Marcy MWM 4965 Home Gym Review [February 2023]

Marcy MWM-4965 Home Gym

Built For Users Who Want: A machine which can comfortably support weight up to 300lbs that is ideal for the beginners and the professionals who want to experience the fitness at their home comfort.   

  • Support 35 different exercises.
  • Best gym equipment.
  • Easy to use.
  • Selectorized weight stack.
  • Prevents unauthorized usage.
  • Adjustable weight plates.

Getting the best home gym is an important thing to decide. There is a lot of equipments in the market that offers the best experience. But we have to consider a budget friendly treadmill machine that fulfills our gym needs.

To make your body toned and perfect, Marcy 4965 home gym is a perfect machine that burns calories.  It is helpful to increase your muscle mass with the best functions. This equipment fulfills your target of performing many exercises at the same time. The 4965 treadmill allows the user to get a full body workout at the convenience of your home.

It comes with  many features that include adjustable weight plates, dual press arms, leg developer and many more. This all rounder home gym tool offers the best design that enhances your  room décor. It is an amazing equipment for gym lovers and beginners. 

Here, we provide the detailed information of this efficient treadmill  to perform the workout in a proper manner.

So, lets begin

Marcy MWM 4965 Home Gym: First Impressions​

Marcy 4965 Home Gym Specifications
Preacher Curl PadYes (Removable)
Pulley System Upper & Lower
Cables2000 lbs Tensile Strength Aircraft
Exercises36 Plus
AccessoriesAnkle strap, Abdominal strap, Weight stack lock, Lat bar
Capacity261 Pounds
MaterialAlloy Steel
User Weight300lbs
Dimensions68″l x 36″w x 79″h
WarrantyLifetime for Frame, 3-years for Parts, 1-year on Upholstery

Reasons To Buy

  • Dual action press arms.
  • Bicep cable curls.
  • Full body workout gear.
  • Superior performance.
  • Efficient and space saving design.
  • Increase muscle mass.

Reasons To Avoid

  • More suited for accessory movements.

Marcy 4965 Home Gym: Detailed Specifications

Marcy MWM-4965 Home Gym has incredible features that makes this machine different from other home gyms . It comprises a frame, pulleys, dual press arm, foot plate, seat etc


Frame : The frame of the treadmill is made up of powerful steel. It is enclosed with cylindrical and rectangular tubes to increase the aesthetics value. The steel used is coated with corrosion resistant paint that makes it more durable. 

Pulleys: This treadmill is equipped with 18 pulleys that are made up of durable thermoplastic material. It comprises of three different types that include upper pulley, mid pulley and lower pulley that are helpful to perform back exercises. You can also perform rows that are seated and upright.

Dual press arms: This treadmill features press arms that allows for chest press and carry out vertical butterfly exercises. It improves your overall physique and builds muscle through intense workouts.

Foot Plate: This functionality is to train out your arms whether you are standing or sitting. It offers strength and makes your body parts stronger.

Seat: The seat of Marcy MWM 4965 is non adjustable. It is made up of soft padded foam cushioning which is more comfortable and gives extra breathability. The cover used is sweatproof and easy to maintain.

Leg developer: It will enhance your lower body muscles due to foam roller pads that allow a comfortable leg workout. This will tone your leg shape and increase muscle mass.


Marcy MWM- 4965 Home Gym

This efficient treadmill machine is not large and is the best tool that meets your gym goal. It is approximately 73 inches long and 38 inches wide, fit into your room. This machine comes along with a weight stack because it is a little bit heavy to carry.

It comes with 18 pulleys which are made of soft thermoplastic material. This machine also integrates ball bearings for smooth operation. The cables used are steel made that offers higher weight resistance for longer use time . These cables are enclosed with PVC to prevent scratching of pulleys.

For more comfort zone, it provides a non adjustable seat that is efficient to perform the workout . For taller users, it is not that accurate due to their height and weight issues  . The most user weight it handles is about 300 lbs.

The front base of the machine is constructed with a footplate for extra support. It features 5 distinct workout stations which offers the possibility to adopt  grips . It is a perfect choice for performing daily workout at your home platform.


These pulley stations are helpful to do the workout in a proper manner. We can perform the workout without any hassle. You can’t offer the possibility to adopt grips. It is a perfect choice for performing daily workout at your home platform.

This treadmill is specially designed to perform every exercise uniformly. It is helpful to perform smooth and jerky movements. There are upper and lower pulley systems that allow you to achieve your routine workout.

Upper Pulley:  It comes with a lot of exercises like a lat pulldown, standing pulldown reverse grip, close grip, triceps and many more. This machine offers the flexible moves to complete your task effortlessly.

Mid Pulley: To have perfect abs, this is useful to fulfill your goal. This mid pulley comes with the attached handle to perform mid level rows or complete the rotations.

Lower Pulley: The lower pulley used for both seated and upright. It comes with an ankle strap that can be used for leg abductions and other leg exercises. This also prevents the unit from lifting off the ground.

Marcy MWM 4965 Home Gym

Weight Resistance

This gym machine comes with a 150 lbs weight stack that comes along with the selector weight. It consists of 14 weight plates which plays an important role to balance the machine. It also provides different resistance according to the weight.

The weight plates build up of durable vinyl covers that are long lasting to use. The weight stack comes with numbers on it for easy selection according to your height and weight.

Possible Exercises

This Marcy Home Gym is capable of offering various exercises that you can perform in your daily routine. It offers almost 36 workouts at a  particular time that includes complete body toning and capable of giving the perfect results. 

It includes seated biceps, stand up biceps, concentration curls, woodchops, seated rows, upright rows, Ab pulldowns, Fly presses and many more . This machine is a combination of various workouts and an amazing product for gym lovers.


The assembly of Marcy 4965 is time consuming as it comes with a lot of parts. It is ensured that the parts should be lubricated when used so that it functions smoothly for a long time period. You need two adjustable wrenches for fixing the tools, also a set of fixed wrenches, screwdriver  and a rubber mallet.

Once the assembly is completed, you can use this machine according to your requirements. It includes two rods with it which holds the weight. So, the lubrication should be performed timely for the smooth functioning of the parts. You should also make sure that all the joints and rods are properly tight.


This efficient treadmill machine is enclosed with various accessories that includes:

  1. A lat bar
  2. ankle strap
  3. single handle
  4. weight stack lock
  5. abdominal strap

Final Verdict​

To summarize, Marcy home gym is a great alternative to strengthen your body. It meets the needs of gym lovers and offers them the best experience. Its enhanced design as well as superior performance helps to shape your body as you want. This machine is equipped with a double pulley system that lets you perform a variety of arm and leg exercises at the comfort of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1 How much time takes to put together a Marcy home gym? 

It takes almost 6 hours to fix up the machine on your home platform. This machine comes with various functions and accessories that will take time to be assembled properly.

2 Can we add the extra weight to this effective Marcy home gym ?

This home gym is a great example of easy usage as well as comes with advanced features that make it more reliable to use. It is limited to 150 lbs of stack weight , you cannot add extra weight above that because it is not acceptable to bear.

3. What do you mean by weight stack that is used in the home gym?

There are a number of weight stack machines that include different wheels, pulleys and levers. It offers the proper resistance that is needed for performing the workout. These are useful to uplift the weight and complete every exercise in a proper manner. 

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