Bowflex Xceed Home Gym Review [February 2023]

Bowflex Xceed Home Gym

Built For Users Who Want: customization in workout programs and adjustable quick release seat release for comfort and verstaility.

  • 65+ full-body workouts for chest, shoulders, back, arms, and legs.
  • Premium grade steel frame.
  • Foam cushioned seat.
  • Upgradable to 310 pounds resistance.
  • Designed for strength training.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Versatile Home Gym.

Bowflex Xceed is one of the popular portable home gyms. It is a lighter model of Bowflex Xtreme 2SE and has the same spectrum of exercises but features fewer pulleys. The Xceed home gym lets you perform over 65 exercises and features a compact, space-saving design.

It is the best option for those users who want to have well-designed fitness equipment for a full-body workout. This machine brings varieties in workouts with multiple pulley system and also provide benefit from the adjustable seat. Apart from this, it is specially designed for hard-core strength training and muscle building. Best of all, it offers power rod resistance that is upgradable from 210 lbs to 410 lbs. Plus, the machine offers a lot of workout programs with a lat bar, squat bar, and ab training strap.

In this Bowflex Xceed Home Gym write-up, we covered up features, pros & cons, built quality, and console layout.

Bowflex Xceed Home Gym Review: First Impressions​

Bowflex Xceed Specifications
TypePower Rods
Weight Resistance210 lbs
User Weight Capacity300 lbs
SeatAdjustable and Polyurethane cushioned
Bench PressVertical
No. of Exercises65
Workout Area125″ L x 121″ W
AccessoriesAb training strap, Squat and Lat bar
WarrantyFrame 1 year, Parts 60 days, Rods 5 years

Reasons To Buy

  • High-grade steel construction.
  • Power Rod resistance.
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat with polyurethane foam.
  • Smooth operation with heavy-duty pulleys.
  • Budget-friendly option.
  • Multiple pulley system.
  • Multi-grip handles.
  • Easy to assemble.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not a folding machine.
  • Ab harness and ankle cuffs not included.

Detailed Specifications

This fitness equipment is the best versatile, compact-sized home gym suitable for space-constrained areas. It is a compact, well-designed fitness equipment for total body workouts.


  • Power Rod Resistance: It offers 210 pounds of power resistance that can be upgradable to 310 lbs or 410 lbs. The power rods are made from a high-grade elastomer and coated with a thin sheet of rubber for more flexibility. 
  • Adjustable Seat: Its adjusting seat offers several height positions so it can accommodate users up to 6’5″. Also, it integrates 2″ of polyurethane foam padding for optimal comfort.
  • Bench Press: This home gym boasts a vertical bench press that helps you to customize your workout as per your requirement. 
  • Multifunctional Press Arms: It comes with multifunctional press arms that allow you to engage in lower and upper body workouts easily. 
  • Leg Developer and Curl Handle: It features a leg extension that helps to customize the leg workout for optimal results. 


The machine comes from the reputed brand Bowflex that is popular for durability and performance. It is built for heavy-duty steel bars and features a rust-resistant and chip-resistant paint finish. As compared to other home gyms, it is large in size and takes 53″ L x 49″ W of floor space when fully assembled. This model’s highest point reaches approx 82 inches above floor level. Thus it can be fit in a room with a 7′ ceiling.

It doesn’t have adjustable stabilizers. The base of the machine rests on rubberized pads for better floor grip and extra stability. Apart from this, the power rods are constructed from commercial-grade steel, making them safe to use and durable. Another interesting thing is its multiple pulley system that enables you to add variation to your workout. The cables and pulleys are made of superior quality material that gives strength and stability to this home gym.

The frame integrates a standing plate for squats and other exercises that need standing up. And the lateral bars serve as support for adjustable pulleys with four connection points. Further, a small bar attached to the frame’s backbone allows you to attach the pulleys for ab crunches, trunk rotations, or mid pulley exercises.

Pulleys and Cables

Bowflex Xceed

This Xceed home gym features 8 pulleys that are made of fiberglass-reinforced material. Also, they integrate stainless steel ball bearings for smooth operation. These pulleys can swivel in all directions that allow executing various exercises. Apart from this, the two pulleys are adjustable – you can attach them either to the small bar above the seat for ab crunches or attach them to lateral bars of the machine for exercises like seated fly presses or front presses.

Moreover, the machine comes with several sets of cables that are durable and tested over 1000 pounds of resistance. They are covered by a thin sheet of PVC for a smoother glide over the pulleys. However, some of the cables need relocation depending on the exercise. Generally, the front base pulleys and top pulleys don’t require to be moved. Therefore, you can easily set the machine for 4 to 5 types of exercises for one workout.

Accessories and Attachments

This Bowflex Xceed includes several accessories in the package. There are two D-handles that cover most exercises. Also, they have rubberized grips for better comfort. In addition, the straight, squat bar with a 50 inches bent lat bar is also included. It boasts 4″ foam rollers for maximum comfort and allows it to perform leg extensions or standing leg curls.  


It comes with Power Rod resistance like Bowflex Blaze and Bowflex PR3000. These rods generate weight resistance made from a special elastomer, coated with a thin sheet of rubber material. Apart from this, the rods are provided with precision-machined rings where the cable hooks attach. These rings are durable and hard to remove from the rods. Bowflex also provides a lifetime warranty on power rods/. 

This rod set offers a total weight resistance of 210 lbs, 105 lbs for each side. The set includes the following power rods:

  • 2 x 5 lbs 
  • 2 x 10 lbs
  • 2 x 30 lbs 
  • 2 x 50 lbs

The best thing is that you can upgrade the weight resistance whenever you want to move on to more difficult workout levels. You can easily add four additional 50 pounds rods (2 on each side). 

Workout Programs

This home gym allows you to execute more than 65 exercises. 

  • Goal Tracking: This Bowflex fitness equipment comes with an exercise guide that offers in-detail information about various exercises you can perform on this machine. You can select any exercise and set a goal.  
  • Multiple Cable/Pulley Positions: This Xceed has a multi cable pulley system for variation workout sessions. You can easily optimize workouts with eight pulleys that are made from fiberglass-reinforced material. Also, they can swivel in all directions for excellent workout sessions.

Its upper pulley is suitable for exercises such as lat pull down and variations on tricep pulldown and high rows. Besides, the middle pulley is useful for chest press exercises and can be adjusted for performing crunches, flys, and tricep extensions. 

The lower pulley is useful with a leg develop, and you can also perform moves like bicep curls, shoulder flys, and upright rows. 

Set-Up Process and Warranty

Assembly of this home gym is simple as Bowflex provides a user manual with step-by-step instructions. The machine comes with Allen wrenches, but you need a few screwdrivers and wrenches to assemble the machine. This fitness equipment comes in several boxes, and since it has many parts, its installation will take a few hours. 

Warranty is an important feature for any exercise equipment and should be taken seriously. Bowflex ensures that users have the best fitness equipment with features and great warranty backup. This Xceed comes with the following warranty:

  • 1-year frame
  • 60 days parts
  • 5-year power rod

Final Verdict

The Xceed home gym is excellent fitness equipment to help you stay in shape and get fit at home. It offers total body exercises and comes at a reasonable price. The overall design and build quality of the machine is excellent, as you would expect of Bowflex. Its four workout stations and adjustable seat provides the possibility to perform more than 65 gym-quality exercises. 

Furthermore, its unique resistance system allows you to tone and build muscle. Overall, it is compact, easy to use, and available at an affordable price. However, if you prefer more workout options and a quick-change pulley system, go for Bowflex Xtreme 2SE, which features ten more exercises. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Is it Xceed Home Gym Better than free weights?

With this home gym, it is easy to target specific muscles. Also, it is easier to use the machine than free weights. Further, those who are starting in fitness also find the Xceed to be more efficient as they can start easily and stay fit at home.

2. What is the difference between Bowflex Xceed and Bowflex Xtreme 2SE?

Both models are top-selling machines in Bowflex’s fitness equipment line. There is only a minor difference between these two machines. The Xtreme 2SE is backed by ten more exercises and a quick-change pulley system.

3. Which is better, Blaze or Xceed?

The Bowflex Blaze features a horizontal bench that is a perfect advantage for traditional chest, abs, and leg exercises. On the other hand, this model has a vertical bench and provides 65 unique workouts with 210 lbs resistance, making it suitable for serious athletes.

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