ProForm Smart Pro 9000 Treadmill Review – [January 2021]

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Built For Runners Who Want: High-grade, sturdy treadmill that offers plenty of workout options.  

Proform Smart Pro 9000 Treadmill

Proform Smart Pro Treadmill​

  • Impressive -3% decline to 15% incline range.
  • 38 onboard workouts
  • 12mph max speed.
  • Built in fans and speakers
  • EasyLift Assist allows you to fold it up and roll it.
  • 10” HD full-color touchscreen.
  • Chest strap for wireless pulse monitoring.
  • Foldable frame with hydraulic assist
  • Five-year parts warranty.

The Smart Pro 9000 combines a high capacity motor with one of the flashiest displays you’ll see on a treadmill. Its HD touchscreen shows not only preset workout programs but also supports an interactive training experience.

It is suitable for vigorous workouts as it has a 4.25 CHP motor and a belt that doesn’t require any maintenance. This Pro 9000 is meant to satisfy serious runners, and it is also a great option for a household with various trainees.

Whether your home treadmill priorities consist of strong basics or fun extras, you’ll likely find the 9000 impressive. If you are a casual runner or a jogger? Thus the Proform Smart Pro 9000 is perfect for everyone out there who is looking forward to getting engaged in the workouts.

Proform Smart Pro 9000 Treadmill Review: First Impressions​

Proform Smart 9000

Technical Specifications
Motor4.25 CHP
Incline & Decline-3% to +15%
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Top Speed12 MPH
Footprint39″ x 70″ x 77″
Deck22″ x 60″
Display10″ HD Touchscreen
BeltProShox Cushioning
RollersDual 2.5″ Precision-Balanced
Preset programs38
SpeakersDual 3″ Speakers
SensorEKG Grip Pulse Sensor w/ Included Chest Strap

The Good

  • 4.25 CHP motor with a lifetime warranty
  • It features 10″ HD full-colour touchscreen
  • Foldable frame with a hydraulic assist
  • Smartphone compatible 3″ speakers
  • Tablet computer shelf with grips
  • It has an excellent running area.
  • It’s auto incline & decline makes your switch to other resistance levels easy.

The Bad

  • The iFit subscription isn’t provided for free.
  • It doesn’t have the smallest footprint.

Proform Smart Pro 9000 Treadmill: Detailed Features​

  • Motor: The motor in this treadmill is 4.25 CHP. It is a strong commercial plus motor, so it can easily incline and decline smoothly with less noise. It can hold long run, interval training, and heavy use. So, it is excellent for daily use by multiple users.
  • Weight Limit: It can hold user who weighs up to 300 pounds.
  • Cushioning: The Pro Series treadmill decks use cushioning to help make exercise safer and more comfortable running on asphalt or concrete. It reduces impact by up to 28%. The system is air-based. For instance, when you step down on the air chamber in the deck compresses to minimize the impact.
  • Track: Its workout surface measures 22″ wide and 60″ long. Therefore it is a bit more spacious than the standard treadmill track. You can get enough elbow room and take long-running strides.
  • Incline and Decline range: It can help you to get fit faster and prepare for outdoor workouts. It offers a maximum of 3% decline and 15% incline with electronic controls.
  • Workout Programs: It has 38 training apps that automate the track’s speed and incline/decline. These programs are categorized as Distance, Speed, Time, Calorie, and Intensity workouts.
  • Foldable: It features a Space Saver design and can easily be folded for storage. Its Shock-assist helps you move the deck into a vertical position to save floor space.
  • Heart Rate: It comes with two pulse monitoring system. You can select wireless telemetry or use grips on the handlebars.
  • Audio: It has 3″ speakers to let you move to your music.

In-Depth Review​

Build Quality and Design

It is built for a range of users. Also, it’s cushioning reduces impact for runners and walkers alike but isn’t so squishy that runners are unprepared for outside running.

The warranty on the Pro 2000 is great. While many treadmill warranties on the frame and motor, the 1-year parts and 2-year labor warranty are on the longer than your average treadmill warranty.

It comes with an easy lift system to help you to lift the deck vertically for storage purposes. It measures 77.16 x 39.15 x 70 inches and designed in such a way that its deck is foldable to encourage easy storage. It is suitable for the users weighing 300 pounds.


It comes with a 4.25 CHP that is capable of giving a great workout experience. It is perfect for joggers, and there is a steady belt motion that’ll make the workout better.

It is 25% more powerful in contrast to other non Proform motors available in the market. Besides, these premium quality brushes, along with the commercial bearings, are brought in use for the long life of the treadmill.

Tread Belt

It uses a highly durable and stable treadmill deck to support the treadmill motor and belt during the workout. The heat and noise generated by the treadmill get nullified, with it increases the life of the treadmill. It’ll save a lot on the maintenance cost in the future.

Preset Workouts Programs​


It offers professional workout guidance at your fingertips with 38 training apps into the console. These programs can adjust its belt speed and incline to support specific goals.

Select from four-goal categories: speed, weight loss, incline training, and intensity. Its console is enabled for iFit Coach for unlimited personal training. You can use the 10″ touchscreen or your own smartphone. You can take advantage of customized personal training plans, virtual outdoor training along Google Maps route, and HD video workouts from popular trainers.

iFit Coach subscriptions cost $12 per month with a one-year subscription or $9 per month with a two-year agreement. It supports up to 4 user profiles.


Proform Pro 9000


The touch screen makes it easier to use the controls. With the intuitive display, you’ll able to change the settings of the treadmill whenever you want. It has a 10″ HD touchscreen that provides you information regarding the distance run, total time taken, calories burned, etc. It’ll give you proper insight into your workout data.

Console Layout

  • It comes with an additional accessory tray to keep your water bottle. You can also use it to place your keys.
  • Also, it comes with dual CoolAire workout fans with multiple speeds. It keeps you cool during your workout sessions.
  • There are a safety key and lanyard. Also, any unauthorized user won’t be able to operate it. It has a child safety passcode. It doesn’t allow access to the console operations till you enter the correct four-digit password.
  • It comes with 3″ speakers that are iPod compatible.
  • Its sound is crisp and has a good sound range



You can use its incline adjustment for changing the resistance levels even during the workout sessions. It can be adjusted from -3% to 15%. Moreover, it has added advantage of having instant incline buttons that’ll change the incline in an instant.


It features ProShox cushioning that will absorb most of the impact that happens during the running. It makes this treadmill a good companion for your knees.

Heart Rate Monitoring

It has a dual grip heart-rate monitor sensors. It allows you to keep an eye on your pulse rate appropriately. Furthermore, it offers the facility to choose wireless telemetry or can use the handlebar grips.


The manual comes with clear instructions, so it is easy to assemble. You also get the pictorial representation of the machine with the parts references giving you clear pictures of how to fit them together.

It also comes with most of the tools you’ll require at the time of assembly, such as hex key that help you adjust the walking belt. Furthermore, if you find difficulty in assembly the machine, you can call the customer care service.

What’s covered by the warranty?

  • Frame: lifetime
  • Motor: lifetime
  • Parts and labor: It offers a 5 years warranty on parts and 2 years on labor.

Final Verdict​

This ProForm 9000 is the most preferred treadmill available for less than $2000. It is a sturdy treadmill with a good amount of added value in the programming features.

4.25 HP motor, a better running platform, 38 preset workout programs, a 10″ Smart HD Touch, and the amazing warranty period are a few features that make it stand apart from other models on the market. It is crafted to support serious training while also helping to make exercise sessions fun.

However, if your cardio training needs are lighter, then the lower-priced Pro 5000 with a smaller motor might be a better value.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Does this Pro 9000 treadmill fold?

Yes! You can fold up this treadmill deck after using your workout using EasyLift Assist. It maximizes storage space with the space-saver design.

2. Is there heart rate monitoring on the Smart Pro 9000?

Yes, it monitors your heart rate in 2 ways. You can use heart rate zone training to target a specific goal with the included iFit Bluetooth Chest strap or in-built EKG grip pulse sensors.

It is used for exercise, such as the wireless chest strap are not medical devices. Also, their accuracy may be affected by a number of factors.

3. Do you have to set up an account to use google maps on this treadmill?

Yes, you have to set up an account to use maps and iFit.

4. How big is the ProForm 9000 Treadmill?

It is fully assembled and measures 39.15″ W x 77.16″ D x 70″ H.

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