Proform Performance 600i Treadmill Review – [January 2021]

In A Hurry? Our Top Reasons To Buy

Built For Runners Who Want: Robust treadmill at an affordable price that offers plenty of workout options.  

Proform Performance Series Treadmill

Proform Smart Performance 600i Treadmill ​

  • Impressive 0% decline to 12% incline range.
  • 50 onboard workouts
  • 10 mph max speed.
  • Built in fans and speakers
  • EasyLift Assist allows you to fold it up and roll it.
  • 10” HD color touchscreen.
  • Built-in EKG grip pulse sensors
  • Speed and Incline at the touch of button

Are you looking for a well-made starter with some of the best entertainment perks around? This ProForm 600i surely the best economical option. Some of the upgraded added features are a new HD touchscreen, various in-built programs, and iFit Coach subscription for one year to access more programs.

It is a top-rated treadmill for indoor workouts that’ll save your home’s space with its folding capacity. An incline range that could be maxed out 10% combined with a total speed of 12 mph makes it a perfect choice to get. Even if you like longer strides, this machine can offer you enough running area causing no restriction throughout the exercises.

Furthermore, the console is well designed with an ability to give you information regarding incline, heart rate, distance, speed, etc. To make the adjustment easier, it is equipped with quick control buttons. It is the best treadmill for walkers and joggers.

ProForm Performance 600i Treadmill Review: First Impressions​

Proform Performance 600i Treadmill

Technical Specifications
Motor2.5 CHP
Incline & Decline0% to +10%
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Top Speed10 MPH
Footprint33.5″ x 69.8″ x 56.42″
Deck18″ x 55″
Display10″ HD Touchscreen
DeckProShox Cushioning
Rollers1.6″ Precision-Balanced
Preset programs50
SpeakersDual 2″ Speakers
SensorEKG Grip Pulse Sensor

The Good

  • EassyLift Assist option for easy folding and unfolding
  • iFit Coach membership free for one year
  • The shock absorption system includes four shock absorbers providing comfort to the user while running, jogging, or walking.
  • Treadbelt is 18″ wide and 55″ long, which gives the user a natural experience of running.
  • A wide walking area that comes with cooling fan
  • Quick controls to change the incline and speed at the touch of a button
  • Built-in speakers with auxiliary input
  • 22 onboard programs that offer a wide range of options like heart rate programs, weight loss program and many more

The Bad

  • The side rail design is not liked by everyone

ProForm Smart Performance 600i: Detailed Features​

  • Motor: It comes with a 2.5 CHP motor that can power you through your workouts. Also, you can change speeds and inclines without wobbling.
  • Touchscreen Display: It comes with a 10-inch touchscreen that gives high-definition clarity when working out. You can also access workout metrics regarding the number of steps, distance elapsed, incline, calories, speed, and pulse rate.
  • Cushioning: It features four shock absorbers in the advanced ProShox Cushioning system to run, jog, or walk with support and comfort. The deck is cushioned and sports a thick and durable tread belt.
  • Solid Built: It isn’t a commercial-grade treadmill that still has a very sturdy built that won’t shake when you want to move faster than walking. With this sturdy, compact treadmill under your feet, you won’t have to worry as you workout
  • Program Variety: ProForm offers a wide range of in-built workout programs. It offers 50 programs that allow for a wide variety of exercises to help you reach your ideal fitness level.
  • Folding Design: You can fold this treadmill easily thanks to EasyLift Assist technology built into it.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: With pulse rate analysis, you can define easily define the heart rate zones and design the workouts based on that. The Grip Pulse EKG sensor is located on a hand grip for easy heart rate measurement.
  • iFit Subscription: With iFit, you can connect with various exercise programs as well as other benefits. It is known for its ability to use Google Maps to offer you a feeling of training in the real world.
  • Warranty: ProForm gives a good warranty period. When it comes to frame, you have a lifetime warranty. It offers one year labor warranty and two year parts. 

In-Depth Review​


This treadmill is not designed for commercial use still features an extremely sturdy construction. The deck can support max weight up to 300 lbs, which is decent for a treadmill in this price range. It is a heavy machine, weighing close to 200 pounds, which means it is stable fitness equipment.

It has a space-saver folding design so you can store it off when not in use. Its folding system consists of a hydraulic piston that assists you with the unfolding of the deck. Furthermore, the rear part of the front base features a set of small wheels. So you can relocate it when its deck is folded up.

ProForm Treadmill

When it comes to dimensions, this treadmill doesn’t take much floor space when unfolded. It’s 69.8″ long and 3.5″ wide thus, it is the right choice for small apartments.

It uses a heavy-duty 2-ply belt, resistant to stretching, that should last for many years. It has 1.9″ balanced and precision machine rollers with sealed ball bearings.


The motor of ProForm is designed for heavy use with continuous duty power that can last without heating or slowing down even during the long run workouts. It generates smooth, balanced motion with a powerful feel.

It provides a speed range between 0.5 mph to 10mph. You can alter the speed in increments of 0.1 to 0.5 mph. Moreover, the motor itself is fairly quiet.

Running Surface

Running surface affects the comfort level more than any other feature. This ProForm 600i has a workout area of 18″ x 55″. This is smaller than the gold standard, which is disappointing for a treadmill in this price tag.

ProForm Running Surface

If you are 6 feet tall, you should consider this because running could be tight. A running deck of 18″ x 55″ should be perfect for shorter users.

Incline and Step-up Height

This personal trainer does have a motorized incline that goes up to 10% in adjustment increments of 1%. This feature can help you improve your workout spectrum and intensity to add to your jogging or running exercises.

The Step-up height is 7″ at 0% incline and will raise the few inches when the incline is set at 10%. To avoid any ceiling height issues before ordering this, make sure that you add 14″-15″ to your height and compare the result with a ceiling height of the room.

Preset Workouts Programs​


This treadmill is backed with 50 onboard workout programs. Even if you select to out of iFit membership, these training programs will be enough to provide you decent workout experience. These are designed by professional personal trainers. iFit is jam-packed with thousands of on-demand workouts and interactive courses that run you through a variety of paths and trails.

Travel the world with iFit coach

With iFit Google Map Integration, you can choose a specific destination all over the world. If you want to run along the shores of Hawaii or jog through the Cascade range, iFit lets you do that.

The ProForm Smart Performance treadmill automatically adjusts its incline depending on your chosen terrain. It is the best option if you enjoy some scenic and challenging routes at home.


ProForm Performance Console

With Proform 600i treadmill, you get a large 10″ smart HD touchscreen. You can see your workout progress in full color with a swipe of your finger. Moreover, this 600i is iFit enabled, you can access the app directly from your console, browse unlimited training material, or even challenge other iFit users for more simulating sessions.

Quick Controls: You can change the speed settings using the numbered keys or the (+/-) keys on the console. If you use the +/-, you can change the speed by 0.1%, i.e., 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, etc. If you use the number keys, the speed will change by whole numbers, i.e., 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, etc.

Tablet Holder above the console

It comes with an adjustable device holder that sits at eye level above the console window. Moreover, you can attach your tablet and surf the net or watch YouTube or Netflix.


Listening to music while running make your experience more entertaining. Its 2″ speakers are loud enough to enjoy music. The sound is pretty clear up to the mid-range volume, but the sound loses quality at you turn up the volume. Also, it comes with a facility to attach the iPod or MP3 players.

Cooling Fan

There is a CoolAire workout fan mounted under the console. It can keep you cool throughout the workout period. And it offers two-speed settings for controlling the Air Flow.

Assembly and Maintenance

The Proform 600i treadmill comes with parts, a manual, and tools like the hex key to adjust the drive belt. It provides the simplest user guide to assemble. The assembly of the machine is easy and doesn’t take much time. However, due to heavy-weight, transport and unboxing require 2 people.

The deck and motor are completely assembled and attached to the front part of the frame. You only require to add a treadmill’s vertical posts and connect the console. Follow the step by step guide, and you can begin working out with smart performance 600i in a jiffy.

The belt doesn’t need any lubrication in terms of maintenance, as it comes pre-lubricated with high-performance lubricants. However, after some time, it requires lubrication. Also, keep the running belt clean, free of dust and fiber that may be caught in the motor and damage.

What’s covered by the warranty?

  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Deck: Lifetime
  • Labor: 1 year
  • Motor: 25 years
  • Parts: 2 Years


  • By having the ProForm 600i treadmill in your home to support your overall health, you can more easily maintain a healthy lifestyle from your physical fitness to your mental health.
  • Along with health benefits, it is an easy treadmill to add to any home. It has a compact frame and comes with folding technology that makes it easy to both fold up and unfold when you want to use it.
  • There is plenty of exercise options on this treadmill that can help keep it from becoming a large coat rack.
  • Its high quality, durable material that can last up to for years.

Final Verdict​

If you are smaller and searching for a high-tech console with plenty of workout programs to choose fro, this Proform 600i is a good choice. Its 10″ touchscreen display and expansive workout library are perks you couldn’t easily find at this price.

It is a good jumping-off point, but you’ll eventually want to step up to something a bit more heavy-duty if you catch the running bug. Overall, this treadmill is quite a versatile and budget-friendly machine that can come in handy to many people looking to develop a healthy and active lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Can I Use ProForm 600i with or without iFit?

Yes, you can use this machine with or without an iFit subscription. The iFit allows you to access hundreds of workouts and other features. You can also it in manual mode or take advantage of 50 built-in programs.

2. How Much Does 600i Treadmill Weigh?

It is about 225 lbs with a user weight capacity of 300 pounds.

3. How Many Workout Programs Does it support?

It comes with 50 different built-in workouts. Therefore you have a lot of ways to challenge yourself on this treadmill.

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