with adjustable starting point fits every size user with plenty of workouts including bench press, incline press, shoulder press, and mid-row.


The unique design of this workout equipment makes it desirable among gym lovers. It is built in such a way that it can fit into any corner of a room. Because of this reason, you need not worry about space. The weight stack is 200 lbs for this machine and can be upgraded up to 300 pounds of resistance if you add the leg press. 

The Bodycraft Galena Pro strength home gym frame is produced with two heavy gauge steel tubing that consists of 2 inches by 3 inches (W x D) and 2 inches by 2 inches (W x D) dimensions. 

This Bodycraft strength training system features a gray powder coated paint that assists in protecting the exercise equipment from corrosion, scratches/chipping, and fading. This equipment is 58 inches in length, 72 inches in width, and 81.75 inches (approx 82 inches) in height. Apart from that, if you add the optional leg press, then the machine will be 92 inches long, 72 inches wider, and 82 inches higher.

Pulleys and Cables

While doing a workout, pulleys assist a person in changing the direction of the force to lift a heavy object. The object lifted by a roller is known as a load. When you use a couple of pulleys at once, you require less force to move an object. The Galena Pro gym machine consists of pulleys with a diameter of 3.5 inches and fiberglass reinforced nylon that rotates on the sealed ball bearing hub. Besides, you will find internally lubricated and 7 by 19 strand construction cables that are rated to 2000 pounds tensile strength.


Whenever we buy any equipment, we first think about its installation and maintenance. It is also not a different case. You will be able to set up the Galena Pro gym machine quite easily. It will not take you much time to install it. But if you are an amateur, it is better not to do it alone. You will get the workout machine with detailed instructions on how to install it properly. So follow the instruction manual, and all will be done pretty quickly. On the other hand, clean the seat from dust and wipe out sweat with a cotton cloth. 


The Galena Pro strength training machine comes with a completely adjustable seat. Besides, the high-density foam is formed for supporting the lumbar (the lower part of the back) and is covered using a heavy-gauge vinyl.


Any gym lover can get plenty of benefits from this versatile gym equipment. You will be able to perform a full-body exercise with a variety of more than 50 workouts, excluding the leg press. 200 pounds of resistance is enough for most users, but if you require more, you will get the option to add additional 100 pounds of resistance. This flexible fitness machine lets you perform a leg extension, leg curl, lat pulldown, chest press, standing row, cable crunch, delt raises, and various others. Besides, range of motion adjustments fit every size consumer and also provide for rear deltoid flys.


  • Residential Lifetime Warranty – This Bodycraft Galena Pro strength machine offers a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects in materials or the craft. As per the claims, the brand will replace or repair any faulty parts. But you have to remember a few things while claiming for warranty. Warranty applies only to the original owner and for in-home uses. Further, this machine does not cover normal wear and tear.
  • For Light Commercial use – While using the fitness machine for a light commercial purpose, you will get the frame under warranty for 10 years and the parts for 2 years. 

Final Verdict

The high-quality frame of the Bodycraft Galena Pro home gym makes it sturdy and durable. This workout equipment offers two adjustable seats for users with different heights that help to have the maximum comfort for seating position. 

Although the price is high, its lifetime warranty, versatility, ease of assembly, simultaneously two users seating capacity, space-saving feature, option to choose from more than 50 exercises makes this gym machine attractive towards gym-lovers than other traditional designs. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Can I do chest fly exercises with this Galena Pro Strength Home Gym?

Yes, you can. With the available dual power pec dec, you can perform the chest press. 

2. Can I buy more weight stacks?

Generally, this machine comes with a 200 pounds weight stack. You can not add more weight stacks. But you can add an extra 100 pounds for performing the leg press.

3. What are the dimensions of the Bodycraft Galena Pro?

The length is 58 inches, the width is 72 inches, and the height is 82 inches.

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