Bowflex Treadclimber TC200 Review [February 2023]

TC200 Treadclimber

Built For Users Who Want: combination of 3 cardio machines in one (elliptical, treadmill, and stair climber).

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  • Set, monitor, and track your personal fitness goals with TreadClimber App.
  • Tracks and stores up to 4 user’s data.
  • Select from 5 different workout programs.
  • High-contrast, LCD screen.
  • Media shelf with inbuilt USB charging port.

It is high-grade equipment and includes a helpful Goal Tracking feature (G.O. Coach) to help set, track, and achieve your fitness goals.

It is the latest upgrade to the popular TC100 model. Its 3-in-1 design combines the benefits of a home treadmill, elliptical, and steeper in one compact machine.

Bowflex TreadClimber TC200 has five electronic functions, 12 levels of resistance, and a Wireless Chest Strap for pulse Monitoring. The nature of the workout is low impact, providing a safe workout that is easier on the joints than traditional cardio equipment. On the colorful CD display, you can track speed, distance, time, and calories burned while monitoring your fitness through one of four customizable profiles.

Bowflex Treadclimber TC200 Review: First Impressions​

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Bowflex Treadclimber TC200 Specifications
Resistance12 Levels
Speed0.5-4.5 mph
User Profiles4
DisplayFully Backlit LCD Display
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Product Weight202 lbs
Dimensions55″ x 31.5″ x 62.5″

Reasons To Buy

  • Setup custom user profiles.
  • Includes new climb indicator.
  • Five electronic functions.
  • Progress incline up to 40%.
  • Water bottle and tablet holder.
  • Speed lies between 0.5 to 4.0 mph.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Top speed is not competitive with the running treadmill.

Bowflex TC200 TreadClimber: Detailed Specifications

This TC200 TreadClimber is perfectly designed for effective and efficient low-impact workouts. It is a top model of TreadClimber that offers luxurious walking workouts and impressive unique features. Its compact and narrow footprints easily fit in your home. It is equipped with transport wheels that make it easy to transport and store when it not in use.


  • 3-in-1 Workouts: It combines the motions of a treadmill, a steeper, and elliptical for an easy or low-impact workout.
  • Console: The console on this treadmill has more spacious and roomy than the TC200 with oversized cup holders, a shelf, contact grip sensors, Bluetooth, enabled console, and attractive design.
  • User Profiles: It uses four profiles. It tracks and saves personalized workout data to help you hit your fitness aims.
  • Compact: In addition to the compact design and small footprints, this treadmill comes with wheels that make it easy to move and store when you are not using it.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: It features a Heart Zone Light Bar that shows you exactly what zone you are in while you workout: Warm-up, Fat Burn, Cardio, or performance. You can use the contact grip or include chest wrap for even more accuracy.
  • Enhanced Tracking: It has advanced workout capabilities via built-in Bluetooth capabilities.


It has excellent narrow footprints that do not take up much space in your home. Bowflex takes the best features from some of the most effective fitness machines and combines them into a single piece of equipment.

Bowflex TreadClimber

The one main thing is that this is not a machine for runners, although the belts have a higher top speed than the previous TC100 model. This machine still capped at 4.5 miles per hour.

TreadClimbers are designed for walking workouts, where you can use a blend of incline and resistance levels to power the intensity of your routine. It makes the TC200 suitable for all fitness levels.

Furthermore, the resistance level can adjust for the hydraulic cylinders on each side of the frame. It affects the movement of the treadles. It works similarly to the running deck on the treadmill. Its main benefit is the Treadle that rises to meet your football resulting in a power affect workout.

Media Shelf

There is a large media rack to hold your phone or tablet. Therefore, you can easily watch movies on your tablet as you walk. As it does not cover the console, you can track the workout stats as you watch your shows.


Heart Rate Monitoring

Bowflex TreadClimber Performance

This wireless monitor display shows heart rate at a glance for optimal fat burning. It includes a wireless chest strap monitor. When the console receives a heart rate signal, the Zone Indicator Light will activate.

The color of the light is based on your current heart rate level. The green color light indicates a resting heart rate, and red is used to show a high-intensity workout.

If you prefer to work within a specific heart range, you can use the built-in Heart Rate Indicator. It displays the pulse zone you are currently in. It ranges from zone 0 (no heart supplied) to zone 4 (80%+ of your maximum heart rate). You can also use Quick Select Controls to adjust the belt speed in increments of 0.1 miles per hour or 0.5 miles per hour.


This TreadClimber TC200 has the same features as a treadmill, with the side foot supports a platform for you to stand on if you need a break and a safety key port. It protects you in the event of a fall.

One end of the key attaches to your clothing and the other to the console via a short lanyard. In this way, if you were to move too far from the console, the key will detach, and belts will quickly come to a stop feature.


Easy Step Shock Technology

Bowflex TreadClimber Comfort

The Treadles uses an Easy Step Shock feature to absorb your steps. You can adjust the dial on each Treadle and define their range of motion, with the minimum settings being your best choice for high-power cardio.

Full Fitness and Nutrition Plan

The user manuals accompanying their latest TreadClimbers go beyond simple assembly instructions. It offers you a complete walkthrough of everything you need to enhance your health and fitness.

There are selections on what to wear, how to stretch to prevent injury, how to structure your workouts, and a complete log of your workouts.

If you aim to lose weight, then the Bowflex Body Weight Lose guide is perfect for you. Moreover, it is packed with advice on meal timings, how to balance your protein, fats, carbs, and even sample nutrition with a portion size guide.


On the TC200, some console upgrades consist of a more spacious design, four profiles, two large cup holders, and a modern design.

Bowflex TreadClimber Console

The display screen is an impressive LCD that features an intuitive menu system. In this color screen, you can track speed, time, and calories while monitoring your fitness.

  • It comes with a free TreadClimber App with integrated Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity that lets the users Automatically share their data with My Fitness Pal, Apple Health Kit, and Google Fit. Furthermore, the machine can track and store up to 4 different users’ data.
  • There is a convenient media rack for placing the tablet or smartphone.
  • Its built-in USB charging port keeps all your device charged while you work out.
  • Its Goal Oriented console allows you to take advantage of an interactive program. It is designed to help You achieve future fitness aims.

Preset Workouts Programs

It offers three individual workouts in one fluid motion due to a combination of treadmill, stairclimber, and elliptical technology.

These programs give you a fitness score based on an estimate of your VO2 max and data from your past workout performance.

Just Walk This equivalent to ‘manual program on a treadmill, an exercise bike, or elliptical. It is the default program that activates when you set the belts in motion and completely open-ended with no goals.

You can choose from 5 Different Workout Programs – Just Walk, Calorie Goal, Time Goal, Distance Goal, and Interval. These are elaborately discussed below.

  • Calorie Goal Workout: Set a target number of calories that you want to burn during the current workout. 
  • Time Goal: You can set a target duration for your workout.
  • Distance Goal: You can set a target distance for your workout.
  • Interval: Its console provides you with prompts for when to increase or decrease the belt speed. None of the workouts will adjust the belt speed automatically. 

Setup Process

The user manual is well written and easy to follow with exploded drawings and written instructions detailing. The bulk of the treadclimber arrives pre-assembled, but due to its weight, it is useful to having someone to assist you if required.

With the base assembly in place, you can install the entire machine up, with the treadle assembly resting on top, followed by the console uprights and console itself.

It has a more oversized handle at the front and wheels at the back to move the Treadclimber easily if needed. It also offers customer services.


To help prolong the life of the treadclimber, there is a section on maintenance with guides on how to align the walking belts properly, lubricate the deck, and troubleshoot console errors.

What Covered by the warranty?

Bowflex provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Three years warranty covers the frame, electronics, shocks, motor, mechanical parts, and other components.

Final Verdict

This TreadClimber TC200 is a top-quality model in one of the most innovative equipment lines. There is no longer forced to pick between treadmill, elliptical, or stairclimber since the TreadClimber gives a 3-in-1 workout motion for calorie-burning exercise.

It offers a healthy suite of upgrades for the extra $1000, so it might be worth it is perfect for customers who do not mind burning cash and calories. You get superior tracking on the machine with more built-in workouts. It can store information for up to four users that make it an excellent option for families. The added side safety panels will help the user to get on and off the machine quickly.

Overall, this is the best fitness equipment for family environments or when more than two people use the machine in their workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Can you run on a TreadClimber?

It is designed to offer an effective workout while walking. TreadClimber is not found for running. The unique motion of the treadles gives various benefits by combining the motions of a treadmill, a steeper, and an elliptical.

2. What is the main difference between TC100 and TC200 TreadClimber?

Both models are easy to integrate your mobile device with machine workouts. The main differences are the TC200’s upgrades of wireless pulse monitoring, Bluetooth, and built-in workouts. The TC100 can save and track data for two users, whereas TC200 has four profiles.

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