ProForm Smart Pro 9000 Treadmill Review [February 2023]

Smart Pro 9000 Treadmill​

Built For Runners Who Want: High-grade, sturdy treadmill that offers plenty of workout options.

  • Impressive -3% decline to 15% incline range.
  • 38 onboard workouts.
  • 12mph max speed.
  • Built in fans and speakers.
  • EasyLift Assist allows you to fold it up and roll it.
  • 10” HD full-color touchscreen.
  • Chest strap for wireless pulse monitoring.
  • Foldable frame with hydraulic assist.
  • Five-year parts warranty.

The Smart Pro 9000 combines a high capacity motor with one of the flashiest displays you’ll see on a treadmill. Its HD touchscreen not only shows preset exercise programs but also supports an interactive training experience.

It is suitable for home gyms for vigorous workouts as it has a 4.25 CHP motor and a belt that doesn’t require any maintenance. This Pro 9000 is meant to satisfy serious runners, and it is also an excellent option for a home-gym with various trainees.
Whether your home treadmill priorities consist of strong basics or fun extras, you’ll likely find the 9000 impressive. If you are a casual runner or a jogger? Thus the Proform Smart Pro 9000 is perfect for everyone out there looking forward to getting engaged in the workouts.

Proform Smart Pro 9000 Review: First Impressions​

Smart Pro 9000 Treadmill Specifications
Motor4.25 CHP
Incline and Decline Range+15% incline, -3% decline
Running Area22″ x 60″
Top Speed12 MPH
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Preset Programs38
Heart Rate MonitorEKG Grip Pulse Sensor
Footprints39″ x 70″ x 77″
Cooling FansYes (built-in)
WarrantyLifetime (frame), 6 yrs (Parts and Electronics), and 3 yrs (Labor)

Reasons To Buy

  • Smartphone compatible.
  • Auto incline & decline.
  • Easily folding frame with a hydraulic assist.
  • Comes with one-year iFit Family Membership.
  • Clear Enough and widescreen.
  • Cushioning reduce the 28% impact.
  • A bit more spacious running surface.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not suitable for tight space.
  • Not good customer service. 

Proform Smart Pro 9000: Detailed Specifications​

Get professional workout direction at your fingertip with this SmartPro 9000. The treadmill comes with amazing features and 38 pre-set programs that lets you achieve your goals. No matter what, this treadmill delivers a fantastic performance.  


  • Motor: The motor in this treadmill is 4.25 CHP. It is a strong commercial plus motor, so it can easily incline smoothly with less noise. It can hold long run, interval training, and heavy use. So, it is excellent for daily use by multiple users.
  • Weight Limit: It can hold a user who weighs up to 300 pounds.
  • Cushioning: The Pro Series treadmill decks use cushioning to help make exercise safer and more comfortable running on asphalt or concrete. It reduces impact by up to 28%. The system is air-based. For instance, when you step down on the air chamber in the deck compresses to minimize the impact.
  • Track: Its workout surface measures 22″ wide and 60″ long. Therefore it is a bit more spacious than the standard treadmill track. You can get enough elbow room and take long-running strides.
  • Incline and Decline range: It can help you to get fit faster and prepare for outdoor workouts. It offers a maximum of 3% decline and 15% incline with electronic controls.
  • Exercise Programs: It has 38 training apps that automate the track’s speed and incline. These programs are categorized as Distance, Speed, Time, Calorie, and Intensity workouts.
  • Foldable: It features a Space Saver design and can easily be folded for storage. Its Shock-assist helps you move the deck into a vertical position to save space.
  • Heart Rate: It comes with two pulse monitoring systems. You can select wireless telemetry or use grips on the handlebars.
  • Audio: It has 3″ speakers to let you move to your music.


The ProForm Pro 9000 is the top-of-the-line treadmill, durable enough to give you blow throughout your exercise. Plus, it is a sleek machine made up of high-quality material, 10″ wide HD touchscreen, and more. 


Take this treadmill to the next level of fitness. It comes engaged with durable material specially designed for your home. It measures 77.16 x 39.15 x 68 inches and has an easily foldable deck to support storage. The machine is suitable for users who need intense workouts and weighs around 400 pounds. 

However, the treadmill comes with Proshox cushioning that reduces the force on joints, ankles, hips, and feet. It has a touchscreen that is big enough to see and spend good time on the machine. 

Smart Pro 9000

The foldable design of the frame lets gives you free floor space with easy lifting and folding aspects. With the help of an easy lift system, you can lift the deck vertically and more unlock it for the workout. 

Running Surface 

Give your legs enough room to run on the treadmill. The 60″ length is long enough to let you spread your legs, and the 20″ wide to provide your elbow comfort. However, while running for long leads up to high-heat build-up but worry not, it comes with built-in Cool-Air fans to keep you on track. You can adjust your level of wind with just a single push of a button.

Tread Belt

To speed up your running, the treadmill comes equipped with a durable tread belt. It has a firm and stable deck to support you, your motor, and the belt during the exercise. You will save the maintenance cost for the future with its good quality belt.  


When it comes to motor, the machine comes with 4.25 CHP that is capable of giving a great workout experience. It is perfect for home gyms and there is a steady belt motion that’ll make the workout better.

It is 25% more powerful in contrast to other non-Proform motors available in the market. The power of the engine plays a vital role in giving you a smooth performance. Also, you have a lifetime warranty over the motor that makes you stress-free at some point. You can make various speed changes from 0.1 mph to 10 mph. 


Deck Cushioning 

However, this makes the treadmill a good mate for knees. With less stress on sensitive joints, you will be able to enjoy the workout for longer. 

Pro 9000 cushoining

When it comes to the running surface, the cushioning of the treadmill is very vital. This ProForm Pro treadmill comes with ProShox cushioning that engrosses most of the impact while running in this price range.

Extra Storage 

With extra comfort from cushioning, the treadmill also comes with a tablet holder and 3-inch speakers. It is compatible with holding your tablet and giving you music with the help of speakers to enjoy your workout session with more interest.

Moreover, you will get an extra storage tray below the console, where you can place your bottle or keys. 

Folding Deck 

This home-gym treadmill comes with a space-saving profile. It easily folds up and out when you’re not using it, so you don’t have to lose your living space.

Folding Deck

And with a bonus, the machine comes with a powerful wreck that helps you lift the device with an easy push. 

Cooling Fans 

The built-in cooling fan keeps you on track with comfort. However, this feature gives you the option to choose the speed from two settings for immediate control.

Even if it’s raining outside or sunny, you will feel relaxed doing exercise as the company appreciates the joy of indoor workout plans in this price range. 

Preset Workouts Programs​

With this treadmill, you will get around 38 exercise programs. The training apps provide you enough exercises to keep you fit and achieve your fitness goals. These programs can adjust their belt speed, incline or decline upto your specific goals.

Pro9000 Pre Set Programs

You can even select your goals from its four-goal categories like speed, weight loss, incline training, and strength. Its console comes equipped with the iFit Coach app that gives countless personal training. This iFit training app leads you to do various workouts like heart-pumping cardio, both on and off your engine.

Moreover, you can use the 10″ touchscreen or your own smartphone to access the app. You can take advantage of customized personal training plans, virtual outdoor training along the Google Maps route, and HD video workouts from popular trainers.

However, the iFit Coach subscriptions cost $12 per month with a one-year subscription or $9 per month with a two-year agreement. It also supports up to 4 user profiles so you can enjoy your home-gyming with your loved ones.


Running not only means cardio. You can even work on your muscles and heart too. With this treadmill and its unique features, you can work on your entire body. 

Smart HD Touchscreen 

Stay motivated with this treadmill. The high-definition screen allows you to watch all your training programs with ease. The touchscreen control panel makes the ruling easy.

Control and Console

The treadmill comes with a 10″ screen that gives data about distance run, total time taken, how much calories burned, etc. With this, you will get all the insight story in front of you.

Moreover, you can even browse the online sessions as they can easily get connected with WiFi. The screen is very effective and easy to use. Your one little touch scroll down your overall workout data. 

As we’ve already mentioned, the machine comes equipped with iFit technology, an incredible addition to your workout sessions. You can do a large number of exercises on and off the machine via iFit. It also lets you choose the user profile from beginners to medium and advanced. 

Console Pro 9000

Other Tech Features With Console Panel 

  • iFit Technology. 
  • Additional storage tray. 
  • Tablet Holder.


Aside from advanced features, the treadmill comes with two 3-inches speakers located at the console’s bottom.

The speakers used in this machine are of good quality that delivers firm and excellent sound. So with this, you can have the entire vibe of the gym at your home. 


If your cardio needs are heavy-duty or need an advanced treadmill, you could be happy with one of this top-rated ProForm treadmills. The ProForm Pro 9000 is meant to meet all your fitness needs and is also suitable for household trainees. To support complex training, this machine is the best to have. 

Incline & Decline 

Incline and decline in a treadmill are meant to give you intense training to keep you fit as per your needs. This Pro range comes with a 3% decline and 15% incline benefit. 

An incline treadmill with this much percentage is somewhere considered a game-changer. You can prepare your body before heading to the up hills. The machines come powered by automatic incline & decline function. 

Pro9000 Incline Treadmill

Training yourself with incline lets, you give the best workout on a treadmill. There is always an advantage of having an adjustable height treadmill.

This will provide you with a great way to train your legs and entire body. However, with enough running surface, you can easily stretch your legs, and it can also hold enough (300 lbs) of weight. 

Heart Rate Monitor 

Heart Rate Monitor

This Pro series comes with two pulse monitor systems. However, you can even buy a hands-free heart reading smart beat for the forearm separately.

This smart beat forearm monitor lets you easily connect to the machine’s Bluetooth and gives you all the information on the screen. 

Also, you can even check your heart rating range using the handgrip handle. 

Max Speed 

With the 39” wide, 70” long, and 77” high footprint and 22” by 60” running surface, this treadmill gives you enough space to stretch your legs properly.

The 4.25 CHP motor is strong enough to provide you with smooth and noiseless incline as well as decline. However, the treadmill runs at 12 MPH maximum speed that is standard of most high-grade machines. 

Setup Process

Assembling the Pro9000 is easy if you properly follow the manual. The manual comes with clear instructions to give you a description of the treadmill with which part you should attach. 

It also comes with most of the tools you’ll require at assembly time, such as a hex key that helps you adjust the walking belt. Furthermore, if you still find difficulty in assembly the machine, you can call the customer care service.

Safety Features 

The treadmill comes with some security features like a safety key and lanyard. However, it is difficult for a beginner to operate this machine, so it comes equipped with all the essential features like a child lock passcode, which lets you use it only once you enter the code. It also has some extra safety features like a safety screen timeout and no belt movement for a few some time.

What’s covered by the warranty?

  • Frame: lifetime
  • Motor: lifetime
  • Parts and labor: It offers a 5 years warranty on parts and 2-year labor.

Final Verdict​

This ProForm Pro 9000 is the most preferred treadmill available for less than $2000. It is a sturdy treadmill with a good amount of added value in the programming features in this price range.

4.25 HP motor, a better running platform, 38 preset workout programs, a 10″ Smart HD Touch, and the amazing warranty period are a few features that make it stand apart from other models on the market. It is crafted to support serious training while also helping to make exercise sessions fun.

However, if your cardio training needs are lighter, then the lower-priced Pro 5000 with a smaller motor might be a better value.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Does this Pro 9000 treadmill fold?

Yes! You can fold up this treadmill deck after using your workout using EasyLift Assist. It maximizes storage space with the space-saver design.

2. Is there heart rate monitoring on the Proform Pro 9000 treadmill?

Yes, it monitors your heart in 2 ways. You can use this zone training to target a specific goal with the included iFit Bluetooth Chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring or in-built EKG grip pulse sensors. Plus, their accuracy may be affected by a number of factors.

3. Do you have to set up an account to use google maps on this treadmill?

Yes, you have to set up an account to use maps and iFit, however you can make 4 user profiles.

4. How big is the ProForm 9000 Treadmill?

It measures 35.3” Wide x 77.3” Deep x 59.6” Tall when fully assembled and is easy to fold.

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