Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill Review [February 2023]

Sole Fitness F80

Built For Runners Who Want: Standard machine for home fitness use provides good quality and durability.

  • Weight capacity of 375 lbs.
  • 10 Preset workouts.
  • Bluetooth audio Speakers.
  • Integrated Message board.
  • Nice warranty.
  • Great Build quality.

This treadmill is the standard machine for home workout and is considered a  top-rated treadmill over different magazines and articles. Sole Fitness F80 is best for its price range and provides good quality and durability. Its powerful motor gives challenging speed that can be adjusted according to your needs and requirements. You can easily fold it when you complete your exercise and it automatically takes its upright position when the lock is open.

It has a solid frame and body with different features that provide comfort and the convenience they want in their treadmill. You can use this treadmill anywhere and at any time either in a hotel or your home gym. It comes with a large display that shows all useful information regarding your workout.

This treadmill is provided with a lifetime warranty and 100% secured. F80 comes with different preset workouts that enhance your capability and maintain daily routine exercises. It has Flex whisper technology that increases your stamina of walking and running.

Sole Fitness F80 Treadmill Review: First Impressions

Sole F80 Treadmill Specifications
Motor3.5 CHP
Incline / Decline15% incline
Running Area20″ x 60″
Top Speed12 MPH
Weight Capacity375 lbs
Dimensions35″ x 58″ x 80″
CushionFlex Whisper Deck
Heart Rate MonitorPulse Grips & Chest strap Compatible
Warranty(Motor, Deck, & Frame) Lifetime,(Electronics & other parts) 5 yrs, (Labor) 2 yrs

Reasons To Buy

  • Low maintenance needed.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Large running surface.
  • Wide display.
  • USB Port.
  • Integrated Board.
  • Two fans keep the users comfortable during strenuous workout sessions.

Reasons To Avoid

  • No decline.
  • Too Heavy.

Detailed Specifications

It is an affordable price treadmill with different features that include a powerful motor, Bullet-proof frame, Bluetooth audio speakers, sidebar controls, large and wide display. This machine satisfies all factors that users want in their home treadmill.


  • Motor: It comes with a 3.5 HP Motor that provides you a great speed and efficiency from 0.5 mph to 12 mph that is ideal for home fitness use.
  • Folding deck: It offers the best treadmill design that allows you to release the deck and unfold silently while you are watching. You can easily place it anywhere without any issue of space and with proper care.
  • Workout Programs: It has 10 workout programs that include six in-built programs that contain cardio training and fat burning, two customizable and two heart programs to check your pulse during a particular workout.
  • Heart Rate: It has a chest strap and a pulse grip, so you can easily check your pulse rate by holding the handlebars and performing accordingly. These sensors help you to slow down or fast up your speed depending on your activity performed.
  • Cushioning: It provides Flex Whisper cushioning deck to reduce the strain on your joints and ankles by 40%. This deck provides you with a comfortable and noiseless workout without disturbing your family members or neighbors and gives you a great platform for walking and running.
  • Bluetooth audio Speakers: This gives users a choice to transfer workout data via Bluetooth and connect it to your mobile devices on the console to listen to music and watch any show or movie.
  • Display: It has a large  LCD workout display With a white backlit screen that makes workout easier and more effective. The screen is visible at any lighting with helpful information. It tracks your speed, distance, time, calories burned.


The Sole F80 treadmill is constructed with a great design as well as it is durable enough to help the users achieve their fitness demands for a long time.

Sole Fitness F80 Design

Running Surface: It describes the actual size of the tread belt that means how much space you have to work while running or walking. If the treadmill is short or space is less, there are most chances of cramping or not completely stretching your legs.

It has a large running surface of 20 x 60 inches that is perfect for performing 10 different programs at a particular time and helps you to perform your exercises with ease and comfort.

Folding Design: It offers the best folding treadmill design on the market. It comes with a secured all gear rack & pinion system with the safety lock design that locks the deck when you complete your activity.

It has an easy folding deck design that allows you to release the deck and it will unfold while you watch. This design is completely different and makes your treadmill too easy. You can easily place this treadmill at the corner of your house without disturbing others.

Rollers and Belt: When we choose the rollers for our treadmill, we go with only the best and outfitted treadmills that offer high-end rollers. It used large rollers with a sealed bearing design and copper ground wires to reduce static.

It has a 2- ply belt that provides durability. You can run according to your speed without any problem. It gives you great support and comes with two rubber layers that stop the belt from over-stretching.

Flywheel: It helps the motor to run cooler with less amp draw and extends the life of the motor. It offers a start speed of 0.5 mph to 12 mph. Sole F80 treadmill uses much heavier flywheel that give you fluid motion and provides smooth, frictionless action that keeps the treadmill quiet and consistent.

Frame: It gives you an accurate welded frame that is durable and solidly built. It has the capability to handle repeated use by users of all weights and heights. 


This treadmill helps you conveniently control your speed. It is suitable for walking as well as running and provides great comfort to your hands with the handlebar mounted speed. They are considered a better option where you need them for a comfortable and secure workout.

Cushioning: It plays an important role in a complete treadmill. As we know, we face many issues when we run or walk on a normal platform. It directly impacts our toes and ankles. We have to suffer from pain and lack of energy during running.

It comes with a Flex whisper cushioning system that reduces the strain on joints by 40% and gives you such a platform where you can run easily without such issues. This provides you a comfortable and quiet workout.

Programs: It comes with 10 preset programs that include six standard programs for fat burn and calories. Two custom programs and heart rate programs to monitor your pulse at a particular time while performing your workout.

Tablet holder: It includes an integrated tablet holder that allows you to use your smart device to watch shows or follow your workout routines. It also has a USB Port to charge your smart devices while performing any activity on a treadmill. 

Fan: It comes with 2 cooling fans located on the console that helps you keep cool during workouts and perform different workouts without any hassle.


It has a 7.5 inches LCD touchscreen with a backlit that helps to check any useful information in any light. It comes with a large and vibrant display that makes your workout more efficient and easier. It contains two different controls depending on the SKU. A vibrant white light or a TFT LCD. Both the displays offer large and clean readouts.

Sole Fitness F80 Console
  • It provides a USB Port that helps you to charge your mobile devices while working out different exercises.
  • It offers Bluetooth audio speakers to listen music using your smart devices to watch shows or follow your workout routine.

Convenient Controls: Users want such a mechanism by which the speed can be adjusted accordingly and you can quickly increase or decrease the speed. This display features quick speed/incline buttons along the LCD side, making it extremely easy to control and maintain your workout.

The secure roller technology keeps the treadmill quiet and smooth. This will allow you to complete your exercises in time and without creating any kind of noise that will affect your speed and daily workout.

Integrated Message Board: It is a unique feature in this model. An alphanumeric text center sends scrolling messages to the user to guide them through all the details of every workout. It also recaps your entire workout after you are finished, so you can see your progress.

It has a compatible pulse grip and chest strap that monitors pulse by holding the handlebars comfortably and it easily shows your pulse rate according to your workout speed.


Sole Fitness F80 Performance

It offers you a great performance due to its powerful motor and different programs that help to maintain your workout routine and makes you energetic and prepared for your regular activities.

Its smooth and sleek design provides you better comfort and your performance increases as much as you want by speed adjustments. You  start your day with full energy  and complete your activities by enjoying it. 


It has an incline of 15% that is ideal for home fitness use. You can adjust incline at any time with hand rest control and a vibrant display that shows speed,incline, distance and pace information. You can incline according to your height and weight and perform your routine workouts by adjusting your treadmill.


 As we know, More durable the motor is, higher would be its performance and efficiency. It comes with a powerful 3.5 heavy duty motor that provides you great speed and long time use without any change in the motion and you can perform all your activities in exact time without any delay.

Setup Process

The Sole F80 treadmill has a simple and straightforward assembly and the steps are easy to follow. The deck comes pre-assembled so you just attach the uprights and attaching the console to the uprights. It hardly takes 1 hour to assemble all the parts. You can take the help of someone also but it is not that tough and you can easily set up all parts and accessories as mentioned. 

It requires very low maintenance and its gear parts need oiling when treadmill do not work properly and sufficiently. Overall it takes less time as compared to other machines setup.

Final Verdict​

Sole F80 treadmill is said to be best treadmill for home use that offers you suitable performance with different preset workouts that you expect from your daily routine. It keeps track of each and every activity that is performed during workout and shows accurate result at the last to determine your actual performance. It gives different unique features and controls that makes your treadmill different from other machines.

This treadmill is great for calories burn, fat release, cardio training and muscle toning. It is suitable for runners as well as walkers. It is a great machine with heavy flywheels and durable belt that helps to increase the efficiency. Sole F80 treadmill is the best choice for beginners who want such a treadmill that makes them comfortable and feel free to perform every activity they want. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

What is the difference between F65 and F80? 

Both the treadmill machines have almost the same features and built-in programs. The main difference is in the motor,F65 comes with 3.25 CHP Motor and F80 has 3.5 CHP. Next is weight capacity, F65 has 350 lbs and F80 has capacity of 375 lbs. 

2. Which Cushioning Does Sole F80 Contain?

The F80 has a Flex whisper technology that reduces the direct impact on your toes and joints by 40% and gives a platform to run easily and perform a quiet and comfortable workout.

3. How many Workout programs does this Sole treadmill contain?

There are 10 on-board programs which include 6 standard programs for fat release, calories burn, muscle toning and two custom and heart programs that examine your pulse rate according to your workout performed.

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