NordicTrack T 7.5 S Treadmill Review [February 2023]

NordicTrack T 7.5 S Treadmill

Built For Runners Who Want: Best features and Interactive Training at Home.

  • Incline range of 0% to +12%.
  • Max speed of 12mph.
  • 50 programs, Bluetooth, iFit enabled.
  • Solid, cushioned running surface.
  • Heart Rate Mointoring.
  • Comfortable, Smooth training.

NordicTrack has a well-established reputation for making reliable in-home fitness equipment. The T series treadmills provide a great range of machines to suit every user’s individual needs.

NordicTrack T 7.5 S is the best option for those looking to engage in light to moderate workout sessions. Compared to the T 6.5 S, this treadmill offers a higher incline, longer deck, and stronger motor. It is perfect for joggers, walkers, and light runners alike.

Like other NordicTrack treadmills, it is designed to work with iFit live interactive training. You can run tracks all over the world and watch landmarks pass you by on the screen for virtual reality fun.

It also comes with dual speed-fan to keep you cool and adjustable cushioning. It helps you stay comfortable during your walk, run, or jog.

NordicTrack T 7.5 S Review: First Impressions​

NordicTrack T 7.5 S Treadmill Specifications
Motor3.0 HP
Incline / Decline0 – 12%
Running Area20″ W x 60″ L
Top Speed12 MPH
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Footprints78.5” L x 35.5” W x 59” H
Preset Programs50
Heart Rate MonitorEKG Grip Pulse
Display7″ HD color Touch Screen
SpeakersDual 3″ speakers
Warranty10 yrs (Frame), 1 Year (labor), 2 Year (parts)

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy folding design.
  • Maximum speed.
  • Bluetooth audio integration.
  • 50 built-in training programs.
  • Grip-mounted heart rate sensors.
  • Affordable treadmill.

Reasons To Avoid

  • No chest strap for accurate heart rate.

Detailed Specifications

The Nordic Track T 7.5 S is the budget treadmill of very popular T series. It features interactive training sessions on 7-inch touchscreen, gives you a unique training experience and 16000 on demand workouts that guide you through different routines.


  • 3.0 CHP Motor: It comes with a commercial plus motor that can power you through whatever type of treadmill workout you want. For a smooth ride as you walk or power you through a tough interval sprint workout.
  • Incline: From 0 to 12% is a standard incline that expected from the treadmills. It is enough to get you really working with HIIT workouts or when you route for a day includes a lot of hills. With the increase in increment level, you can tone your leg muscles effectively and raise your calorie burn.
  • Space Saver Design: It can folds up easily due to its EasyLift assist. Once the deck is folded up, the dimension of treadmill measures 35.5″ wide, 71.5″ tall and 39.5″ long. To unfold the treadmill, just push up on deck little and press the release lever. You can step back and allow the machine to unfold its own as it can descend gently to the floor.
  • 7″ Smart HD Touchscreen: To make a treadmill easier to use, the T 7.5 S comes with a 7″ Smart HD touchscreen. It is as effective as a large one as you navigate on this machine since it is responsive even if your hands are sweaty from working out.
  • Cushioning: The FlexSelect shock absorption system on this treadmill is better at absorbing part of the impact your body takes as you run. You can use the FlexSelect cushioning to control exactly how much cushioning is active.
  • Speed: With 0-12 MPH speed, you’ll be able to work those HIIT sessions, and get in a little speed training to up your cardio.
  • 50-Onboard Workouts: If you don’t want to pay for an iFit, you still have various options. There are 50 workouts on this T 7.5 S that will keep you going.
  • Tread belt: It has a sturdy and durable treadmill belt. It can take far more intensive workouts over a longer period than the average treadmill belt.
  • User Weight: It has a weight limit of 300 pounds, allowing a wide range of individuals to bring T 7.5 S home for effective workouts.


Nordictrack design

It describes the actual size of the tread belt. That is how much space you have to work with while running or walking. If the treadmill is too short, you’ll feel cramped, and you might not be able to stretch out completely during a sprint. It has a 20″ x 60″ running surface. This is the gold standard for home treadmill since it is shown to fit most users comfortably.

Furthermore, to help keep your walking or running more comfortable, there is a patented FlexSelect Cushioning system. It is designed so you can select the cushion the deck offers by turning each of the 3 dampeners under the belt.

It’ll reduce the strain through your joints, less will more closely mimic the feel of running on the road.

Folding Design

It is a folding treadmill so the deck can fold vertically for storage. The hydraulic “EasyLift Assist” system assures smooth folding. This feature is helpful if space is limited, as bringing the deck vertical can save approx 40 inches of floor space when not in use.


It comes with standard 3.0 continuous horsepower (CHP) DurX and capable of reaching a top speed of 12 mph. It also comes with power incline, capable of reaching a 12% slope for added workout intensity.

At 3.0 CHP, this machine has enough muscle to sustain comfortably running at higher speed and incline without the risk of the motor overheating. The motor is designed to “self cool”, offering it a longer span.

Rollers and Belt

There are 1.9″ rollers uses on this treadmill. The rollers are long tubes that make contact with the belt. The larger belt is better as it increases the amount of surface contact between the tube and the belt. It makes for a smooth feel.


With this treadmill, you can conveniently control your speed. It is suitable for walking, running and jogging. It provides great comfort to your hands with the handlebar mounted speed and incline control. They are right where you need them for a comfortable and secure workout.

NordicTrack T Comfort

Adjustable Cushioning 

 FlexSelect allows you to engage dampeners to soften the impact on your joints or stimulate a real road- running experience with a single run.

It makes running good for different kind of people to get a good workout without negatively affecting their back, knees, joints and muscles. You can also change the amount of cushioning to make your exercise experience more enjoyable.

Cooling Fan 

The built-in fan helps to keep you comfortable during more strenuous workouts and gives you more energy and passion for performing different workouts without any hassle.

Preset Workout Programs

NordicTrack Preset Programs

It has 50 different programs that can be used by users at any time. You don’t have to bother about monthly subscription. The programs are classified in two –

  • Users can select the type of workouts like cardio, calorie, or interval.
  • You can select either beginner, intermediate, or advanced programs based on your level of fitness.

The T 7.5 S provides its users a one-year subscription for iFit. It allows you to access about 16000+ on-demand programs. The programs include cross-training workouts, weight training workout program, studio as well as yoga classes.

  • These programs are streamlined into the console of the treadmill.
  • It includes some of the top trainers in the world, such as Betina, Hannah, Tanya, and John, who train celebrities and won awards like Men’s health trainer of the year and women’s Health trainer of the year.

iFit Subscription

iFit works well with Google Maps, thereby allowing users to run on any route across the world using Google Maps. You have to design your route, and the speed, as well as incline, automatically changes to follow the map. It also provides the user with the destination run. Users can use it via a library of video routes from mountains, beaches, and historical monuments. The treadmill has wireless connectivity that allows you to connect the machine to the wifi and access iFit workouts.


NordicTrack Console

It has an impressive 5″ HD touchscreen display. The high-quality display allows you to track the workout data easily. You can operate the various workout programs and engage themselves in iFit Coach programs. The screen is designed to pair perfectly with iFit, their workout app.

  • It is an LCD type display with touchscreen technology and LED-backlit.
  • It tracks all the vital workout metrics, including distance, time, speed, calories, pulse, and incline.
  • The incline and speed are set by default to units (MPH and miles). However, there is an option of metric units (km/h, km).
  • For pulse reading function, it has two sensor functions integrated into its front grips. And the console is telemetric as well. It can interface with a wireless HR strap.
  • It has in-built wireless connectivity and is iFit enabled. You can connect it to your wifi to access the iFit workout database.
  • One year of iFit membership is included with it.
  • Also, the sound system includes two large speakers placed on each side of the console. Also, it is compatible with most MP3 players or phones and provides Bluetooth connectivity.


NordicTrack T 7.5 S Performance

It is provided with an automatic incline system that means you can adjust the incline as you run or walk on the machine. Furthermore, some of the preset programs on the console can automatically adjust the incline.

There are 12 levels of incline, and increments are 1%, so the incline range is 0% to 12%. And the step-up deck height is around 10″. With the incline set to 12%, its front section becomes elevated by a few extra inches.

It steps up to a longer 60″ belt. Therefore you can stretch out and run without feeling like you are bumping up against the edge of your treadmill. For one thing, the iFit coach offers three new workouts on display. It may go or run with an iFit personal trainer to help you push your fitness to the next level.

Setup Process

The assembly of  T 7.5 S is simple, and instructions are well written and easy to follow. Keep in mind this treadmill weighs about 250 pounds. A large portion of the machine arrives pre-assembled. You have to assemble the front masts and the console.

You need to adjust the position of the belt before you begin using it. It includes all the required tools for the assembly. You can assemble this machine in about 2 hours.

The treadmill is heavy, so it is recommended to assemble the machine in the room that you wish to use it. It can be folded and rolls easily to be moved around short distances. Moreover, it has transport wheels located at the front for ease in relocation.


  • Speakers: It comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers that allow you to sync your smartphone with the treadmill and listen to your favorite audio.
  • Fans: It has a strong exercise fan that keeps you call during the workouts. The fan offers multiple speeds that assure the sweating is minimum. There is an option of auto speed, where the speeds change as per the intensity of the workout automatically.
  • Audio Jack: It has an audio jack to connect your device.
  • Water Bottle Cubbies: The treadmill has a place to keep your water bottles.

Final Verdict​

From this treadmill review, it is cleared that this is a high-grade machine. It is perfect for someone serious about their fitness routine. It is a compact, affordable treadmill that manages to come with engaging fitness features such as HD touchscreen and iFit Coach free trial for one year.

Overall, the treadmill comes with a robust and quality frame and motor able to provide a smooth experience. Also, you can enjoy the virtual reality-style training that iFit Coach gives you. Run across the world, take streaming fitness classes from your treadmill. If you’ve money to spend on a quality treadmill that’ll last a lifetime, then this NordicTrack is the machine for you.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is the user weight capacity on the T 7.5 S treadmill?

It has a maximum weight limit of about 300 pounds that is good enough for many users. However, for those users above the limit, they can go for SOLE treadmills. These are priced in the same range but come with higher weight.

2. Is the heart rate monitoring accurate on this treadmill?

Yes, it monitors heart rate with an EKG heart rate monitor. Pulse rate monitors used for exercise like wireless monitoring chest strap are not medical devices.

3. Is NordicTrack T 7.5 S Treadmill reliable for runners?

Yes, it is reliable for runners. The NordicTrack T 6.5 S is one of the brand’s most affordable home treadmills and one of the best treadmills you can buy in this price range. It is well-built and comes with solid features that will make your workout sessions more productive than ever before.

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