Precor TRM 211 Treadmill Review [February 2023]

Precor TRM 211 Treadmill​

Built For Runners Who Want: a treadmill with outstanding performance, fantastic warranty service, no maintenance belt, and an easy-to-use console.

  • Provides 3 CHP motor.
  • Offers a maximum speed of 12 mph.
  • It gives 15% incline.
  • 6 pre-programmed workouts.
  • 57″ x 20″ running surface.
  • 9 Workout metrics.

If you are looking for a fitness machine that feels amazing, is reliable, lasts for years, and keeps you engaged, then you have come to the right place. Today we will be discussing the Precor TRM 211 Treadmill. This new energy series treadmill allows the users to do workouts like a fitness center with the convenience of their home. The TRM 211 treadmill is produced with technologies adapted from Precor’s commercial treadmills.

This exercise machine is considered your perfect companion for performing cardio or weight loss programs. You can easily operate this Precor workout machine with its R10 blue and white LCD console. It comes packed with six built-in workouts to keep you challenged through your fitness journey. In addition, the TRM 211 exercise equipment maximizes your stress reduction on your joints by giving the optimal amount of underfoot cushioning. 

We have provided you with all the crucial information about this treadmill based on our thorough research. Let’s begin.  

Precor TRM 211 Treadmill Review: First Impressions

Precor TRM 211 Treadmill Specifications
Motor3.0 HP continuous duty
Incline Range0-15%
Running Area57″ x 20″ (L x W)
DisplayBlue & White LCD
Top Speed12 MPH
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Item Weight227 lbs
Preset Workout Programs6
Impact AbsorptionVertical
Heart Rate MonitorDigital touch sensor
Footprints81″ x 32″ x 54″ (L x W x H)
WarrantyLifetime (Frame and Welds), 5 years (Parts), 3 years (Console), 1 year (Labor)

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy to use console.
  • No maintenance tread belt.
  • Precision-machined rollers.
  • Superb warranty service.
  • Users can check their heart rate with digital touch sensors.
  • It can bear a weight limit of 300 pounds.

Reasons To Avoid

  • No USB port for charging your smart devices.
  • It is not foldable.

Precor TRM 211 Treadmill: Detailed Specifications​


  • Display – You can check your workout statistics on the LCD screen. 
  • Energy Stride Technology – It offers quality shock absorption by allowing the deck to conform to the stride, presenting optimal support to the deck areas. Overall, it is ideal for joint support while walking or running.
  • Easy Usability – Now, get moving faster with the effortlessly usable console. Furthermore, you can use the Quick-Start buttons or preset workouts to perform your exercises.  
  • Running Area – This Precor exercise machine offers a 57 inches long and 20 inches wide running surface.
  • Frame – The frame is constructed with powder-coated steel, strong enough to hold 300 pounds of weight. 
  • Incline – This Precor treadmill users can use an incline of 0-15%. The top rating is sufficient for achieving better results. 
  • Speed – The speed range varies from 0.5 mph to 12 mph. So, if you’re walking or jogging, set it at a lower level, and in case you’re running, set it as high as you want as per your capability. 


Precor TRM 211 Treadmill Review

The non-folding design of the treadmill gives a more structurally sound and stable platform than folding types. The mechanical and electrical components have been designed and tested for reliability and trouble-free operation for many years. 

The treadmill is 81 inches long, 32 inches wide, and 54 inches high when it is completely assembled. Besides, the frame is fully welded with powder-coated steel for durability and an attractive appearance. It can withstand 300 pounds of user weight. 

Tread Belt

The broader it is, the better. A wider belt helps in performing your workouts with more comfort. This treadmill belt is 57 inches lengthwise and 20 inches widthwise. 20 inches width is quite suitable for walking, running, or jogging. But the length should be longer. 


You will get a 3-Continuous Duty Horsepower motor with this treadmill. It is powerful enough to walk, jog, and run. Besides, the motor runs with quietness and coolness, providing plenty of power and torque whenever someone wants it, mostly during interval training when it is required to speed up and slow down in a hurry. Further, it is designed with 100% no maintenance, needing no periodic service calls. 


The precision-machined steel rollers help keep the belt in the center and run smoothly to minimize noise and wear. 


Energy Stride Technology

This technology uses the patented deck mounting system to reduce stress on your joints. It provides an optimal amount of underfoot cushioning and rigidity for achieving the most comfort throughout the stride in the deck areas. 


It is the portion of a treadmill where the belt runs around. Most people prefer a thicker deck that offers their legs and joints more cushioning and comfort. This Precor treadmill consists of a phenolic laminated deck bonded to medium-density fiberboard, made with a combination of wax and resin binder. Moreover, the particles are fused in this exercise equipment, making it denser than plywood or particle-board deck used on lesser quality treadmills. The deck thickness for this treadmill is 1 inch or 2.54 cm. 

Preset Workout Programs​

The TRM 211 energy series treadmill offers 6 pre-programmed workouts. You will get to perform exercises from these six programs, such as Manual, Weight Loss, Interval, Hill climb, Walk, and Fun Run (10K). Unlike other models in the energy series treadmill, the 211 fitness equipment does not include any personalized user IDs to store individual user workout data. 


  • LCD – This Precor treadmill consists of a blue/white liquid crystal display console that lets you track down your daily fitness progress. You will be able to check your heartbeat, total calories burned, distance covered, speed, incline, SmartRate zone, etc.
  • Workout Summary Metrics – The number of workout summary metrics is seven. These are “average HR, total calories, total distance, time elapsed, average incline, average pace, and average speed.”
  • Speed and Incline Changes – You can effortlessly make changes in the speed and incline with the available membrane switch keys.


There is no doubt that this equipment provides an amazing performance with the available 15% incline and a maximum pace of 12 mph. Even the runners will get to achieve their workout objectives. Further, with the presence of the 3 CHP motor and sturdy frame, it is achievable to burn your fat at a higher level as well as get the benefits of toning the muscles faster. 

Incline / Decline Range 

Most treadmills that come at this price range provide up to 12% inclines. But the Precor 211 fitness machine offers an incline of 15% that is quite good for runners. The more inclined a treadmill is, the better it is for burning calories and also does it more quickly than a flat surface. Apart from that, there is no decline in this equipment. Lastly, users can effortlessly achieve hill runs and internal training at steeper grades. 

TRM 211 Treadmill


The TRM 211 workout equipment offers its users 0.5 miles per hour to a maximum pace of 12 miles per hour. The top speed is more than enough for the walkers and joggers, but for the runners, it is fantastic. 

Heart Rate Monitoring

While we do exercises, monitoring your heart rate becomes an utmost important matter. This way, you can keep yourself fit and healthy. With the heart touch sensors, you can check your heart condition. 

SmartRate Target Heart Zone 

It is one of the most crucial factors for determining your heart zone, meaning it lets you know about the stage your heart is in. So whenever anyone puts their age and weight, it displays either the exerciser’s heart rate is in the fat-burning, cardio, or peak target zone. 

Setup Process

There are a few things to check meticulously if you have made up your mind about purchasing a treadmill. One of these critical things is the setup process. First of all, you will get an assembly manual from the brand where they have explained all the steps of setting up the treadmill. Once you have gone through it, start assembling your treadmill. Keep one person with you to assist you during the whole process. Follow all the steps in an arranged fashion and tighten all the screws. Finally, it will be ready to use. 

What’s covered by the warranty?

Everyone loves an extended warranty service for their items. And if they get a lifetime warranty on something, then it is a matter of great pleasure. Anyway, every user of this Precor workout machine receives a lifetime warranty on the frame & welds. Additionally, you will be getting a timeline of 5 years if there is a requirement to replace parts and wear items, 3 years on the console, and 1 year on the labor cost. 

  • Frame & Welds – Lifetime.
  • Parts – 5 years.
  • Labor – 1 year.
  • Console – 3 years. 

Final Verdict​

The TRM 211 treadmill is designed to help users reach their fitness goals faster and enjoy more workouts. The performance and the construction are excellent with this Precor fitness machine. But if you’re specifically looking for many features like a tablet holder, water bottle holder, more workout programs, it will not be suitable for you. 

Overall, the durable construction, great warranty, magnificent performance, and high-quality components are designed and tested for years of reliability and trouble-free no-maintenance operation. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is the step-up height with this Precor treadmill?

It is 7.5 inches or 19 cm. 

2. How many workout feedback metrics are used in the TRM 211 fitness machine?

There are a total of 9 metrics used in this treadmill. These are heart rate, calories, distance, time elapsed, time remaining, incline, pace, speed, and SmartRate zone. 

3. What is the treadmill belt specification with this machine?

It is made with a multi-ply polyester satin weave with a PVC non-slip surface. Further, as this contains dry silicone lubrication, the belt is maintenance-free. 

4. Is the TRM 211 treadmill compatible with a wireless heart monitor?

This Precor workout machine can work with any Polar compatible wireless heart rate transmitter. But you will need to buy it separately. 

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