Matrix T50 XER Treadmill Review [February 2023]

Matrix T50 Treadmill (XER Console)

Built For Runners Who Want: a treadmill for performing their exercises with a powerful motor, robust frame, large display, and several advanced features. 

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  • 60″ x 20″ (L x W) running deck.
  • 3.25 CHP motor.
  • 0-15% incline range.
  • A top speed of 12.5 mph.
  • It can bear 400 pounds of user weight.
  • Large 10″ touchscreen display.
  • 12 exercise programs.
  • WiFi internet connectivity.
  • Aluminum side rails.

Now you can finally get a club-quality treadmill at your own home without compromising your comfort level. You will not have to worry about the outside world whatever the season is, either it is raining “cats and dogs” or freezing. You will be able to walk, jog, and run consistently without any interference at your convenient time. 

Like every other day, our team has currently reviewed the Matrix T50 XER Treadmill for fitness enthusiasts like you. This treadmill includes a welded frame, durable deck, exclusive Johnson Drive System, a tremendous warranty service, powerful motor, exercise programs, and other features. Besides, this exercise machine contains some additional specs, such as aluminum side rails, a heartbeat checker program, soft-touch buttons, water bottle pockets, etc. These help the consumers reach their fitness journey delightfully. 

You are advised to go through the whole article at least once to decide whether this Matrix fitness treadmill is ideal for you or not. So stop wasting time, and let’s get started. 

Matrix T50 XER Treadmill: First Impressions

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Matrix T50 Treadmill (XER Console) Specifications
Motor3.25 HP continuous duty
Incline Range0-15%
Running Area60″ x 20″ (L x W)
Display10″ class HD touchscreen
Top Speed12.5 MPH
Weight Capacity400 lbs
Item Weight315 lbs
Exercise Programs12
Built-In SpeakerYes
Heart Rate MonitorBluetooth wireless heart rate and Contact heart rate grips
Footprints81″ x 35″ x 62″ (L x W x H)
WarrantyLifetime (Frame, Motor, and Cushioning), 7 years (Parts), 2 years (Labor)

Reasons To Buy

  • Sturdy frame. 
  • Two-ply treadmill belt.
  • Offers an energy saver mode. 
  • Bluetooth-enabled treadmill.
  • Effortless assembly method. 
  • Little maintenance is required. 
  • Commercial grade parts.
  • Soft-touch buttons.
  • Charge your tablet or mobile with the USB charging port. 
  • Compatibility with several popular taring applications.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The treadmill is not foldable.

Detailed Specifications​


  • Display – You will get this treadmill with a 10 inches LCD monitor that lets you easily read every workout data. 
  • Running Surface – You will get an area of 20 inches in width and 60 inches in length for performing your exercises. 
  • WiFi Connection – This treadmill lets you connect your console with WiFi. 
  • Bluetooth Connection – The Matrix fitness equipment users can pretty easily connect to popular training and coaching apps through Bluetooth. Moreover, they can see their heartbeat rating through the wireless heart rate monitor. 
  • USB Chargeable Port – It helps charge your smartphone or other electronic gadgets with ease. 
  • Speakers – This T50 exercise machine consists of speakers that assist the users in listening to their music or watching any show. 
  • Reading Shelf – Users will be able to read their best-loved novels as well as other things by keeping these on the shelf. 
  • Water Bottle Pockets – Keep your body hydrated with this feature.
  • Device Rack – You can put your devices on the rack while doing workouts and watch whatever you want to enjoy a stress-free exercise session.


Matrix T50 XER

The T50 treadmill is produced with a heavy-duty frame. It is designed in such a way that the equipment can bear a weight of 400 pounds, suitable for heavy users in the same family. You will get the running belt constructed with a 2-ply (2.2 mm thick) and a deck thickness of 1-inch. Aside from that, the treadmill is 81 inches long, 35 inches wide, and 62 inches higher. So choose your place of workouts by leaving a few extra inches of space for free movement. 

Tread Belt

Generally, a minimum 50 inches belt length is recommended for the walkers and 55 inches for the runners. But the overall height of a person matters. If you’re 6 feet or higher, then a treadmill with a 55″ length will be shorter for you. But 60 inches will be sufficient. This Matrix workout machine comes with a 20 inches wide and 60 inches long belt which is quite comfortable for almost every user. 


A walker can pretty comfortably do his walking with a 2 CHP motor power. Simultaneously, a jogger can perform jogging with a 2.5 CHP motor, and a 3 CHP capacity is enough for the runners. The exciting part of this treadmill is that you will get it with a built-in 3.25 HP continuous-duty rating. Undoubtedly, all members of your family can perform their exercises without any hassles. 


The Ultimate Deck System contains the industry’s most advanced frame, thick deck, and industrial-grade cushions. It provides the utmost feel for users and offers more than 25000 miles of maintenance-free performance. Furthermore, you can stay hydrated by keeping water in the drink holder during a long workout session.

Workout Programs

If you do the same exercises daily, then it is obvious that you will feel bored. In order to make your journey enjoyable, Matrix fitness has provided a total of 10 pre-programmed workouts and 2 with online connectivity. The built-in programs are manual, rolling hills, intervals, time goal, distance goal, calorie goal, target heart rate (speed), Virtual Active American Northeast, Virtual Active Northern Rockies, and one custom. The user himself sets the custom program. Apart from that, the two other internet-connected exercise programs are explained below. 

Sprint 8

It is a scientifically validated high-intensity interval training program that helps burn fat and builds muscle in short workouts that anyone can fit into their schedule. 

iFit Subscription

For a complete home fitness experience, nothing compares to this T50 workout machine with the iFit interactive training program. Users will get the club-quality fitness equipment synced to live studio classes, Global Workouts, Google Maps Street View, and more than 16000 exercises. Some of these workouts include strength, yoga, etc., all of them are led by the most inspiring trainers in the world. The best of all is that your T50 treadmill offers a 30-day iFit membership for your whole family. Furthermore, you can interact with various trainers on your treadmill through the iFit application via software updates. 


Generally, the Matrix T50 XER exercise equipment is produced in four different consoles. These are XIR, XER, XR, and XUR. All of these variants are manufactured with slight changes like the display console size, exercise programs, etc. But most of the features are similar to one another. By the way, we’re discussing the XER model. 

Matrix T50 XER
  • LCD – This Matrix T50 XER treadmill comes with a 10″ LCD monitor. You will get to check all of your exercise statistics precisely on the big screen. Further, you will get easy access to your favorite entertainment stuff just by touching on the display. 
  • WiFi Connectivity – Now, you can connect your console via WiFi for software updates. It is achievable through ViaFit connectivity, web browsing, and entertainment apps. 
  • USB Port – You do not have to worry about your smart devices getting out of charge. Whenever you feel the need to charge your mobile or tablet, you can do so without worrying with the built-in USB chargeable port. 
  • 3-Watt Speakers – You will be able to get the option of listening to your favorite tunes or watching Web shows, movies, and any other programs without headphones. 
  • Integrated Reading Rack – With this feature, you can quite easily read your books, newspaper, magazines, and whatever you love while you either walk or jog on the treadmill. 


The performance of a treadmill depends on its top speed, max user weight limit, materials used in the frame, incline, less power consumption, and other aspects. In the case of this Matrix treadmill, consumers achieve remarkable performance. Plus, they can use it in any room of their house because the motor always runs at low RPMs. As a result, the noise is minimized, and the durability is improved. 

Matrix T50 XER


Whenever you do exercises on an inclined surface, you will burn your fat much faster than on a flat surface. Additionally, the higher the rate of incline, the tougher it will be to perform your exercises. Nevertheless, the T50 fitness equipment offers the users an incline of 0 to 15% that is quite good for the consumers who run fast. 


This workout equipment provides a starting speed of 0.5 mph and a top rating of 12.5 mph. If you are a good runner, you will benefit from this treadmill. So the question of walking and jogging comfortably will not arise because these will be performed effortlessly. 

Johnson Drive System

This mechanism assists the users to stay in perfect rhythm with a quiet, durable, and responsive continuous-duty drive system that adjusts with each footfall. 

Heart Rate Monitoring

Check your heart condition while running on your treadmill. It lets you understand how high you should choose your workout intensity. The Polar heart rate grips technology contains a strap to view your heartbeat rate. 

Electricity Saving Mechanism

It is one of the best features a treadmill offers. Whether you forget to shut down your treadmill or suddenly go outside for more than an hour, the console will automatically switch to sleep status after 15 minutes of inactivity. It results in saving energy or your electricity consumption. 

Setup Process

Like every other treadmill, this one also comes with an assembly manual. You will find every bit of information about setting up your fitness machine with a detailed explanation. Take help from one of your family members, friends, neighbors, or even a delivery person if he agrees to do that. It’s always better to have two than one. One more essential thing is that before you get your delivery, select the place where you want to do your workouts. The much better action will be choosing the place while ordering the treadmill. It will save plenty of time for the after-purchase hassles of where to keep the treadmill. Overall, the setup process is quite easy, and you can complete it within a very short span of time, depending on your assembly capability. 

What’s covered by the warranty?

If you have made your mind about purchasing this treadmill or are still thinking, you should know about the warranty details. It’s like investing your hard-earned bucks on a good asset. Just imagine, all of a sudden, any part of your exercise machine gets defective or broken. Depending on the parts, it will cost you to repair or replace these. But here, you are provided with a lifetime warranty for the frame, motor, and cushioning. On the other hand, there will be 7 years of free service for the parts and 2 years for the labor charge, meaning you do not have to pay a single penny to the mechanic from your pocket. 

  • Frame – Lifetime. 
  • Motor – Lifetime. 
  • Cushioning – Lifetime.
  • Parts – 7 Years.
  • Labor – 2 Years. 

Final Verdict​

Experience a natural, decisive run with the industry’s most advanced frame and deck combination of this Matrix fitness treadmill, built with an XER console. Further, users achieve outstanding stability from the welded steel frame. At the same time, they get more consistent performance with a longer running surface, exclusive Johnson Drive Mechanism, and Ultimate Deck System.

You will be able to keep every workout fresh with metric-driven cardio programs, create your customized workouts, and repeat exercises saved in your workout calendar with this treadmill. There is an included web browser to search your favorite sites. 

Moreover, you can plug your media player into the console using the included adapter cable to play audio through the integrated speakers. It will let you kill your boredom while doing exercises. Finally, 15% incline and 12.5 mph top speed will satisfy the needs of almost every user. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. How to move the treadmill from one place to another?

This Matrix treadmill offers a 4-wheel transport system. Because of this feature, the users can effortlessly move the equipment from one room to another without lifting it or any muscle strain. At the same time, they can even relocate it to their garage or somewhere else to save space in their living room. But remember changing floors will be arduous because it is quite heavy.

2. How many types of console variations are there in the T50 fitness machine?

There are four types of consoles in this equipment, such as XR, XER, XIR, and XUR. They are different due to slight changes like the exercise programs, display sizes, etc. But the rest of the features are similar. 

3. What is the weight of the T50 treadmill?

It is 315 lbs or 143 kgs.

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