Powerline BSG10X Home Gym Review [February 2023]

Body-solid Powerline BSG10X

Built For Users Who Want: better value for money, outstanding exercise options, little space required while setting up, and faster assembly. 

  • 40+ exercises.
  • Impressive and sturdy frame.
  • Availability of high, mid, and low pulleys.
  • No-cable-change design. 
  • 10-year in-house warranty for the frame. 
  • Low maintenance.

If you are a person who does not prefer going to a gym but is gravely passionate about staying healthy and fit, then a fitness machine is ideal for you. You can exercise at your own home comfortably and can enjoy your privacy as well. 

For more than 15 years, Powerline Strength Training Equipment produced by Body-Solid has been saving people from traveling time, gym center charges, hassles at the time of joining a gym, and many other things. This Body-solid home gym is specifically designed with a 160 pounds weight stack to offer a gym enthusiast challenging and muscle-building exercises within a minimal space used in your house. 

Today, we will discuss about the Powerline BSG10X Home Gym, where you will know about all the features, design, warranty, technologies, and many other things. So, let’s begin. 

Powerline BSG10X Home Gym Review: First Impressions​

Powerline BSG10X Specifications
Resistance160 lbs
Dimensions66″ L X 47″ W X 80″ H
Press Arm RowYes
No. of Exercises40+
FinishElectrostatically applied powder coat finish
Frame11-gauge steel mainframe

Reasons To Buy

  • Limited space required.
  • Effortless assembly.
  • Adjustable seat.
  • Exceptional muscle development.
  • Great durability.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The heavy-weight lifters will not prefer this machine due to the limited weight stack.
  • Some may think the price is a little bit higher. 

Detailed Specifications


  • Press Arm Row – You will find a traditional press bar with this Body-solid Powerline fitness equipment that is biomechanically created to offer maximum chest concentration and exceptional muscle development.
  • Optional Leg Press – The leg press is a combination of three workouts that are performed generally in three muscle groups, such as the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. In most of the other leg press attachments, you require a separate station. In the case of the BSG10X home gym, you will not need a different station other than the leg press attachment. Instead, it attaches to the front of the leg developer with an additional pulley.
  • Lat Pulldown – Powerline exercise machine allows limitless and full range of motion through single, two-sided, converging, or diverging movements. Basically, the lat pulldown is a fabulous workout to strengthen the latissimus dorsi muscle. It is the largest muscle in someone’s back that assists in developing better postures and spinal stability. 
  • Chest Press Station – It is designed for multiple grips and seated press. The chest press targets the pectorals, triceps, and deltoids in building and strengthening the muscle tissue. 
  • Mid Pulley Station – Mid pulleys are used for abdominal crunches and triceps extensions. The accessories included with the home gym cover an ab crunch harness. 


The BSG10X is created with an 11-gauge mainframe construction and military-level aircraft cables that give maximum strength, function, and durability. The compact frame is less than 4 feet wider and 6.5 feet taller, which permits you to install the workout equipment in any room. Almost all gym users of different sizes can use the BSG10X home gym because of the stationary platform and multiple seat adjustments. The use of unique DuraFirm pads provides tear-resistant, extra-thick, and impressive comfort. Besides, the four-sided quality-based welded construction offers sturdiness and reliability. You can operate the exercise machine effortlessly without even changing the cables. With the available 160 pounds of adjustable weight stack along with the low, mid, and high pulleys, you will be able to perform over 40 workouts securely and biomechanically correct. This Body-solid fitness machine is 66 inches in length, 47 inches in width, and 80 inches in height. 

The entire workout equipment comes with an adjustable weight stack, pulley system (high, mid, and low), eight adjustable press arm, and a leg developer. Apart from that, the Body-solid exercise equipment offers a telescoping, chrome-plated, and flexible seat for providing a swift, smooth adjustment, and proper body positioning. Besides, you will get a forty-eight inches lat bar, a low row bar, and an abdominal harness.

Pulleys and Cables

Usually, pulleys are powerful and simple machines. These are used to change the direction of a force that makes it easier for us to move something. For example, if we want to lift an object to a height of one meter weighing 12 kgs, we can raise it directly or use a pulley.  This exercise machine assists you in doing an upper pulley, mid pulley, low pulley, and press station with a ratio of 1:1. Further, you can also use the high pulley to perform a full range of motion lat pulldowns. On the other hand, a low pulley allows a person to do biceps curls, seated row, and other related workouts. Due to the presence of 160 pounds of the weight stack and 2200 pounds of tensile strength, the steel cables will make sure to give a muscle-burning exercise every time. 


The entire steel in the frame is covered with anti-corrosive, long-lasting paint and electrostatically applied powder coat finish. It is advisable to keep your BSG10X exercise machine inside of your residence. If you place the equipment outside, the temperature variations and extreme moisture can damage its parts.  

All the pulleys are made of fiberglass reinforced and durable nylon material. Besides, the precision-machined and heavy-duty steel ball bearings last many years. Aside from this, the cables included with the gym equipment can bear 2200 pounds of tension. Plus, the military spec and steel rope cables give ultimate durability. You will get a comfortable performance due to the integration of swivels.


Whenever you feel that any bolts are loose, you should re-tighten them without wasting any time. Or, you should check your home gym thoroughly once in two/three days. And, if you find any loose bolt, tighten it. Sometimes the guide rods and linear rods may need lubrication. So apply that as per the requirement. Moreover, if any part of the machine suffers any damage, replace the damaged part before re-using the equipment in order to avoid any mishap. 


If some of you are worried about the time to assemble the machine, there is good news for you. This home gym comes 90 per cent pre-assembled when you order it. After that, when you get it handy, you just have to install and tighten nine simple bolts. Most users do it within 30 mins. After the assembly is finished, you can perform more than 40 workouts smoothly with this fitness equipment. 


The Body-Solid BSG10X is an ideal preference for beginners and intermediate users looking to get in shape at their own house. You will get a one-year warranty for the parts used in the home gym and an extended ten years warranty on the frame. If you are bothered about the price, the 10 years warranty will be reassuring for you. But remember a few things very carefully: the warranty applies only to the original owner of the machine and it becomes valid only if the machine is assembled or installed as per the brand’s instructions or directions. 

Final Verdict

This Powerline home gym basically contains three essential features: little space, faster assembly than most gym equipment, and the ability to perform various exercises. It is an excellent match for those looking to build up muscle and strength from the pleasure of their home.  

With this fitness machine, you will be able to perform plenty of workouts, such as a seated row, ab crunch, leg curl, leg extension, seated calf raise, glute kick, incline press, and many other exercises. All in all, you will be impressed with its performance and the extended 10-year warranty for in-house use. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Can I do lat pulldown with the BSG10X equipment? 

Yes, you can do it. The lat bar is attached to the top pulley above the pressing station. After that, you have to sit on the equipment using the two foam rollers placed under the back pad to keep your legs doing the lat pulldown workout. 

2. What is the weight stack of this gym equipment and can I upgrade it? 

Presently, the weight stack is 160 pounds and there is no option of adding an extra weight to the machine. 

3. Can I feel the resistance of the weight stack at the time of performing a chest workout?

Yes, you can. This Powerline exercise machine features a proper iron weight stack. There is in total 160 pounds of resistance that comes with a 1:1 ratio. So the weight lifted is felt on the pulley/movement arm. 

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Nasim Ahmad

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