Marcy Smith Cage Machine Review[December 2022]

Marcy Smith Cage Machine

Built For Users Who Want: Multifunctional home gym that will help you to target different parts of the body.   

  • A pull-up bar.
  • Safety Catches.
  • Four storage posts.
  • steel aircraft cables.
  • Adjustable Back Pad.
  • Leg developer that is removable.

The Marcy Smith Cage Machine is the best home gym equipment for a full-body workout and gives a variety of fitness exercises to strengthen all the muscles in your whole body. It is made with great quality steel. This machine comes with double upper pulley cables, bar catches, safety catches, and an adjustable back pad, which you can easily change for a better angle for different exercises.

The Smith cage allows you to perform an independent motion on the upper pulley, pull-up bar, and lower pulleys. It has four storage posts that hold the weight plates, and comes with all the essential accessories like a V bar, shiver bar, triceps rope, chain link, ankle strap, and two handles, which provide versatile exercise options.

This multi-functional machine will help you target the different parts of your body; chest, shoulders, glutes, quads, and hamstrings. This is the best choice for beginners and experienced players. It comes with a free-weight rack, supports users up to 300 lb, and also comes with an adjustable safety, which reduces the risk of injury and enables the user to perform a variety of dumbbell exercises.

It has a leg developer. With this, you can do leg extension, quad, and standing leg curls. You can perform more than 32 exercises on this machine. Cables are made from aircraft-grade steel rated at 2000 lbs., so you can use them in harsh temperatures without any worry.

Marcy Smith Cage Machine : First Impressions​

Marcy Smith Cage Specifications
Max Weight
(On bar/ Bench)
300/600 lbs.
Item Weight137 lb.
Cables2000 lbs Tensile Strength Aircraft.
Material14-gauge steel.
User Weight300lbs.
Dimensions98″ x 59″ x 82″.
Warranty2 year.

Reasons To Buy

  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Comfort Paddle Seat.
  • Multi-functional Bench.
  • Bottom Pulley and Foot Plate.
  • Lifting Heavy Weights Safely.
  • A Complete Versatile Home Gym.
  • Aircraft cables are rated at 2000 lbs.

Reasons To Avoid

  • It is difficult to put together.

Detailed Specifications

The Marcy Smith Cage Machine is all-in-one home gym equipment that offers a complete body workout for any fitness level. Some unique features of this machine are below:



Smith’s 4008 is constructed with high quality steel that provides durability and safety. It offers a complete body workout in a comfortable and safe zone.

Adjustable Bench

This device has an adjustable back pad that you change to your preference for different exercises. It allows you to perform crossover pulleys with steel aircraft cables.

Safety and Bar Catches

Both are set conveniently on this equipment, which provides security while doing strengthening exercises on this home gym equipment.

Upper Pulley Cables on Both Sides

SM 4008 has a double-cable pulley system. Both cables consist of handles for crossover and overhead triceps extensions.

Leg Developer

This device comes with weight plates to perform leg extensions and leg curls that help you develop the leg muscles and quadriceps. It is designed with a pivot point that aligns with the knee joint for a safe workout. Thus it offers comfort during lower body exercises.

Storage Post

The Marcy machine comes with another amazing feature that is four storage posts and is designed with these posts, two on each side, that make it easy to arrange the weight plates.

Aircraft Cables

These cables are stranded wires rated at 2000 lbs. and made from carbon steel. That’s the reason it is also called galvanized wire and high-specialized strength wire rope. You can freely use these wires in harsh temperatures. These cables provide high tensile strength and adequate corrosion. These are strong and durable wires.

These cables allow you to work on your chest and shoulders through crossover workouts.

Foot Plate And Bottom Pulley

This machine consists of a bottom pulley and a footplate. The bottom pulley allows the user to train their lower body and has a foot plate that prevents injury and damage.


Users will get this product under a two-year warranty. You have to remember certain things. It is valid only for personal, family, household use, and non-commercial use. Another thing: the warranty applies only to the original user. One user can’t transfer it to another user.


This machine is all-in-one home gym equipment and brings you everything that you need to strengthen all the muscles in your body. It is built with 14-gauge steel tubing. It has eight workout stations and an adjustable bench that helps to create different angles for various workouts, and that makes it easy to perform crossover workouts in your own home and allows you to work on your chest and shoulders through a crossover pulley.

The Marcy Smith 4008 is one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment, providing a full-body workout for users of any fitness level, as well as adjustable safety catches to help users reduce their risk of injury.

The Smith Cage includes a pull-up bar, multiple accessories like a V bar, a shiver bar, two handles, a wrist and ankle bar, and comes with aircraft cables that are rated at 2000 lbs. It features an independent motion upper pulley cable crossover that is designed with a vertical butterfly and row footplate to support the low pulleys.

It has four storage posts that help the user to organize the weight plates while exercising; a pull-up bar allows you to bulk up your upper body, and a leg developer allows you to strengthen lower body muscles and offers comfortability and safety.


All the accessories are included in their package

  • V Bar.
  • Tricep Rope.
  • Wrist strap.
  • Ankle Strap.
  • Two single-handles.

V Bar

This home gym comes with a V bar that is designed to use the cable-based of this machine. It is constructed from iron with a chrome plating to prevent corrosion and rust and enables you to perform various rowing exercises to build the biceps, triceps, and muscles in your shoulders, back, and forearms. The Shiver bar also comes with a package to help you do the pulleys.

Tricep Rope

It is constructed of heavy-duty black nylon chrome plates that attach to the machine and provide strength, durability, and comfort. You can perform push-downs and help to develop triceps, biceps, and shoulders.

Wrist Strap

The Marcy machine is also called a lifting strap, and it is constructed with a strap hook to attach to a cable machine and provides a grip to lift more weight.

Ankle Strap

Before performing kickback exercise you have to put the ankle strap around the ankle. You can attach the straps with a cable and perform various types of exercises to develop stronger glutes and help you to improve lower body stability.

2 Single Handles

The Smith machine comes with two single handles. With these you can perform push down, and offer you a variety of upper exercises.

Final Verdict​

This multifunctional machine will help you target the different body parts; chest, shoulders area, hams, quads, and glutes. It has an adjustable back pad for back support that is easily changed to multiple different positions, helps you to increase your muscle mass, strength, and stamina, and offers a full range of comprehensive resistance for all fitness goals.

It comes with adjustable safety stops and allows you to perform a variety of powerful strength training workouts like squats and presses. Moreover, this is the best all in one home gym equipment without buying different machines for many various workouts and maximum weight capacity including user is 600 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1   Does it come with a bench to lay on for bench press?

Yes, this machine comes with a multi-position adjustable bench that provides a full range of strengthening exercises. This machine comes with an adjustable padded seat that you can change to multiple different positions.

2  Are the weights included?

No, Marcy Smith’s cage does not include the weight plates. Users  have to buy the weight plates themselves. This machine has four storage posts that hold the plates, two posts on each side.

3. What is the dimension of the Marcy smith cage machine?

The assembled cage dimension is L. 65” x H. 79” x W.84.5” and the assembled bench dimension is L. 68.25” x H. 26” x W.84.5”. This is compatible in size that you can easily place in your home.

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