Assault Fitness Airrunner Treadmill Review [October 2022]

Assault Fitness Airrunner

Built For Users Who Want: A new breed of optimal CrossFit Games champion treadmill for interval training.

  • High user weight capacity.
  • With zero power consumption.
  • Optimal for all training.
  • Commercial stability.
  • Natural running feel.
  • LCD monitor.
  • Bluetooth Enabled.

The Assault Fitness Airrunner is quite different from the expensive electric treadmill available in the market. You don’t need any power outlet to start it – your feet will power the AirRunner itself. This is a motor-less treadmill whose run speed, stride, power, strength can be controlled by yourself.

It has a curved deck on which it is very easy to move the belt. In fact, with this treadmill, you will be able to correct your running form, as it gives you a natural feeling with less emphasis on technique.

This manual treadmill offers a long life with superior steel construction, compact footprint, reliable stability, and a streamlined, energy-efficient design. Without the maximum speed setting, if you want to push your limits during a workout, the Assault Fitness AirRunner is ready for you.

Assault Fitness Airrunner Review: First Impressions​

Assault AirRunner Specifications
Type Motor-Free Treadmill
For All Skill Levels
Belt Life 150, 000 mile
Dimensions 69.9″ L x 32.8″ W x 64″ H
Running Track 62″ L x 17″ W
Weight 280 lb
Weight Capacity 350 lb
Frame Material Alloy Steel
Incline Curved
Speed User-Controlled MPH
Heart Rate Chest Strap
Transport Wheels Yes
Folding No
Warranty 5-year (Frame), 3-year (Non-Wear Parts), 1-year (Labor)

Reasons To Buy

  • This Airrunner motorless treadmill uses no electricity.
  • Wheels for easy transport.
  • With Bluetooth and ANT connectivity.
  • On-board heart rate and interval program.
  • With unlimited speed option.
  • Steel frame and corrosion-resistant hardware for high durability.
  • Large tread surface.

Reasons To Avoid

  • No water bottle holder.
  • Lack of high-tech facilities like an electronic treadmill.

Detailed Specifications​

If you talk about the features of the Assault Airrunner motorless treadmill, then it is no less than the electric treadmill. It includes all the features you were looking for. Its most unique feature is its curved deck and motorless construction, in that you move your feet to move the track. So now, for a natural experience, you start running on it.


  •  Incline: This treadmill offers a predetermined upline of up to 30%, giving you a challenging running track. Although there is not much in this machine for control, you can take your competition to a higher level with its curved design.
  • Speed Range: There is no speed limit on this machine, but you can achieve higher speeds than this, which requires you to push harder because you drive the track yourself.
  • Display: An LCD display is paired with this treadmill which may make you look small, but it can track the matrix, which includes time, burned calories, total distance covered, watts and speed.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: This treadmill facilitates chest strap monitors to observe heart rate. Additionally, the trader console is Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible that produces wireless connectivity for you.
  • Durability: This treadmill is the easiest to maintain. With its steel frame and handrails, rust-resistant hardware, and a slat belt running surface, you can continue running for a long time.


Assault Airrunner Design

The Assault Runner is an impressive treadmill equipped with convenient features. Its motor-less design helps to increase exercise capacity to a higher level. It is a reasonably priced treadmill with a durable construction steel frame and handrails. There is no need to adjust or change its slat belt running surface to 150,000 miles.


The Assault motorless treadmill, like its other machines, is manufactured by high materials that you can easily fit into home gyms. The steel frame and handrails, corrosion-resistant hardware, and a slat belt running surface make it user-friendly. Its dimension of 69.9″ L x 32.8″ W x 64″ H saves space and makes it easy to use.

This budget-friendly treadmill offers excellent build quality and robust design, just like all other fitness machines. With this, you will definitely be able to experience a better and challenging journey.

Running Track

It features a curved surface of 17 ″ x 62″ for the runner to run at high speeds or walker. No motor is installed to start it. To move the belt, you need Feet will have to force one end of the surface that will make you feel a natural track somewhere.

This home fitness treadmill allows you to walk and run comfortably. It is also an ideal choice for long users with long strides. So start a stress-free running with a challenging way – with Assault Fitness Airrunner.


Assault Airrunner Performance

Curved Frame

This treadmill supports proper foot strike with a curved design. Ordinarily, many runners develop a heel strike pattern that can cause hip and knee pain with prolonged running, but its pattern is a midfoot strike that gives you pain relief. Due to its curved design, the AirRunner is natural. The form pushes the runners from the front of the machine and towards the center.

At this angle, it is more comfortable to walk with a midfoot strike. Air-conditioned athletes and experienced runners use this treadmill. It burns calories faster because running on a curved, manual treadmill burns 30% more calories than running at the same speed on a flat treadmill.

Its curved slate belt is only driven by your palate, which requires a lot of work. This treadmill is also perfect for high-intensity interval training (HIIT). You will increase your heart rate faster and maintain it, increasing the need for oxygen and burning more calories than regular aerobic exercise.

It engages more muscle groups. Its rubber surface helps to absorb the effects on your joints and connective tissue and prevent injuries. This is definitely better than outdoor training on asphalt or concrete.



Assault Airrunner Cushioning

The Assault Airrunner treadmill provides a natural feel as you power this machine with your stride. Slat-belts have been used on its curved decks that absorb impact shocks. Once you adapt to the effect, you can play it anywhere and anytime.

Noise Level

The noise level on other motorized treadmill counterparts on the AirRunner is commendable, with belt threads running on it. Your foot may feel a little impact noise, but there is no motor, so motor noise will not be disturbed while running.


Assault Airrunner Console

A high contrast LCD screen has been added to its console that is firmly attached to the horizontal handlebar. It takes power from four AA batteries, and control buttons are given on the right side. For this manual treadmill, it is an impressive console. It has several options for interval, target program, and heart rate program. Yellow light for comfort and a green light for work has been given so that you can easily know how to speed up your gap.

The screen is not super large, but the numbers are digital. Time elapsed, distance, calories, watts, speed, and heart rate are all displayed. A button and start/stop button sit at the base of the console.

LCD Monitor

A high-contrast LCD monitor is installed on its handlebar. It may seem small to you, but it is very easy to read. This makes it easy to track all your workout metrics at the same time during your workout.

Its LCD console allows for workouts based on time, calories, distance, speed, and watts for an unlimited training experience so that you can go towards the desired result.


Its console is both Bluetooth and ANT + enabled, so it pairs easily with any Bluetooth or device. This allows runners to store their matrix in their personal app for future reference and comparison. Provide new directions to your workouts wirelessly, and get ready for a challenging journey.

Setup Process


You don’t have to worry too much about the assembly, the whole deck comes pre-assembled. You will only need to attach its handlebar and console. It includes all the necessary hardware and equipment.

You only need 20 minutes to get this treadmill out of the box and set it up. It has strong wheels at its base to push 280 pounds of weight. Start your workouts with ease by moving it to your desired location.

Assault Airrunner Setup Process


You cannot collect the AirRunner, but it includes wheels and a lift bar for convenience so that you can tilt it and move from one place to another if necessary.


This AirRunner Trader promises you to run for 150,000 miles. It offers a 5 years warranty on frame, 2 years on parts, and a 1 year on labor charges. This is much better than about half the comparable manual curved treads, which will last for a long time.

Final Verdict

The AirRunner is a high-quality curved treadmill with a slat belt, steel frame, and powder coated uprights for your convenience. There are many basic benefits of walking on a curved manual treadmill. So if you are also one of the racers in your house looking for a curved treadmill, this is a great option.

The AirRunner is significantly lighter than other treadmills and easier to use than other manual trades. The Assault Airrunner is a good option for users who want the benefits of a curved treadmill at a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Can the speed on the Assault AirRunner be changed?

You can control the speed with your feet on the Assault Airrunner. If you want to go faster, you move your feet faster, and if you want to slow down, you just slow down your progress.

2. For whom is the Assault AirRunner a good choice?

This treadmill is better for runners who already know how to control their speed, as you set your own pace when walking. However, lower-level runners can also learn on it, for which all they need is control.

3. Is an Assault Airrunner Right for Walking?

Yes, you can walk or run on this machine at any speed you want. Just note, it can feel harder to stop or start than an electric treadmill because your feet are motors behind the belt.

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