NordicTrack T 6.5 Si Treadmill Review [February 2023]

T 6.5 Si Treadmill

Built For Runners Who Want: an elementary treadmill with a large LCD, plenty of exercise programs, many features, and great design. 

  • Space-saver design.
  • Sturdy frame.
  • 2.6 continuous-duty HP motor.
  • 10 levels of incline.
  • The highest speed of 10 mph.
  • 55″ L x 20″ W running surface.
  • Cushioned running deck.
  • Supports a weight capacity of 300 pounds. 

Today, we are going to analyze the specifications, benefits, drawbacks, etc., of the NordicTrack T 6.5 Si Treadmill. It is a reasonably priced treadmill and suitable for those looking to start on the path to optimal fitness health. This exercise machine is equipped with a 2.6 CHP motor and can get you to a maximum running speed of 10 mph as well as an incline up to 10%. The motor also offers a smooth and quiet operation. 

The T 6.5 Si comes with 30 days free membership to the iFit network that allows consumers of all fitness levels to get engaged to several popular trainers’ workout videos that ultimately help them achieve their workout goals. Apart from that, the running area utilizes the FlexSelect cushioning system found on most NordicTrack treadmills. You can create a maximum of five profiles in the iFit program that streams thousands of live and on-demand workouts right to your treadmill’s huge 10″ high definition touchscreen. 

Let’s dig deeper into our article that will let you unmask every feature and make your process easier to think whether it is a suitable exercise machine for you or not. 

NordicTrack T 6.5 Si Treadmill: First Impressions

T 6.5 Si Treadmill Specifications
Motor2.6 CHP
Incline Range0 – 10%
Running Deck55″ x 20″ (L x W)
Top Speed10 MPH
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Preset Exercise Programs20
Heart Rate MonitorDual CardioGrip
Footprints67.5″ x 36″ x 73″ (L x W x H)
Warranty10 Years (Frame), 2 years (Parts), and 1 year (Labor)

Reasons To Buy

  • Excellent durability.
  • 10″ large LCD.
  • Reasonable price.
  • 30-day free iFit family membership.
  • Effortless assembly.
  • Easily controllable speed and incline buttons.
  • 20 preset workout programs.
  • 1.9″ roller reduces the wear and tear on the treadmill belt.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Advanced runners will not prefer this treadmill due to low motor power.
  • The deck length is small. 

NordicTrack T 6.5 Si Treadmill: Detailed Specifications​


  • Display – Users can track down their exercise statistics on the LCD monitor, which helps them build their fitness precisely. 
  • Folding Design – This model includes EasyLift Assist that helps the treadmill fold it simply with one step, resulting in no need for heavy lifting or muscle strain. 
  • Frame – The frame is constructed with heavy-duty alloy steel that is strong enough to bear 300 pounds. Different members of your family can perform their workouts on the treadmill. 
  • Weight Capacity – This treadmill can bear a weight of 300 pounds that is quite surprising for a compact treadmill. 
  • OneTouch Controls – Consumers can quite effortlessly control the treadmill with one-touch buttons. 
  • Sound System – Just plug your devices, such as iPod, phone, etc., into the console and enjoy listening to music from the dual 2” speakers. 
  • Motor – The motor has 2.6 CHP rating that lets consumers walk and jog at their homes comfortably. 
  • Ledge – There is a ledge just below the controls that is abundantly wide to hold a tablet or phone that lets you watch your favorite TV shows or other things. 


The T 6.5 Si is designed to be durable as well as robust enough to withstand 300 pounds of user weight. This NordicTrack treadmill is 67.5 inches long, 36 inches wide, and 73 inches high when it is completely set up. It will fit in your apartment and support most users. 

NordicTrack T 6.5 Si


This NordicTrack treadmill consists of a 2.6 rating of continuous duty horsepower motor. It provides good support to the walkers and joggers. Anyway, this motor is equipped with self-cooling technology specifically designed to support every type of cardio training, from HIIT workouts to endurance runs. But if you do serious running, go for the advanced treadmills with higher motor power, such as Xterra Fitness TRX4500 Treadmill with an approximately similar budget. 

Tread Belt

The thing you will like most about the T 6.5 Si workout machine is the FlexSelect deck that is generally found on the higher-end models. But you will get it with this affordable treadmill. On the other hand, the 20 inches wide and 55 inches long running deck with speeds up to 10 miles per hour make the running equipment desirable among users.


This T 6.5 Si workout equipment consists of 1.9 inches precision machined and balanced non-flex rear rollers. It expands the life of the motor and drive system while minimizing wear and tear on the tread belt. 


NordicTrack T 6.5 Si


Are you worried about your space? Then it’s time not to be. After each workout, you can easily fold the T 6.5 Si fitness machine. Keep it out of the way and store it in a place that you do not use the most. As a result, your living space will be free as well as you can perform your exercises comfortably.


Basically, the presence of cushioning allows users to engage dampeners and soften the impact on their joints. Besides, they can imitate a real road running experience just by turning the cushioning off. If it is turned on, then they will get a more cushioned deck for greater joint support. 

Workout Programs​

If you don’t want to continue with online exercise programs like iFit training, you can perform the previously programmed workouts. This treadmill comes with 20 onboard exercise programs, and some of these are HIIT, Hill Climb, Calorie Burn, etc. Apart from that, you can also run any number of uploaded Google routes, and the treadmill will adjust for you to match the actual terrain. 

iFIT Membership

This NordicTrack fitness machine offers users a 30-day iFit family membership. They can stream live and on-demand workouts on the equipment with Global Workouts & Studio Classes. In addition, a total of up to 5 users can subscribe to the program. The trainers will auto-adjust your speed and incline for a touchless experience. There are a few things you should know about the iFit. In order to get the membership activated, consumers have to provide their credit card details. But be worry less because not a single penny will be charged from you for the first 30 days. But remember to cancel the membership in advance if not interested in continuing. Otherwise, your money will be deducted as the subscription has auto-renewal characteristics. 


NordicTrack T 6.5 Si
  • LCD – This NordicTrack treadmill users get an immersive 10 inches HD touchscreen. They can pretty easily observe every workout stats, such as exercise speed, time, distance covered, total calories burned, etc., on the screen. Moreover, if any of you want to subscribe to iFit for the effective running and cardio training, you can check all details on display. 
  • OneTouch Controllability – You will find various buttons counting from one to ten on each side (left and right) that let you jump to your desired incline and speed directly from the console. The speed buttons are placed on the right, and the incline buttons are placed on the left. 
  • Speakers – Users will get two speakers placed on each side of the console that provides good volume. So, if you want to get rid of boredom, all you have to do is just plug your mobile into the audio jack to listen to music through the speakers. 



NordicTrack T 6.5 Si

If you perform your workouts on a treadmill without any incline settings, you will achieve fewer benefits than doing it on an inclined treadmill. By keeping this in mind, NordicTrack has provided up to a 10% incline on this model. So, take your workout journey to the next level with the setting. Furthermore, you can discover numerous other advantages with the iFit, like your trainer will automatically adjust your treadmill to mimic real-world terrain.


Speed depends on the motor power. This exercise machine comes with a 2.6 CHP motor that assists its users in getting a speed of up to 10 mph. Even if you are a power walker or jogger, the motor pace will be sufficient for you. Remember to increase the speed as per your capability and step by step. But if you are pretty sure that you will be able to handle it, then it is okay to jump at that setting. 

Heart Rate Monitoring

It is an utmost important thing to know about the status of your heart. Therefore, NordicTrack has given you the option to monitor your heart rate with the available Dual CardioGrip. If you perform strenuous workouts with a weak heart, you may collapse and attract mishaps. So, check your heart rate while exercising. 

Setup Process

Do not put too much stress on yourself about thinking of how to set up the treadmill. You will get an instruction manual from the makers of this exercise equipment, where each information has been explained briefly. Once you get the delivery, just follow the steps, and the fitness machine will be assembled. Call one or two of your friends while setting up the treadmill to make the process easier. In spite of that, if you face difficulty, watch some youtube videos to assemble the product or pay additional charges to get your treadmill assembled. 

What’s covered by the warranty?

Getting a good warranty service is also considered that you are spending your hard-earned money in the right place. If we start discussing the warranty details, the T 6.5 Si offers a 10 years coverage on the frame, 2 years on the parts, and 1 year on labor. The motor of the treadmill is included in the parts. So in case, it gets defective within a span of 2 years, NordicTrack will repair it without costing you any money. 

  • Frame: 10 years.
  • Parts: 2 years.
  • Labor: 1 year.

Final Verdict​

NordicTrack is a renowned name in the fitness industry and makes quality products. Anyway, the T 6.5Si is an entry-level treadmill with lots of features that is generally difficult to get within this price range. 

This T 6.5 Si model comes with a good motor size as well as offers sufficient incline and speed for joggers and walkers. Moreover, you will find fixed 1-10 buttons that allow quickly jumping to the exact setting without interruption. 

Users will love its cushioned deck, built-in audio jack compatible with mobiles, effortless foldability, strong frame, and many other things. 

All in all, the treadmill will be a perfect choice for losing weight, burning calories, and toning up the muscles. However, if you are planning to do serious running, look for the advanced quality treadmills of the Commercial series by Nordictrack, such as 1750, 2450, and 2950

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is the primary difference between the “T 6.5 Si” and “T 6.5 S” models?

The “T 6.5 S” has 5 inches LCD screen, but the “T 6.5 Si” has 10 inches LCD. 

2. How much does this treadmill weigh?

The “T 6.5 Si” weighs 198 pounds.

3. Is the belt enough for comfortable exercising?

The 55-inch long and 20-inch wide belt is suitable for fitness lovers less than 6 feet in height. But if your size is greater than six feet, you will feel uneasiness using this treadmill. 

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